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Aktiviti di Gili Air

Manta Dive
Diving is one of the most spectacular and rewarding holiday experiences available to adventurous travellers. If you're heading to a tropical paradise like Gili Air, diving beneath the azure waves to appreciate the full splendour of Indonesia's biodiversity should be on everyone's to-do list. Butterfly fish, reef sharks, turtles and brightly-coloured eels are pretty much guaranteed, and the feeling of exploring an entirely alien world will leave you humbled and awed in equal measure.
Oceans 5 House Reef
Only a few steps from the dive shop, Oceans 5 House Reef is a beautiful reef that’s jam-packed with life and colour. Slip into your snorkelling gear, and get ready to spot seahorses and crocodile fish swimming through the rainbow-coloured coral. If you’re feeling adventurous, Gili Air is an ideal place to try scuba diving, with experienced instructors that can really make your first dive a breeze.

Penginapan dan hotel di Gili Air

The Beach Club Gili Air

8.1 Sangat baik

Skor dari 119 reviu

MYR 210

Purata harga setiap malam
Camilla Resort

8.7 Mengagumkan

Skor dari 209 reviu

MYR 174

Purata harga setiap malam
Gili Air Lagoon Resort

8.3 Sangat baik

Skor dari 449 reviu

MYR 194

Purata harga setiap malam
Mola2 Resort Gili Air

8.3 Sangat baik

Skor dari 421 reviu

MYR 213

Purata harga setiap malam
Diva Lumbung Resort

7.1 Baik

Skor dari 88 reviu

MYR 71

Purata harga setiap malam
Lumbung Gede Resort

7.1 Baik

Skor dari 54 reviu

MYR 199

Purata harga setiap malam
Samata Village Gili Air

9.3 Hebat

Skor dari 133 reviu

MYR 712

Purata harga setiap malam
Bel Air Resort and Spa

8.2 Sangat baik

Skor dari 486 reviu

MYR 154

Purata harga setiap malam
Grand Sunset Gili Air

8.1 Sangat baik

Skor dari 861 reviu

MYR 185

Purata harga setiap malam
  • “kawasan kolam renang yang hebat”
    124 reviu berkaitan
  • “kakitangan baik”
    75 reviu berkaitan
  • “kualiti makanan yang luar biasa”
    57 reviu berkaitan

Massage on the north western side of the island at a two story place was nothing other than amazing. Cheap, staff were awesome and the serenity was something else! I'm sorry I can't remember the name of the place.

Pure relaxation. In Bali, it usually takes me 7 -10 days to get to that level of relaxation that took a single day in Gili Air. Outstanding snorkelling on reefs straight off the beach.

Use the French company? Associated with sunrise accommodation (however there accom is over priced with cold showers!)

On the beach, just around the point from the Orong Villages.

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