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Very Good
Very nice and cozy town for those who enjoy nature, views, castles and hikes! Perfect for a short break with family, most places are pet friendly. TIP: if you are planning to walk up to the castle, don't forget your hiking boots.
February 16, 2017
Very Good
The village itself doesn't offer anything extra but the true jewel has been build above it. After 40-mins walking up we entered the Visegrad castle and had a breathtaking view over the valley and river winding among hills.
Czech Republic
May 4, 2017
Location on the road beside the Danube and the castle on the hill behind- lots to explore.
United Kingdom
February 11, 2017
Very Good
Visegrad is a beautiful little town next to the river. Nice restaurants and ice cream stations to complete a traveling full day.
3 Lions Clan
April 7, 2017
Visegrad is a nice place and it's historie is amazing. I've been there 2 times now, and could come back again. Everything is in walking or bikeing distanse!
July 10, 2017

Accommodations and Hotels in Visegrád

Hotel Honti

8.8 Excellent

Score from 668 reviews


Average price per night
Silvanus Hotel

8.7 Excellent

Score from 734 reviews


Average price per night
  • “amazing views”
    51 related reviews
  • “wonderful staff”
    47 related reviews
  • “excellent quality of food”
    46 related reviews
Hotel Vár Kastélyszálló

8.2 Very Good

Score from 757 reviews


Average price per night
  • “wonderful staff”
    54 related reviews
  • “excellent quality of food”
    41 related reviews
  • “beautiful building”
    30 related reviews
Royal Club Hotel

8.8 Excellent

Score from 487 reviews


Average price per night
Hotel Visegrád

8.8 Excellent

Score from 359 reviews


Average price per night
Thermal Hotel Visegrad

8.5 Very Good

Score from 287 reviews


Average price per night
Patak Park Hotel Visegrád

8.4 Very Good

Score from 103 reviews


Average price per night
Visegrád Vendégház-Apartman

8.6 Excellent

Score from 83 reviews


Average price per night
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