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Leicester Cathedral
A Roman temple turned imposing Norman cathedral, this Leicester landmark counts an art installation amongst its soaring arches and rich décor. The cathedral is known for being the resting place of Richard III, whose remains were uncovered in 2015 in a nearby carpark and later laid officially to rest in his tomb.
New Walk Museum and Art Gallery
Dating from 1849, this collection combines exhibits celebrating nature and culture. Visitors can explore galleries taking them through Ancient Egypt, the Jurassic era and earth’s wild side. You can also see pieces plucked from the Victorian era, up to the present day. Renowned naturalist and broadcaster, David Attenborough has close connections with the museum and his portrait has recently been unveiled in the gallery.
Bradgate Park
Over 800 acres of woodland, these forested realms are home to no less than 400 deer. Stroll through forest that’s been the stomping grounds of beautiful bucks and does for 800 years. The thickset trunks of oak trees have provided leafy canopies to wildlife and wanderers for half a century. After a ramble, explore the ruins of Bradgate House – one of England’s most ancient abodes.
St Martins House Conference Centre
The Grade II listed building that is now St Martins House was for over 130 years a place where the youth of Leicester were educated. It began its life in 1877 as Wyggeston Hospital Boys School - itself on the site of the much older Wyggeston Hospital (founded in 1513) - which then moved out to the west of the city. During this time it was put to use and adapted by Alderman Newton and Leicester Grammar Schools. In 2008 it was acquired by the Diocese of Leicester so this historic Leicester landmark could be preserved. In January 2011, after considerable investment and a major refurbishment, St Martins House Conference Centre was launched to service the business community of the East Midlands and beyond, with a unique offer tailored to suit today’s business needs. This offer was created by, and is delivered by, a team of hospitality, conference and event specialists.
7 Peacock Lane Leicester LE1 5PZ
National Space Centre
The UK's National Space Centre. Millennium Landmark Project all about space. Includes Hands-on interactives, real rockets, and a futuristic show in a domed Space Theatre.
King Power Stadium
King Power Stadium - Leicester Football Club

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Anmeldelser og billeder fra rejsende

Samlet karakter
Lille by hyggelige folk, dog ikke maget andet end King Richard III og fodbold.
20. oktober 2016

Overnatningssteder og hoteller i Leicester

College Court

8,7 Fremragende

Karakter fra 1.505 anmeldelser

DKK 524

Gennemsnitspris per nat
  • "meget rent og pænt"
    277 lignende anmeldelser
  • "virkelig god mad"
    209 lignende anmeldelser
  • "fantastisk personale"
    187 lignende anmeldelser
Mercure Leicester The Grand Hotel

7,7 Godt

Karakter fra 1.473 anmeldelser

DKK 613

Gennemsnitspris per nat
  • "rigtig god beliggenhed"
    238 lignende anmeldelser
  • "fantastisk personale"
    213 lignende anmeldelser
  • "meget rent og pænt"
    115 lignende anmeldelser
Belmont Hotel Leicester

8,4 Meget godt

Karakter fra 1.650 anmeldelser

DKK 533

Gennemsnitspris per nat
  • "fantastisk personale"
    326 lignende anmeldelser
  • "rigtig god beliggenhed"
    308 lignende anmeldelser
  • "virkelig god mad"
    164 lignende anmeldelser
Ramada Encore Leicester City Centre

8 Meget godt

Karakter fra 867 anmeldelser

DKK 514

Gennemsnitspris per nat
  • "rigtig god beliggenhed"
    133 lignende anmeldelser
  • "fantastisk personale"
    89 lignende anmeldelser
  • "meget rent og pænt"
    83 lignende anmeldelser
Holiday Inn Leicester City

8,2 Meget godt

Karakter fra 1.369 anmeldelser

DKK 560

Gennemsnitspris per nat
  • "fantastisk personale"
    221 lignende anmeldelser
  • "rigtig god beliggenhed"
    161 lignende anmeldelser
  • "meget rent og pænt"
    111 lignende anmeldelser
Campanile Hotel Leicester

7,2 Godt

Karakter fra 2.068 anmeldelser

DKK 356

Gennemsnitspris per nat
  • "fantastisk personale"
    316 lignende anmeldelser
  • "rigtig god beliggenhed"
    228 lignende anmeldelser
  • "meget rent og pænt"
    119 lignende anmeldelser
Blaby Westfield House Hotel

7,6 Godt

Karakter fra 472 anmeldelser

DKK 400

Gennemsnitspris per nat
  • "fantastisk personale"
    104 lignende anmeldelser
  • "meget rent og pænt"
    62 lignende anmeldelser
  • "rigtig god beliggenhed"
    59 lignende anmeldelser
Holiday Inn Express Leicester

8,1 Meget godt

Karakter fra 905 anmeldelser

DKK 569

Gennemsnitspris per nat
  • "fantastisk personale"
    145 lignende anmeldelser
  • "rigtig god beliggenhed"
    123 lignende anmeldelser
  • "meget rent og pænt"
    88 lignende anmeldelser
Leicester Marriott Hotel

8,5 Meget godt

Karakter fra 737 anmeldelser

DKK 613

Gennemsnitspris per nat
  • "fantastisk personale"
    102 lignende anmeldelser
  • "meget rent og pænt"
    81 lignende anmeldelser
  • "virkelig god mad"
    55 lignende anmeldelser
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Anbefalinger til Leicester

Been to Leicester 3 times when I've stayed more than 2 hours, and in those times I had my phone stolen from my wagon twice and had to stay awake all night in a dodgy hotel incase the door got kicked in by the long staying guests. And I come from Manchester.

The king Richard 3rd exhibition including grave site and tomb in the cathedral.

good food served at reasonable prices at Rock in Diner on Narborough Road.

Wouldn't know, but from what I've seen I doubt it.

Marco's restaurant within the Mercure Hotel is fabulous.

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