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Kunjungi Nürnberg: Panduan lawatan anda

Nuremberg’s cute medieval rooftops look like dainty dollhouses from afar. Get giddy on the view up in Luginsland Tower, then trace the waft of goodies down to the gingerbread-men of Hauptmarkt. In the Toy Museum, peruse old tin soldiers and trains to lose yourself like a babe in toyland.

Aktiviti di Nürnberg

Nuremberg Castle
A torrent of turrets. This sprawling castle complex dates back to the 11th century. Start in the Imperial Palace to dig into Nuremberg’s history as a “free city” of the Holy Roman Empire. Get your camera out for cutesy pics of little-and-large double act the Deep Well and Simwell Tower. Then clamber up the lofty Luginsland Watchtower to capture sweeping vistas of the Old Town.
Albrecht Dürer's House
During the Renaissance, Nuremberger Albrecht Dürer etched out a reputation as a master printmaker. Step inside his charming timber-frame abode, and wander through a replica of the workshop where he crafted his famous woodcuts and engravings. Whizz through his portfolio in the “Digital Dürer” exhibition, then watch live demos of the techniques he used to such stunning effect.
St Lorenz Church
A haven for medieval wood sculpture. Originally a Catholic church, St Lorenz and its art treasures survived the Reformation as well as WWII. Gaze upon the dainty deities of the “Angelic Salutation” limewood carving by Veit Stoss. Then survey the craftsmanship of Adam Kraft’s hefty tabernacle, propped up by a self-portrait sculpture of the artist himself.
Nuremberg was the unofficial capital of the Holy Roman Empire. In 1352, Emperor Charles IV commissioned this Gothic church. Amid the midday ding-dong of the glockenspiel, gaze up at the façade’s mechanical Männleinlaufen clock that depicts a gilded figurine of the emperor himself. Then, head inside and pour over the intricate gold-leafing of the glimmering Tucher Altarpiece.
Opening Ceremony on the balcony of the Church of Our Lady
In Nuremberg, Christmas doesn’t officially start until the Christkind says so. This traditional figure, dressed in long white robes, is the mascot of this Christmas market – and on the Friday before Advent, she appears on the balcony of the Church of Our Lady to recite a poem and declare the festive season open.
The Nuremberg Christkind
For centuries, the Christkind has given Nuremberg’s kids their Christmas presents. This dates back to Martin Luther, who told his children that “Holy Christ” had brought them their presents, rather than the traditional figure of St Nicholas. Over the years, this character has developed an angel-like form, and nowadays, a local girl dresses up as the Christkind to usher in Christmas.
Sister Cities Market
This market is all about promoting international brotherhood. In a nod to the city’s roots as a cross-border trading town, it brings together stalls from Nuremberg’s sister cities, spread across all corners of the world. Check out handicrafts from Prague, Antalya, Glasgow, Shenzen and San Carlos in Nicaragua – and join in with the global community.
Christkindlesmarkt is a place to eat, drink and chortle with festive cheer. Regarded by many as the best Christmas market around, it dazzles with an overwhelming array of gingerbread goodies, juicy sausage-based treats, mulled wine, seasonal song and children’s rides. The hardest part is knowing where to start.
Ruins of St. Catherine's Church, Nuremberg
Ruins of St. Catherine's Church, Nuremberg
Nuremberg Christmas Market
Christkindlesmarkt Nuernberg
Nuremberg Frauenkirche
Nuremberg Church of Our Lady
Hauptmarkt 14
Germanisches Nationalmuseum
Germanic National Museum
Kartäusergasse 1
Staatstheater Nuremberg
Staatstheater Nürnberg
Verkehrsmuseum Nuremberg
Transport Museum
Lessingstraße 6

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Penginapan dan hotel di Nürnberg

TIPTOP Hotel Burgschmiet Garni

8.8 Mengagumkan

Skor dari 2,054 reviu

MYR 354

Purata harga setiap malam
  • “kualiti makanan yang luar biasa”
    147 reviu berkaitan
  • “lokasi hebat”
    142 reviu berkaitan
  • “kakitangan baik”
    83 reviu berkaitan
Hotel Agneshof Nürnberg

8.7 Mengagumkan

Skor dari 2,111 reviu

MYR 311

Purata harga setiap malam
  • “lokasi hebat”
    219 reviu berkaitan
  • “kakitangan baik”
    111 reviu berkaitan
  • “sangat bersih dan kemas”
    72 reviu berkaitan
Steichele Hotel & Weinrestaurant

8 Sangat baik

Skor dari 1,807 reviu

MYR 249

Purata harga setiap malam
  • “lokasi hebat”
    86 reviu berkaitan
  • “kualiti makanan yang luar biasa”
    73 reviu berkaitan
  • “kakitangan baik”
    63 reviu berkaitan
Leonardo Hotel Nürnberg

7.9 Baik

Skor dari 3,023 reviu

MYR 254

Purata harga setiap malam
  • “lokasi hebat”
    81 reviu berkaitan
  • “sangat bersih dan kemas”
    53 reviu berkaitan
  • “kakitangan baik”
    44 reviu berkaitan
AZIMUT Hotel Nuremberg

8 Sangat baik

Skor dari 2,915 reviu

MYR 291

Purata harga setiap malam
  • “lokasi hebat”
    109 reviu berkaitan
  • “sangat bersih dan kemas”
    56 reviu berkaitan
  • “kakitangan baik”
    43 reviu berkaitan
Sorat Hotel Saxx Nürnberg

9.2 Hebat

Skor dari 2,477 reviu

MYR 378

Purata harga setiap malam
  • “lokasi hebat”
    333 reviu berkaitan
  • “sangat bersih dan kemas”
    145 reviu berkaitan
  • “kakitangan baik”
    117 reviu berkaitan
Park Inn by Radisson Nürnberg

8.6 Mengagumkan

Skor dari 3,689 reviu

MYR 225

Purata harga setiap malam
  • “lokasi hebat”
    89 reviu berkaitan
  • “kakitangan baik”
    74 reviu berkaitan
  • “sangat bersih dan kemas”
    46 reviu berkaitan
Novina Hotel Tillypark

8.9 Mengagumkan

Skor dari 2,509 reviu

MYR 325

Purata harga setiap malam
  • “kualiti makanan yang luar biasa”
    85 reviu berkaitan
  • “lokasi hebat”
    57 reviu berkaitan
  • “kakitangan baik”
    47 reviu berkaitan
Smile Hotel

9 Hebat

Skor dari 869 reviu

MYR 266

Purata harga setiap malam
  • “lokasi hebat”
    69 reviu berkaitan
  • “kakitangan baik”
    69 reviu berkaitan
  • “kualiti makanan yang luar biasa”
    33 reviu berkaitan

So many options in Nuremberg, I used to live here and arranged a trip to bring my wife to the opening weekend of the Christkindlesmarkt in Nuremberg. She feel in love with the place. Highly recommend seeing the town from the castle, walking through the christmas market. See the frauenkirche and lorenzkirche. A must is booking a table at the very iconic and romantic Heilig Geist Spital, the food is amazing and we were blown away. If you can take time out to visit the Zepplinfeld where the Nuremberg Rallies took place. Awe-struck!

Lots of Brauhaus style restaurants to choose from - the Nurnberger Alm had a good variety of beers - the Rotbier highly recommended. The Kloster Beer at Kellerlokal Raubritter was possibly the bets of the trip. The TrodelStuben, next to the Karls Brucke was great for atmosphere & a beer - the Sebaldus Dunkel Hefe Weizen is amazing.

The best time for visitiong should be fall, while the surrounding trees are in different colors, which makes the old walls and the castle more picturesque.

The restored walls, castle and buildings. Incredible to think how much work went on post WWII, as much of the city was rebuilt by late 1950s

Very traditional Christmas markets selling good quality local gifts and produce

You can climb city walls for free, castle worth visiting

Don't forget to take pictures outside of city walls

Quality and variety

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