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The Romans loved it. Jane Austen swooned over it. Bath has captured imaginations for millennia. This 1st-century spa town was big in the 18th century, and became a standard bearer for Georgian architecture. From Bath Abbey to The Circus, Bath is the very picture of a cosy English idyll.

Mga dapat gawin sa Bath

Thermae Bath Spa
The ancient Romans really knew how to chill. Way back in 60 AD, they were relaxing in purpose-built public baths that drew from the same hot springs as this luxury spa. Now you can sample the restorative benefits of those mineral-rich waters by soaking in the bubbly Minerva Bath or lolling in the steaming rooftop pool that overlooks the city’s skyline.
The Recreation Ground
A visit to “The Rec” is like a trip back in time. Nestled by the banks of the River Avon, the heritage-listed home of Bath Rugby Club features Edwardian turnstiles and charming pavilions that hark back to the pre-professional era. The jolly, family-friendly vibe in the stands is less evident on the pitch, as players attack rucks, mauls and scrums with ferocious glee.
The Jane Austen Centre
It is a truth universally acknowledged that Jane Austen is among the English language’s greatest novelists. Her books have inspired generations of readers, with their unmistakably English take on romance. This museum gives you the chance to delve into her life and work. Since the guides are in costume, you can even parlay with characters like Mr Bennett or the Dashwood sisters.
40 Gay Street, Queen Square
The Circus Bath
When is a square not a square? When it’s round, of course! This circular residential square is a case in point. Lined with Georgian townhouses, the Circus is a pretty picture of neoclassical grandeur. Doric, Roman and Corinthian columns line the 360-degree row of houses. In the middle stands a cluster of plane trees whose foliage blurs together to form a billowing green cloud.
North of Queen Square, Bath, BA1 1EE
Royal Crescent
A classy curve. This semi-circular sweep of thirty townhouses is the rarefied pinnacle of Georgian architecture. Built in the 1770s, it’s an unbroken line of pricy neoclassical dwellings. Their stately columns and honey-coloured limestone conjure up images of 18th-century gents in felt coats, gold-thread waistcoats and tricorn hats. Time to brush up on your bows and curtseys!
Bath Abbey
One big, stone history book. This abbey is packed with weathered plaques and hoary carvings that tell the tale of Bath’s great and good. It was originally erected in the 7th century, although most of what you see today is the result of a 19th-century neo-Gothic restoration. Look out for the fan vaulting on the ceiling and the unusual ladder motifs on the façade.
12 Kingston Buildings
Pulteney Bridge
Walk over Bath water. This bridge is yet another shining example of Bath’s Georgian architectural heritage. It stretches over the River Avon like a seamless, cross-water continuation of the city’s trademark stonework. Yet, walk along the bridge and you’d never know you were crossing a river – it’s lined with shops like Hampstead Bazaar and the Antique Map Shop.
Ustinov Studio
The Theatre Royal in Bath, England, was built in 1805. A Grade II* listed building, it has been described by the Theatres Trust as "One of the most important surviving examples of Georgian theatre architecture
Saw Close

Kailan dapat pumunta sa Bath

Ene Peb Mar Abr May Hun Hul Ago Set Okt Nob Dis
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7 ℃ 2 ℃
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13 ℃ 5 ℃
15 ℃ 8 ℃
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Accommodation at mga hotel sa Bath

Wentworth House

7.1 Maganda

Score mula sa 365 mga review

PHP 5,135

Karaniwang presyo bawat gabi
  • “maganda ang lokasyon”
    69 katulad na review
  • “maasikaso ang staff”
    49 katulad na review
  • “napakasarap ng pagkain”
    44 katulad na review
Macdonald Bath Spa Hotel

8.6 Napakaganda

Score mula sa 2,481 mga review

PHP 8,775

Karaniwang presyo bawat gabi
  • “maganda ang pool area”
    442 katulad na review
  • “maasikaso ang staff”
    390 katulad na review
  • “magandang gusali”
    279 katulad na review
Holiday Inn Express Bath

8.3 Magandang-maganda

Score mula sa 2,744 mga review

PHP 4,260

Karaniwang presyo bawat gabi
  • “maasikaso ang staff”
    342 katulad na review
  • “maganda ang lokasyon”
    270 katulad na review
  • “napakalinis at maayos”
    203 katulad na review
Royal Hotel

8.5 Magandang-maganda

Score mula sa 1,487 mga review

PHP 5,119

Karaniwang presyo bawat gabi
  • “maasikaso ang staff”
    347 katulad na review
  • “maganda ang lokasyon”
    333 katulad na review
  • “napakasarap ng pagkain”
    170 katulad na review
Bailbrook House Hotel - a Hand Picked Hotel

9 Ubod ng ganda

Score mula sa 1,513 mga review

PHP 6,581

Karaniwang presyo bawat gabi
  • “maasikaso ang staff”
    363 katulad na review
  • “magandang gusali”
    211 katulad na review
  • “napakasarap ng pagkain”
    198 katulad na review
Villa at Henrietta Park

9.3 Ubod ng ganda

Score mula sa 1,129 mga review

PHP 6,931

Karaniwang presyo bawat gabi
  • “maasikaso ang staff”
    225 katulad na review
  • “maganda ang lokasyon”
    170 katulad na review
  • “napakalinis at maayos”
    94 katulad na review
Lansdown Grove Hotel

7.9 Maganda

Score mula sa 823 mga review

PHP 3,434

Karaniwang presyo bawat gabi
  • “maasikaso ang staff”
    186 katulad na review
  • “napakalinis at maayos”
    121 katulad na review
  • “maganda ang lokasyon”
    107 katulad na review
Loch Fyne Hotel and Restaurant Bath

8.4 Magandang-maganda

Score mula sa 749 mga review

PHP 6,041

Karaniwang presyo bawat gabi
  • “maganda ang lokasyon”
    205 katulad na review
  • “napakasarap ng pagkain”
    146 katulad na review
  • “maasikaso ang staff”
    130 katulad na review
Abbey Hotel

8.7 Napakaganda

Score mula sa 2,875 mga review

PHP 5,024

Karaniwang presyo bawat gabi
  • “maganda ang lokasyon”
    804 katulad na review
  • “maasikaso ang staff”
    673 katulad na review
  • “napakalinis at maayos”
    273 katulad na review

Tinanong ni ang mga biyahero...

Ano ang maipapayo mong spa o treatment sa Bath?

head to the Thermae Spa - you won't be disappointed it's totally worth the money and such an experience! I had a aromatherapy massage, lunch and 2 sessions in the pool and it was wonderful! Roof top pool at sunset was fantastic too. I WILL be returning.

Tinanong ni ang mga biyahero...

Anong mayroon sa Bath at buhay na buhay ang kasaysayan dito?

well preserved, Architecture, and great local guides if needed or just chat with the locals they are so friendly and proud of their city.

Granted there are 'tourist shops' but there are a lot of independent retailers too which makes a pleasant change.

Tinanong ni ang mga biyahero...

Paano mo maiiwasan ang maraming tao kapag naglilibot ka sa Bath?

Get in early and shop. Then walk round outer places of interest - the circus, Royal Crescent, Park and Gardens.,

Tinanong ni ang mga biyahero...

Ikuwento sa amin ang bakasyon mo sa Bath.


Tinanong ni ang mga biyahero...

Ano'ng nagustuhan mo sa shopping experience mo sa Bath?


Tinanong ni ang mga biyahero...

Ilarawan ang pinakamagandang ancient landmark sa Bath.

The Roman Baths, excellent audio tour.

Tinanong ni ang mga biyahero...

Kamusta naman ang mga kainan sa Bath?

Wide choice and good value

Scallop Shell Restaurant

Maghanap ng accommodation sa Bath

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