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Kunjungi Manuel Antonio: Panduan lawatan anda

Aktiviti di Manuel Antonio

Manuel Antonio National Park
Manuel Antonio National Park is a seaside tropical forest of breathtaking beauty and biodiversity. Hiking trails will lead you past rugged shores to clifftop vistas where you can spot dolphins and whales out in the Pacific. A lush canopy of plants, trees and flowers plays home to scarlet macaws, howler monkeys, long-billed toucans and emerald iguanas.
Manuel Antonio Beach
Tucked inside Manuel Antonio National Park, this beach is beloved for its smooth white sands, tidal pools and outstanding natural beauty. After snorkelling its clear waters or exploring the mangroves that line the shore, you'll find plenty of charming shops and restaurants in nearby Manuel Antonio village.
Damas Island
Isla Damas, or 'Ladies Island', got its name because its outline is said to be shaped like a woman’s body. Its lush mangrove forests are inhabited by unique flora and fauna – look up into the leafy tree canopy for birds and boas, and under the water’s surface for sponges and stingrays. Book a guided tour or hire a canoe, kayak or eco-friendly estuary float.

Penginapan dan hotel di Manuel Antonio

Parador Resort and Spa

9 Hebat

Skor dari 671 reviu

MYR 761

Purata harga setiap malam
  • “kawasan kolam renang yang hebat”
    57 reviu berkaitan
  • “kakitangan baik”
    44 reviu berkaitan
  • “pemandangan yang mengagumkan”
    42 reviu berkaitan
Condiminium Villas Mymosa

8.2 Sangat baik

Skor dari 39 reviu

MYR 313

Purata harga setiap malam
Makanda by The Sea Hotel Adults Only

8.8 Mengagumkan

Skor dari 272 reviu

MYR 1,037

Purata harga setiap malam
Hotel San Bada Resort & Spa

8.6 Mengagumkan

Skor dari 406 reviu

MYR 576

Purata harga setiap malam
Hotel Vela Bar- Adults Only

9.1 Hebat

Skor dari 667 reviu

MYR 484

Purata harga setiap malam
  • “lokasi hebat”
    78 reviu berkaitan
  • “kakitangan baik”
    41 reviu berkaitan
  • “kawasan kolam renang yang hebat”
    40 reviu berkaitan
Hotel La Mariposa

8.8 Mengagumkan

Skor dari 239 reviu

MYR 641

Purata harga setiap malam
El Faro Beach Hotel

8.4 Sangat baik

Skor dari 1,425 reviu

MYR 246

Purata harga setiap malam
  • “pemandangan yang mengagumkan”
    123 reviu berkaitan
  • “lokasi hebat”
    83 reviu berkaitan
  • “kakitangan baik”
    71 reviu berkaitan
Hotel Villas Nicolas - Adults Only

8.5 Sangat baik

Skor dari 358 reviu

MYR 568

Purata harga setiap malam
Shana Hotel, Residence & Spa

8.4 Sangat baik

Skor dari 361 reviu

MYR 538

Purata harga setiap malam

This is probably not the ideal beach for surfing because the waves were small, but it is great for sunbathing and swimming. It was a great place to relax. There are beach chairs and umbrellas to rent, but there's also a lot of mango trees to sit under for some shade. The beach wasn't very rocky and it wasn't very crowded (I went in March).

We enjoyed excellent food, drinks, atmosphere, and excellent service at a reasonable price, at "Z Seafood & Grill" next to Hotel Plaza Yara (which is an excellent hotel!) We also had a very good lunch with good service at the pleasant, shaded, outdoor "Velma Hotel Bar & Restaurant" which is close to the entrance of the National Park.

While enjoying the spectacular views of the Pacific Ocean in the infinity pool also watch the Capuchin monkeys eat their breakfast in the trees.

Warm water to swim all day with not a lot of surf pounding. Pristine sand.

from my Pura Vida Hostel

Warm, calm waters.

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