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Blue Wall Reef
Caribbean reef sharks, fat parrotfish and a whole host of colourful coral – that’s what you can expect from the Blue Wall. As the name suggests, this dive follows a drop-off from about 8 metres. This is recommended for advanced divers only, as there can be a strong surge.
The Pyramids Reef
This shallow dive site is a great place for beginners to discover the wonders of the ocean. At just four metres’ depth, you’ll find a forest of swaying anemone and spindly nudibranches. As for fish, reef residents at Pyramids include ghost pipefish, French grunts and gobies. Not a bad spot to get into diving.
Turtle Rock Reef
Turtle Rock Reef got its name because of the massive boulder that sits on a ledge, a few metres back from the sea wall. Locals thought it looked like a turtle, and voilà – the reef had its name. If you want to spot reef sharks, this is the place to come.
Nirvana Reef
Nirvana’s all about the night dives. Under cover of darkness, slip into the water with nothing more than a headlamp to light your way. Your reward will be a different perspective on life beneath the waves. Fish scales glint as reef residents zip past, and night hunters silently go about their business.
Trampa Tortuga Reef
Trampa Tortuga Reef has something for every level of diver. For beginners, the shallows only go down to 15 metres, and they’re full of schools of fish. For the more experienced, the outer reef reaches all the way down to 90 metres, where you’ll find larger shark and turtles.

Majutus ja hotellid sihtkohas San Andrés

Decameron Marazul - All Inclusive

7,2 Hea

Keskmine hinne: 177 arvustust

€ 238

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Decameron Aquarium - All Inclusive

7,4 Hea

Keskmine hinne: 373 arvustust

€ 238

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  • „asukoht oli suurepärane”
    33 sarnast arvustust
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    31 sarnast arvustust
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    24 sarnast arvustust
Decameron San Luis - All Inclusive

7 Hea

Keskmine hinne: 321 arvustust

€ 182

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GHL Hotel Sunrise

7,9 Hea

Keskmine hinne: 1 733 arvustust

€ 150

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    34 sarnast arvustust
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    26 sarnast arvustust
Hotel Cocoplum Beach

7,6 Hea

Keskmine hinne: 970 arvustust

€ 96

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    56 sarnast arvustust
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    27 sarnast arvustust
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    24 sarnast arvustust
Hotel Casablanca

8 Väga hea

Keskmine hinne: 908 arvustust

€ 164

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    55 sarnast arvustust
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    22 sarnast arvustust
Hotel MS San Luis Village Premium

6,5 Keskmine hinne

Keskmine hinne: 321 arvustust

€ 154

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Hotel Portobelo Convention Center

6,8 Keskmine hinne

Keskmine hinne: 627 arvustust

€ 81

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    64 sarnast arvustust
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    16 sarnast arvustust
Portobelo Beach

7 Hea

Keskmine hinne: 310 arvustust

€ 98

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Soovitused, mida teha sihtkohas San Andrés

The water and beach are nice but the island itself is quite dirty with rubbish, stray dogs and buildings broken down.

Duty free so alcohol and perfumes are cheap. However make sure you shop around because prices can vary markedly.

Grilled Red Snapper at The Grog in Rocky Cay

Right outside Sunset Hotel or at West View

Amazing Island

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