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The 2008 Beijing Olympics. Billions were spent sprucing up Beijing and wowing the world. What’s left speaks for itself: improved infrastructure; beautified public areas and a sharpened, more refined edge to this frenetic city of 20+ million souls.

Nähtävää ja koettavaa Pekingissä

Tiantan-puisto - Taivaan temppeli
Being the ‘Son of Heaven’ came with great responsibility. Rulers of the Ming and Qing Dynasties – heaven’s earth-bound dignitaries – prayed for an abundant harvest inside this giant complex. Visit early in the day to see scores of Tai Chi enthusiasts stretching in the Cypress Groves. Admire the ornate Temple of Heaven, then round out your trip at the Circular Mound Altar.
To the Ancient Chinese, the seven necessities of life were firewood, rice, oil, salt, soy sauce, vinegar and tea … which are all in abundant supply in Dashilan, Beijing’s oldest and most charming ‘hutong’ (traditional alley). Sniff out a bargain in the centuries-old stores. Tickled by pickles? ‘Liu Bi Ju’ has sold every flavour imaginable since the Ming Dynasty!
Taivaallisen rauhan aukio
Waxwork or the real-deal? Inquiring minds ponder this mysterious quandary passing through the Mausoleum of Chairman Mao, which contains the still-lifelike, decades-old body of the Great Leader. Many people rise early to admire the sunrise, military band and handsome soldiers! At other times, salute the Great Leader’s portrait, or simply stroll across the square.
Guijie is located at Dongzhimennei Street in Beijing. It starts at the west end of the Dongzhimen flyover in the Second Ring Road and stretches west to the Beixinqiao crossroads with a total distance of 1.5 kilometers. Beijing's famous eating street, known to locals as 'Ghost Street' is about more than just food and drink, it's a way of life for many Beijingers.
Shichahain alue
A whimsical day can be spent wandering in this picturesque part of Beijing. Take the Silver Ingot Bridge that links Qian Hai (Front Lake) with Hou Hai (Rear Lake), then while away the hours strolling into places like the gaudy Prince Gong Mansion. Explore Hutong’s historic alleys, take a rickshaw around Hou Hai, or bask in moonlight on a romantic evening cruise.
China, Beijing, Xicheng, Qianhai Xiyan
Pekingin kansallisstadion (Linnunpesä)
Hatch a plan for a few hours in the ‘birds nest of Beijing’. Ceremonial flags were waved, laps were made and athletes were pushed to their limits at the 2008 Olympic Games, which occurred inside this 258,000 sq. m space. Aqua-aerobics, anyone? The Beijing National Aquatics Centre – host of Olympic water sports, today a huge exercise centre – is right next-door.
Olympic Green
There’s a reason why the Chinese regard this as the ‘Garden of Harmony and Tranquility’. Empress Cixi – the power behind Pu Yi, China’s Last Emperor – once floated through the temples, palaces and theatres inside this elaborate complex. Cross the West Causeway for sweeping views from across Kunming Lake, then follow the stone paths for a dose of zen-like bliss.
No.19, Xinjiangongmen Road,Haidian, Beijing, China
Kielletty kaupunki
Dynasty. The word invokes a thousand stories, but the greatest belonged to the Ming and Qing. Their rulers wielded god-like power over China for 500-years, all from the seclusion of this enormous temple complex. Pass through the Meridian Gate to uncover startling sculptures, manicured gardens, jade-laden museums and sun-kissed vermillion pagodas at every turn.
Located at the central axis of Beijing City, Qianmen Street is a famous pedestrian street. It runs from Jianlou (the Archery Tower) of Zhengyangmen in the north to the turning of Tiantan Park in the south. It has many international brands like H&M, Haagen Dazs, Sephora etc.
Nan Luo Gu Xiang
Nan Luo Gu Xiang is one of Beijing's oldest hutongs and has been one of the capital's 25 cultural and historical protection areas since 1990. It is one of the best preserved areas in downtown Beijing, with more than 30 hip cafes, restuarants, clothing and handicraft shops.
Surrounded by Shichahai Lake and Beijing Hutong, Houhai bar street (also known as Lotus Bar Street)is one of the most bustling places of Beijing in the evening receiving thousands of locals and worldwide visitors every day.
Yonghegong Temple, also known as the "Palace of Peace and Harmony Lama Temple", the "Yonghe Lamasery", or - popularly - the "Lama Temple", is one of the largest and most important Tibetan Buddhist monasteries in the world.
Pekingin Hutongit
Beijing Hutongs are a type of narrow streets or alleys, most commonly associated with Beijing, China. In Beijing, hutongs are alleys formed by lines of siheyuan, traditional courtyard residences.
No. 117 South Luogu Alley, Dongcheng, Beijing, China
Wangfujing Street starts with East Chang'an Avenue in the south and ends with China Art Gallery in the north. This 700-year-old commercial street is the busiest street in Beijing.
Pekingin bisnesalue
Beijing Central Business District, or Beijing CBD, is the primary area of finance, media, and business services in Beijing, China.

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Todella hyvä
Paljon nähtävyyksiä, suurkaupunki eli liikkuminen joskus haasteellista. Kielitaito edelleen hakusessa, englantia ei juurikaan osata. Aito kiinalainen ruoka erinomaista, sitä ei Suomesta saa. Kannattaa kokeilla pieniä ruokapaikkoja vaikkei englantia siellä ole itsestään selvyys.
24. lokakuuta 2016
Todella hyvä
Metroa kannattaa opetella käyttämään, nopea ja halpa. Keskellä keskustaa halpoja vaatteita ja matkamuistoja ja hyvää ruokaa . Kannattaa pitää hyvä huoli laukustaan. Näpistelijöitä tai yrittäjiä on yllättävissä paikoissa. Käsihygienia tärkeä.
30. syyskuuta 2016
Todella hyvä
Kiinassa puhutaan suht huonosti englantia, mutta Android kännykkään ladattu English-Chinese Translator auttoi monessa paikassa. Yleensä ravintoloissa on ainakin välttävät selostukset ruoka-annoksista myös englanniksi.
11. toukokuuta 2017
Tunnelma - vanha ja uusi kohtaavat mielenkiintoisella tavalla. Liikenne hankaloittaa liikkumista. Mielenkiintoisia ruokapaikkoja. Kauniita puistoja. Mahtavia rakennuksia. Historia näkyy ja tuntuu!
17. tammikuuta 2017
Todella hyvä
Lentokentältä pääsee kaupungin keskustaan hyvin sekä bussilla että metrolla. Liikenne maanpäällä etenee erittäin hitaasti, välillä ihan matelemalla. Varaudu siihen, eli matka kestää.
28. maaliskuuta 2017

Majoituspaikkoja ja hotelleja Pekingissä

Courtyard 7

9,1 Erinomainen

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€ 63

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Grand Millennium Beijing

8,5 Todella hyvä

Pistemäärä 2 333 arvion perusteella

€ 112

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New World Beijing Hotel

9,1 Erinomainen

Pistemäärä 2 130 arvion perusteella

€ 100

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Beijing Prime Hotel Wangfujing

8,1 Todella hyvä

Pistemäärä 5 167 arvion perusteella

€ 63

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Regent Beijing

8,6 Loistava

Pistemäärä 1 069 arvion perusteella

€ 132

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Novotel Beijing Peace

7,8 Hyvä

Pistemäärä 1 555 arvion perusteella

€ 66

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Legendale Hotel Beijing

9 Erinomainen

Pistemäärä 746 arvion perusteella

€ 134

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Park Plaza Beijing Wangfujing

8,8 Loistava

Pistemäärä 1 922 arvion perusteella

€ 88

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Holiday Inn Express Beijing Dongzhimen

8,3 Todella hyvä

Pistemäärä 1 496 arvion perusteella

€ 64

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Mikä on paras tapa kokea Peking jalkaisin?

Plan out where you are going to go before you get there. Beijing is spread out and may not be able to see everthing you want by foot. The MTR is easy to navigate and most signage on the MTR is in English as well as Chinese.

Beware of the tea room scam! I got fooled. Young, english speaking chinese girls (or boys) especially around Tiananmen sqare asking you to join them for a coffee/tea... DON'T do it!

The silk market has better quality products then the pearl market, but is a little bit more expansive.

Learning the right sentences, like "wǒ bù chī ròu" [I do not eat meat].

many places that can connect you to history

Great Wall, Forbidden City, Temples.

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Miksi Peking sopii hyvästä ruoasta nauttiville?

Roast Duck

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