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Ką nuveikti Rode

Palace of the Grand Masters
Turreted and majestic, this 14th-century palace was built by the Knights Hospitaller at Rhodes Town’s highest point. The palace has endured explosions and reconstructions through the ages, and even served as Mussolini’s holiday residence. Inside its 20 rooms that are open to the public, visitors can view mosaics, antiques and venture out to ramparts.
Rhodes Archaeological Museum
Starting life out as a hospital with a medicinal herb garden, this 15th-century structure has become a resting place for artefacts from throughout Rhodes’ fascinating 7000-year history. View mosaics, a figure of Aphrodite and antique urns, before wandering under charming archways.
Old Town Walls
Rhodes may be famous as a powerhouse of the ancient world, but its medieval town walls are one of the finest examples of Middle-Ages fortifications around. They stretch round for 4 km, punctuated by a range of stunning gateways and bulbous turrets. Take a guided tour to learn about the story behind each one.
Ixia Beach
Fancy trying a spot of windsurfing? The waves at Ixia Beach have your name on them. You can rent boards or jet-skis right on the beach so you're straight out onto that clear, blue water in no time. Afterwards, why not take a stroll into the quaint village of Ixia for a post-swim snack or a refreshing beer?
Ancient Ialyssos
Located only eight kilometres west of Rhodes, a day trip to the ruins of Ialyssos is well worth booking. It’s one of three ancient cities on the island with evidence of civilisation dating back to 3000 BC. The history of the site, which is located on top of Filerimos Hill, is captivating, and the rolling hills and olive trees around it are equally spectacular.
Gran Maestro rūmai
Built in the early 14th century, this is a Medieval castle which served as the Palace of the Grand Master of the Knights of Rhodes.

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Keliautojų atsiliepimai ir nuotraukos

Ypatingai nuostabus
Miestas nuostabus, ypatingai senamiestis. Viską privaloma apžiūrėti. Geriausie nuomuotis auto ir lėkti aplink salą, daug lankytinų objektų. Mums gegužę jau buvo šiek tiek per karštą. Maistas kavinėse nepigus, norint normaliai dviese pavalgyti be 25 - 30 eurų geriau neiti.
2016 m. gegužės 10 d.
Įvertinimų balas
Mes atostogavome kretoje ir vienai dienai atvykome i rodo sala. Lyginant su kreta rodo sala labiau komercinė, kainos sukeltos kai kur pietaujant paskaiciavo per daug vis bandoma apgauti nedaduoti grazos ir pan...
2016 m. gegužės 18 d.
Labai geras
Senamiestis,krantinė. Skaniausia Edesta ir agalma. Prastos mažos parduotuvės.
2016 m. balandžio 10 d.
Ypatingai nuostabus
Grazus papludymiai ir architektura, smagu vaikscioti mazomis gatvelemis ir uzsukti i vietines parduotuveles.
2017 m. balandžio 16 d.
Ypatingai nuostabus
Pati gražiausia lankyta sala. Šiek tiek nuvylė remontuojamas Rodo Akropolis.
2016 m. rugpjūčio 8 d.

Apgyvendinimo įstaigos ir viešbučiai Rode

Lydia Hotel

8,2 Labai geras

Vidutinis vertinimas pagal 659 atsiliepimus

€ 50

Vidutinė vienos nakties kaina
Oktober Down Town Rooms

7,9 Geras

Vidutinis vertinimas pagal 632 atsiliepimus

€ 58

Vidutinė vienos nakties kaina
  • „puiki vieta“
    59 susiję atsiliepimai
  • „nuostabus personalas“
    38 susiję atsiliepimai
  • „labai švaru ir tvarkinga“
    25 susiję atsiliepimai
Best Western Plaza Hotel

8,3 Labai geras

Vidutinis vertinimas pagal 626 atsiliepimus

€ 90

Vidutinė vienos nakties kaina
  • „puiki vieta“
    83 susiję atsiliepimai
  • „nuostabus personalas“
    71 susijęs atsiliepimas
  • „puiki maisto kokybė“
    50 susijusių atsiliepimų
Mystic Hotel

9,6 Ypatingai nuostabus

Vidutinis vertinimas pagal 124 atsiliepimus

€ 77

Vidutinė vienos nakties kaina
Florida Hotel

9,4 Nuostabus

Vidutinis vertinimas pagal 412 atsiliepimus

€ 63

Vidutinė vienos nakties kaina
S.Nikolis' Historic Boutique Hotel

9,3 Nuostabus

Vidutinis vertinimas pagal 164 atsiliepimus

€ 129

Vidutinė vienos nakties kaina
Hotel Anastasia

8,8 Puikus

Vidutinis vertinimas pagal 361 atsiliepimus

€ 30

Vidutinė vienos nakties kaina
Esperia Hotel

7,4 Geras

Vidutinis vertinimas pagal 319 atsiliepimus

€ 28

Vidutinė vienos nakties kaina
Moschos Hotel

8,6 Puikus

Vidutinis vertinimas pagal 499 atsiliepimus

€ 36

Vidutinė vienos nakties kaina
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    110 susijusių atsiliepimų
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    35 susiję atsiliepimai
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Rekomendacijos viešnagei Rode paklausė keliautojų...

Kodėl mieste Rodas gyva istorija?

Car hire is cheap and there is so much to see on Rhodes, as well as good beaches away from the 'drink and be sick' sink-holes. The church at Asklipio is outstanding, and the southern end of the island is not as spoilt by tourism. There is dramatic scenery, forests and mountains, monasteries and roman remains. It is still a real treasure out of the main season.

The old town is excellent lovely feel about the place Lots to do and see but Ladies wear flat shoes the paths are made of cobbles so it's a killer on your feet if you don't although it does give you a reason to stop for coffee

Make sure to explore the backstreets for excellent mezze restaurants which are excellent and better value for money! paklausė keliautojų...

Kodėl miestą Rodas rekomenduotumėte del maisto?

All ingredients are fresh and very good quality. So the outcome is amazing

Beautiful place to walk. We were there in December.

Study some tracks you wish to do before landing.

We went in the winter paklausė keliautojų...

Kokios jūros gėrybės jums patiko mieste Rodas?

Grilled Stuffed Squid

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