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"Urbane" renewal. This traditional port city received a huge injection of commercial cash this past decade, which refurbished docklands, tidied up public areas and pruned parks to perfection. Loaded with museums, theatres and cinemas, see this multi-cultural gem in all her reinvigorated glory.

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Old Port of Marseille
All life is here in the Old Port of Marseille. A place to eat, drink, stroll and shop, this bustling harbour has been in use since ancient times and its sun-drenched jetties and promenades are still watched over by Notre-Dame de la Garde Church. Time your visit for twilight to see softly lit buildings casting a warm glow on the placid water below.
Chez Jeannot
Colourful buildings cling to the cliffside above the picture-perfect port of Vallon des Auffes, situated south of Marseille centre. For homemade food and harbour views, head to local favourite Chez Jeannot. Pizzas and pastas are served on a seafront terrace, looking out over the bay’s fishing boats and ancient stone bridge.
L'Épuisette restaurant
Perched on a rock beside Vallon des Auffe harbour, this sleek seafront restaurant serves Michelin-starred cuisine accompanied by stunning Mediterranean views. Airy white décor and floor-to-ceiling windows invite the outdoors into L’Épuisette’s elegant dining room – the only struggle is tearing your eyes away from the painted fishing boats bobbing in the port as you tuck into your mouthwatering meal.
Le Petit Nice restaurant
Marseille’s harbour may be a must-see, but three coveted Michelin stars make this elegant eatery a destination in its own right. Set in a sleepy southern suburb, Le Petit Nice looks out across the Mediterranean from the five-star hotel of the same name. Head chef Gérald Passedat is famed for his fresh fish dishes – star of the show is his signature deconstructed bouillabaisse.
pristanišče Marseille Vieux
The Old Port has been the beating heart of Marseille for centuries. It’s also hosted the same daily ritual for generations. As dawn breaks, cloaking the port in vermillion hues, fishermen prepare their market stalls. Come 08:00, it's in full swing. Set your alarm early and watch the market scene unfold, or just gaze out into the Mediterranean's seemingly endless horizon.
stadion Vélodrome
For French footy fans, the words “L’Olympique de Marseille” send shivers up the spine. France’s most popular team inspires passion all over the country. It’s in this shirt-collar-shaped stadium that “L’OM” do their thing, to thunderous roars of support. As well as football matches, the Vélodrome also hosts big-name gigs, from old legends to thumping dance festivals.
3 Boulevard Michelet
La Major Cathedral
Part-Byzantine, part-Gothic, candy-striped on the outside - this church is a curious collision of elements. Step inside and it's a marriage of hard and soft; red velvet against marble, solid gold against porphyry, stained glass wedged between concrete windows. Visit during a service to hear the ethereal sounds of the choir reverberate through the entire cathedral.
Place de la Major
Museum of European and Mediterranean Civilisations
Marseille's "black box". This Rudi Ricciotti-designed museum is a razor-edged cuboid plonked in the docklands. Inside is a showcase of swathes of household objects from cultures that straddle both sides of the Mediterranean. See golden amulets salvaged from Greek temples, bejewelled snuffboxes and Jewish "ketubahs" on yellowing parchment.
1 esplanade du J4
Chateau d'If
A former fortress built under François I in 1524, which became a state prison in the 17th century.The novel of Alexander Dumas writer "The count of Monte Christo" has made it famous.
Les Terrasses du Port Shopping Centre
Les Terrasses du Port is a shopping centre that was first opened in 2014. It features 190 shops, and various restaurants.
9 quai du Lazaret
pristanišče za trajekte Gare Maritime
Ferry terminal with services to Corsica, Sardinia, Algeria and Tunisia.
Docks des Suds
Major conference and exhibition centre
12, rue Urbain V
Palais Longchamp
Palais Longchamp

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Radisson Blu Hotel Marseille Vieux Port

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Sofitel Marseille Vieux-Port

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Mercure Marseille Centre Vieux Port

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InterContinental Marseille - Hotel Dieu

9,3 Odlično

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La Residence Du Vieux Port

8,9 Sijajno

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Hôtel Belle-Vue

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Novotel Marseille Vieux Port

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Newhotel of Marseille - Vieux Port

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Grand Tonic Hotel Marseille

7 Dobro

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Marseille was the first stop in our tour of South-France and I wanted to go to the beach. It's not the classic French Riviera style, mostly just a few small beaches at the south of the city (not in the center). The coast is really rocky but there are a few hidden little gem beaches to try.

Because all the sights to see are nearby and can be easily covered by foot. The pavements beside the sea make the overall experience worth remembering.

Nightlife, sightseeing, city walks, restaurants, harbour, boats, markets - and all these in a great warm weather.

Buildings and quarters, food and people of North African origins, and of course, the wonderful Marseille port.

Le Marseillais, really nice restaurant with delicious traditional fish soup

you can go out early to avoid the crowds.

Le Rhul for amazing bouillabaisse

Fort St Jean Chateau D'If

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