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Eger Castle
Its turrets and spires may look like something from a Disney film, but this fairytale fortress is not just a pretty face. Eger Castle earned its place in Hungarian history in 1552, when a tiny garrison of troops defeated the huge Turkish army. Explore the museum, dungeon and medieval cathedral, before taking in the views from the fortified walls.
Basilica of Eger
Built in the 1830s, this hulking temple is one of Hungary’s largest churches. Outside, the Basilica’s neo-classical columns are flanked by statues, while the interior is adorned with colourful frescoes inspired by local folk art. If you’re here between mid-May and mid-October, you can even catch an organ concert – they’re held every day at noon.
Town under the Town
When the Bishop of Eger had a new palace built in 1687, the resulting excavations left a network of tunnels below the city’s streets. This ‘Town under the Town’ was once used as a cellar to store the region’s famous wines. Take a guided tour to roam its winding passageways and pillared halls.

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Prekrasan grad. Prelepi histojiski spomenici, Crkve i parkovi. Tvrđava i njeni muzej. U hotelu. Odlični putevi. Vreme.
27. travnja 2017.
Vrlo dobar
Prelep grad, ljudi neljubazni, parkinzi noćna mora, svugde naplaćuju (tržni centri, bazeni, sve ulice) i to preko nepraktičnih automata, užas.
15. siječnja 2017.

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Hunguest Hotel Flora

8,2 Vrlo dobar

Ocjena se temelji na 375 recenzija

HRK 462

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Hotel Villa Völgy Wellness & Konferencia

8,2 Vrlo dobar

Ocjena se temelji na 1.505 recenzija

HRK 354

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  • „odličan bazen”
    47 povezanih recenzija
  • „odlična kvaliteta hrane”
    47 povezanih recenzija
  • „prekrasna zgrada”
    25 povezanih recenzija
Imola Udvarház

9,1 Izvanredan

Ocjena se temelji na 497 recenzija

HRK 263

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Imola Hotel Platán

9,3 Izvanredan

Ocjena se temelji na 535 recenzija

HRK 613

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  • „odličan bazen”
    64 povezane recenzije
  • „odlična kvaliteta hrane”
    53 povezane recenzije
  • „prekrasna zgrada”
    30 povezanih recenzija
Hotel Eger & Park

8,4 Vrlo dobar

Ocjena se temelji na 639 recenzija

HRK 510

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  • „odličan bazen”
    61 povezana recenzija
  • „odlična kvaliteta hrane”
    33 povezane recenzije
  • „lokacija je bila odlična”
    30 povezanih recenzija
Hotel Senator-Ház Eger

9,2 Izvanredan

Ocjena se temelji na 630 recenzija

HRK 385

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Hotel Ködmön

8,9 Sjajan

Ocjena se temelji na 403 recenzija

HRK 481

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Hotel Estella Superior

8,7 Sjajan

Ocjena se temelji na 888 recenzija

HRK 215

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  • „lokacija je bila odlična”
    57 povezanih recenzija
  • „fantastično osoblje”
    49 povezanih recenzija
  • „odlična kvaliteta hrane”
    20 povezanih recenzija
Bacchus Hotel

8,3 Vrlo dobar

Ocjena se temelji na 428 recenzija

HRK 231

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Wine production is at a very high standard there, wine is produced by small family owned boutique wineries, affordable, very high quality, straight from the barrel.

The Eger Basilica is a treat. Lovely on the inside, imposing on the outside. The organ recital, which we attended at noon, was delightful.

Follow the marked path, I got lost trying to take a shortcut and wondered in a forest for 8 hours. Also, close to kekes

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Bitskey Aladár, is a really amazing building, with Olympic swimming pool

Minaret, castle and building make a mix of different culture and styles

The most tranquil place was the Palazzo Wellness Hotel !!!

Traveling not in summer

From the castle.

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