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Black Sand Beach
No visit to Iceland is complete without a stroll along this other-worldly black sand beach. Said to be the wettest place in Iceland, you won’t find any sunbathers here, but the lack of visitors makes for an impeccably clean coastline. This sooty spectacle is the result of lava flowing into the ocean, cooling off, and breaking up into grains of the sand you see today.
This breathtaking peninsula offers the kind of dramatic views that Iceland is famous for. Dyrhólaey was once an island and is home to beautiful puffins and arctic terns. Upon reaching the highest point, you’ll be rewarded with panoramic views onto Mýrdalsjökull glacier in the north and the black lava sea stacks of Reynisdrangar to the east.
Mýrdalsjökull Glacier
This graceful glacier sprawls across the Katla volcano, with its fiery belly last erupting in 1918. Snowmobile and quad bike tours are available, allowing you to glide over the ice and pretend you’re in a chase scene from a James Bond film. If you’d rather stay on your feet, a variety of glacier walking tours are also available.

Помешкання і готелі у місті Vík

Puffin Hotel Vík

7,9 Добре

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Icelandair Hotel Vík

8,7 Блискуче

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UAH 4 200

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Hotel Katla Hofdabrekka

8,3 Дуже добре

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UAH 3 128

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Volcano Hotel

9,2 Чудово

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UAH 5 262

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Hótel Dyrhólaey

8,3 Дуже добре

Оцінка за 475 відгуками

UAH 3 128

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Nausthamar Apartment

9,4 Чудово

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Puffin Apartment Víkurbraut

8 Дуже добре

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Puffin Apartment Bakkabraut

7,8 Добре

Оцінка за 48 відгуками

UAH 7 164

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Vík: рекомендації мандрівників

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Який ефект справили на вас пейзажі міста Vík?

The black sand beach and the amazing rock formations were awesome.

Easy walk to the beach. Drive around point to see basalt columns.

Puffins were on the cliffs within easy access from the beach

The black sand beach is very different to most beaches.

Booking.com запитав мандрівників...

Чому ви рекомендуєте місто Vík за їжу?

The fish is caught locally daily for dinners. YUM!!

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