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The Queens Hotel

8,2 Veoma dobar

Prosečna ocena 916 recenzija/-e

RSD 9.011

Prosečna cena noćenja
  • „predivno osoblje”
    98 povezanih recenzija
  • „fantastičan pogled”
    88 povezanih recenzija
  • „savršen kvalitet hrane”
    63 povezane recenzije
Union Hotel

7,3 Dobar

Prosečna ocena 737 recenzija/-e

RSD 10.012

Prosečna cena noćenja
  • „izvrsna lokacija”
    138 povezanih recenzija
  • „predivna zgrada”
    134 povezane recenzije
  • „predivno osoblje”
    130 povezanih recenzija
Hotel Penzance

8,7 Sjajan

Prosečna ocena 678 recenzija/-e

RSD 9.892

Prosečna cena noćenja
  • „predivno osoblje”
    166 povezanih recenzija
  • „savršen kvalitet hrane”
    118 povezanih recenzija
  • „fantastičan pogled”
    89 povezanih recenzija
Artist Residence Cornwall

8,7 Sjajan

Prosečna ocena 418 recenzija/-e

RSD 11.347

Prosečna cena noćenja
  • „predivna zgrada”
    110 povezanih recenzija
  • „predivno osoblje”
    108 povezanih recenzija
  • „savršen kvalitet hrane”
    69 povezanih recenzija

The coastline round here is amazing. Fantastic cliff scenery, sandy coves. You can get away from the crowds just by walking a mile or two. Try the Minack Theatre for the most unique backdrop you have ever seen. Inland there are moors with winding lanes and strange prehistoric standing stones. If you're into arts and crafts lots of interesting little galleries and art studios.

You can walk from the train station to loads of places (the bus station is right next to it).The centre was compact and cute. From the train station you could go to St Ives (stunning place) for £4.10 return and get the bus to Lands End, St Michael's Mount and lot of other places like Mousehole.

Use of Senior Bus Pass plus the comprehensive number of destinations available enabling the holiday maker to explore Cornwall without driving. What a plus when you have driven for many hours to reach Penzance.

Pack good walking boots and an ordance survey map. Most of the surrounding area is stunning but some coastal paths are moderately tough. The South West Coast is a well established route and easy to follow.

By staying at the Longboat you can use public transport to avoid the crowds.The train and buses are at the door.

It is very wild and beautiful, and there are spectacular views all around, particularly to St. Micheal's Mont.

Fish and chips on the sea wall looking out on a sparkling bay. Crab at the Old Coastguard.

walking across the water to visit the castle. Visiting Lands End

Walking along the beach (great weather for November!).

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