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Evergreen Lodge

8,3 Foarte bine

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Cabinas Rana Roja

7,5 Bine

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Cabinas Icaco Tortuguero

8,1 Foarte bine

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Pachira Lodge

8 Foarte bine

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La Casona de Tortuguero

8,2 Foarte bine

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Cabinas Balcon del Mar Tortuguero

7,8 Bine

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Cabinas Tortuguero

8 Foarte bine

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Cabinas Miss Miriam 1

7 Bine

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Sunset Rooms

8,6 Fabulos

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The amount of ocean debris is overwhelming, and very sad to see. Over the last 6 years, since I have been on the central American coast, it has increase by at least 30 percent on both coast lines... this is a world problem, not just a Caribean, or Central American one. We all need to be aware of our impact of both proper and disrespectful disposal of personal and commercial garbage. Also, the very tourists who wanted to see the hatching and travelling turtles from nest to ocean, forgot why they support the sancturaries cause to begin with, to give the animals their space to get their way safely to their natural destination, without crowding their nests and pathways with noise and camera flashes. Stupid.. Stupid humans... we forget our calm control to observe from a respectful distance at the best of times.

We did a great tour in the evening to the jungle with a very professional and very kind enthousiastic guide. It was an unbelievable experience. It had been raining a lot and the water came up to our waist. It was very scary, but exciting.

I am extremely worried about the number and speed of boat traffic on the waterways. It is just a question of time before they will start to experience serious erosion of the banks, with obvious consequences for the wildlife. a întrebat călătorii...

Descrieți natura din Tortuguero.

The iguana on the lawn was so big I thought he was a plastic replica till I saw his head move. ! There cannot be many places where you can watch baby turtles hatch

Monkeys, caimon, birds, snakes, lizards.

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