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Paris, a magnet for lovers and their beloved; a sleepless and urbane capital fuelled by champagne and dreams; and an unwavering lodestone for the world's art and culture connoisseurs.

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Journey to the Temple of Love
To reach the Temple of Love, hire yourselves a pretty little rowboat and swish gracefully – or not so gracefully – across the waters of Lac Daumesnil. Moor up and explore the romantic Rococo-style structure and gorgeous, leaf-shrouded grotto beneath. Perfect for hazy summer afternoons, you’ll get bonus points from your partner for packing a deliciously Parisian picnic.
Cruise on the Seine
Gliding serenely along the Seine as the shining lights of Paris twinkle on the water, it’s easy to understand the city’s reputation for romance. Hold hands across a candlelit table as you sip a glass of wine and soak up the atmosphere between courses of delicious French cuisine. Although there are plenty of sights to be seen, you’d be forgiven for only having eyes for each other.
Montmartre Quarter
Get lost together amidst the steep cobbled streets of arty Montmartre. Home to some of the city’s most famous free-thinkers and creatives, this quirky quarter offers sweet brasseries and awe-inspiring views out over Paris. The best way to explore un-hassled is to wind your way to the top, disappearing down side streets as you head on up towards the Sacré Coeur.
Pont des Arts
Paris’ famous ‘Love Lock Bridge’ is now lockless after 45 tonnes of true love left its structure buckling. Visitors hoping to toss the keys to their heart into the Seine will be disappointed to discover that plexiglass panels have now been fitted to the railings. Linking the Institut de France and Palais du Louvre, the bridge is still a beautiful stretch to stroll along on your trip.
Jardins du Trocadéro
In these lush green gardens, fountains burst high into the air as couples lounge lazily on the grass. With the Eiffel Tower on the opposite bank, it’s the perfect place to take some cute snaps together. Head there after dark to share a romantic kiss as the tower’s lights twinkle magically in the background.
Indulge at Lapérouse Restaurant
The historic Lapérouse restaurant offers dark, candlelit corners and gorgeous private rooms for a romantic evening of indulgence. Its luxurious decor tells a tale of old Paris with silver candelabras, elaborately painted panels and sumptuous red velvet seating. Once frequented by literary greats like Victor Hugo and Émile Zola, it’s now just as popular with today’s rich and famous.
Eiffel Tower
It doesn’t get much more romantic than gazing out across the city of love with your favourite person in the world. Maybe that’s the reason why hundreds of people drop down on one knee at the top of the tower each year. The dizzying heights and stunning views alone are enough to give anyone butterflies, but a meal at the magical ‘Le Jules Verne’ restaurant might just seal the deal.
Arc de Triomphe
Standing proud at the end of the Champs-Élysées, this instantly recognisable arch honours those who died fighting for France. Each evening at 18.30, a flame is rekindled to keep the memorial alive. Scale 40 steps to reach the top and be awarded with views across the City of Lights.
Give your feet and your credit card a workout as make your way down this 1.9 km-long stretch of boulevard, boutiques and bistros. Bulgari, Swarovski and Cartier’s jewels dazzle window browsers and serious shoppers alike. Head north to sip on a café au lait in the shadow of the Arc de Triomphe, or make your way south towards the historic grandeur of Place de la Concorde.
Sacre-Coeur and Montmartre district
Wind through the cobbles of Montmartre, where Moulin Rouge and Amélie are brought to life. The real pièce de résistance of the area has to be the Sacre Coeur Basilica — with spires looming over the characterful district and the vastness of Paris beyond it. The views from the dome make the 300-step climb more than worth it.
Jardin du Luxembourg
A little bit of Luxembourg in the heart of France. Parisians flock to look — but not sit on — this patch of orchard-lined lawns. Children set miniature sailboats afloat on the Grand Bassin pond, while wanderers meander past the Palais du Luxembourg. The gardens have seen historical figures come and go, starting life as a royal residence, before transforming into a senate and library.
The city island (L'ile de la Cité)
Home to a Paris icon, Notre-Dame Cathedral, this island-within-the-city sits quietly and serenely on the River Seine. Connected to the city by the Pont Neuf bridge, once you’ve finished gargoyle-spotting, visit the Palais de la Justice and the old Concergerie, where Marie-Antoinette was held captive.
Notre Dame
Nooks and crannies galore, Paris’ most beloved cathedral sits in all its Gothic grandeur on the Île de la Cité. The North Tower is adorned with intricate masonry which you can observe up close by scaling the tower’s heights, or admire from ground level. The 13th-century organ found inside is so colossal, it’s probably the most famous in the world.
Latin Quarter
This bohemian quarter thrives with the buzz of a student community emitting from La Sorbonne, which sits at the heart of this ’hood. Cafés and bars hug quaint corners and nestle themselves in side streets off bustling squares. Galleries, independent cinemas and cultural hubs pop up across this eclectic borough.
The Louvre museum and area
Away from the adoring crowds that gather before the glass-encased-and-untouchable vision of the Mona Lisa, the Louvre stashes a veritable treasure trove of artistic gems. Corridors run above and below ground for such a distance that it would take you over 100 years to gaze at every masterpiece for just 30 seconds.
Montmartre District
In the heady days of the late 19th century, Montmartre was the bohemian heart of Paris. Artists like Toulouse-Lautrec were drawn to and inspired by its liberal nightlife. Today, you can still catch a can-can at the famous Moulin Rouge cabaret, or soak up the arty vibes by watching the portrait artists on the cobbled Place du Tertre and browsing the fabric stalls of Saint-Pierre Market.
Orsay muuseum
In the halcyon days of the late 19th century, the Impressionists painted moments of beauty that were forever frozen in time. Be swept away by the romantic beauty of Impressionism (and more) at this museum, one of the world’s greatest odes to modern art. Van Gogh's "Starry Night Over the Rhone" is part of the dazzling collection on display in this former train station.
62 r Lille
Pariisi Jumalaema kirik
Victor Hugo's Quasimodo might not be lurking in the shadows, but that doesn't mean you can't! Explore every nook of this enormous cathedral, including the 13th-century organ. Head up the north tower to fully appreciate the impressive masonry, or admire it from outside – the stone gargoyles look like they're about to swoop down and grab your sandwich, so watch out!
6 Place Paris Notre Dame
Eiffeli torn
Some say tower, others say upside-down ice-cream cone – but there’s no denying the fact that the Eiffel Tower is one of the world’s most iconic buildings. Built for the World Fair of 1889, this iron-framed structure was the world's tallest until the 1930s. Brave the queues to enjoy windswept views of Paris, or a (costly) meal at the Jules Verne Restaurant.
Tour Eiffel
Pompidou keskus
This space-age building is definitely a pomp-a-do, not a pomp-a-don't. Former French President, Georges Pompidou, had this controversial building built in the 1960s. Hate it or love it, it is France's premier modern art gallery. Dali, Munch, Lucian Freud and Roy Lichtenstein have all adorned the walls (and spaces) in the past five years alone.
19 r Beaubourg
Pariisi Disneyland
Dotty-about-Disney munchkins can mingle amongst character favourites in fairy-tale themed Disneyland Park. Movie mad? Walt Disney Studios let you experience a larger-than-life Toy Story garden, Cars racing rally and a backlot
Louvre Museum
With nearly 9 million visitors annually, The Louvre is the most visited museum in the world and home to the Mona Lisa. Even its pyramidal entrance is a work of art, designed bye the famous I.M.Pei.
34 quai Louvre
Place de la République
The famous Place de la Republique, created by Haussmann in 1854, is a monument to the French republic. The 10-metre tall statue depicts events throughout the history of the Republic.
Paris Expo - Porte de Versailles
The Paris Expo Porte de Versailles exhibition centre in Paris is located by the E5 ring road and hosts a variety of shows and displays.
1, place de la Porte-de-Versailles

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Ringiliikumine Pariisis väga mõnus, jalgsi jõudis peaaegu igale poole, aga kui enam jala ei jaksanud, siis ühistransport töötas imehästi. Louvre, Eiffel, Arc de Triumphe olid kõik tuntud headuses. Kevadiselt ilusad olid ka juba kõik pargid!
11. aprill 2017
Kõik meeldis. Ainult metrooga pidi veidi harjuma ja õppima liikuma. Ja kahju, et madalama hinnatasemega toitlustuskohti kesklinnas pole.
21. juuli 2016
Soovitan vaadata veebilehte Like a Local. Sealt saime väga häid soovitusi tüüpilistele turistiskohtadele alternatiivsete kohtade külastamiseks. Nt. Bercy Village, La REcyclerie, The Promenade Plantee (Le Coulee Verte) jpt.
14. mai 2017
Pariis on Pariis! Sobiv koht ostlemiseks, lihtsalt jalutamiseks, kunsti ja ajaloo ja kultuuri nautimiseks, parimate roogade ja jookide nautimiseks.Pariisi peab ise kogema!
6. september 2016
Keskmine hinne
Räpane, palav, tüütud "one eurod" iga vaatamisvörsuse juures, Pikad vahemaad
Jaan Väärt
1. august 2016

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Saint James Albany Paris Hotel Spa

8 Väga hea

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€ 209

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Hotel Excelsior Latin

8,2 Väga hea

Keskmine hinne: 1 860 arvustust

€ 140

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Hotel Choiseul Opera

8,4 Väga hea

Keskmine hinne: 3 243 arvustust

€ 121

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Mercure Paris Gare De Lyon TGV

7,9 Hea

Keskmine hinne: 2 839 arvustust

€ 110

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Hôtel Bedford

8,5 Väga hea

Keskmine hinne: 1 600 arvustust

€ 150

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Novotel Paris Gare De Lyon

8,5 Väga hea

Keskmine hinne: 3 647 arvustust

€ 135

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Hôtel Eiffel Turenne

8,9 Ülihea

Keskmine hinne: 2 104 arvustust

€ 70

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Mercure Paris Terminus Nord

7,4 Hea

Keskmine hinne: 5 889 arvustust

€ 99

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Novotel Paris Les Halles

8,4 Väga hea

Keskmine hinne: 2 460 arvustust

€ 212

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Soovitused, mida teha Pariisis

The Louvre is way too large for one visit. At the Louvre I choose only the period I am interested in, like Middle Ages, and only spend about 3 hrs at a time - afterwards I do something else. I recommend the Musee D'Orsay if you love impressionisms and fine sculptures and the Musee de LÓrangerie is a most if you like Monet. The museum of the Middle Ages (Cluny) is a most if you are interested in that period. Make time to just walk around, it is a beautiful city. Shopping is too expensive, but I found some lovely items while walking around while nothing affordable at the main shopping malls and streets.

We walked everywhere, only using the metro to get to and from our hotel with luggage. Just wander and let yourself literally get lost, particularly in the little streets of Montmartre, the Latin Quarter and Saint Germain. You could have a small map on you just in case but you'll hardly need it, as there are so many landmarks to help you work out where you are and which direction to go in. Mornings are the quietest time in my experience to just walk around.

Fodor's travel guide for France said to get to Versailles by 9am to avoid crowds. I think most people have heard that advice and there was a huge line at 9:15! I recommend going a bit later to avoid that first crush. Go to the Louvre on Wednesday or Friday mid afternoon. The Louvre is open until 9:30pm those two days. The crowds significantly diminish by 5pm.

There is more culture and history in Paris than we could see in our stay, unfortunately. The city is like a living museum with its architecture and monuments and museums. The places like the Eiffel Tower and Arc de Triomphe that you see in pictures your whole life are even more magnificent in person.

Paris has something quite unique: big and specialized stores. So if you want comics, there are huge stores for it. Same for kitchen equipment, ocean-themed stuff, and so on. Usually you have stores that are more generic, but in Paris you will find everything there is about a given topic.

The food in Paris is diverse but there's nowhere else you can get a simple and delicious Steak Frites with a glass of wine and watch people go by. The French have superior culinary offerings; fresh delicious food, well prepared and good value.

Kindlasti Eiffeli torn, Vahakujude muuseum, Notre-Dame, Triumfikaar, Sarcre-Coeur, Seinei jõe tuur - need kohad vajaksid kindlasti külastust. Iga sild ja maja on vaatamisväärt. Uskumatult kaunis linn.

Väga tihti alla 18 ja koguni alla 25 tasuta sissepääs või soodustus. Dokument kaasa !

Laupäev ja pühapäeval on metroo tasuta !

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