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San Nicola Basilica
The hallowed resting place of Saint Nicholas, this basilica has kept the sanctified remains safe since they were stolen from Turkey and brought to Italian shores in the 11th century. The church has served as a religious centre and survived the Norman Conquest. Visitors can view Puglian features and Romanesque columns.
A cute collection of conical-topped houses known as trulli, Alberobello is a town so quaint and quirky, it’s been recognised by UNESCO. Amongst the pointed rooftops, you’ll spot the spire of Sant'Antonio church and find winding cobbled lanes, as well as busier thoroughfares like Corso Vittorio Emanuele, which is adorned with shops, bars and restaurants.
Walk towards the Fortino
A solid chunk of Bari history, this 11th-century fort formed one of four ramparts comprising the medieval city walls. It’s the old town’s highest point and nowadays visitors scale its heights to capture a view of the harbour and beyond. Keep your eye out for exhibitions taking place on the fort’s ground floor.

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Akomodasi dan hotel di Bari

Palace Hotel

8.1 Sangat baik

Skor dari 3,222 ulasan

Rp 1.173.050

Harga rata-rata per malam
  • “lokasi strategis”
    181 ulasan terkait
  • “makanan lezat berkualitas”
    171 ulasan terkait
  • “staf luar biasa”
    127 ulasan terkait
Mercure Villa Romanazzi Carducci

8.6 Hebat

Skor dari 2,402 ulasan

Rp 1.224.996

Harga rata-rata per malam
  • “staf luar biasa”
    74 ulasan terkait
  • “makanan lezat berkualitas”
    72 ulasan terkait
  • “area kolam renang besar”
    65 ulasan terkait
Oriente Hotel

8.8 Hebat

Skor dari 1,018 ulasan

Rp 1.752.210

Harga rata-rata per malam
  • “lokasi strategis”
    56 ulasan terkait
  • “staf luar biasa”
    51 ulasan terkait
  • “makanan lezat berkualitas”
    29 ulasan terkait
Grande Albergo Delle Nazioni

8.7 Hebat

Skor dari 867 ulasan

Rp 1.535.122

Harga rata-rata per malam
  • “pemandangan luar biasa”
    53 ulasan terkait
  • “lokasi strategis”
    45 ulasan terkait
  • “sangat bersih dan rapi”
    40 ulasan terkait
Hotel Imago

9 Luar biasa

Skor dari 779 ulasan

Rp 1.162.971

Harga rata-rata per malam
  • “staf luar biasa”
    69 ulasan terkait
  • “sangat bersih dan rapi”
    43 ulasan terkait
  • “lokasi strategis”
    32 ulasan terkait
Hotel 7 Mari

6.8 Skor Ulasan

Skor dari 68 ulasan

Rp 865.250

Harga rata-rata per malam
Best Western Executive Business Hotel

7.8 Baik

Skor dari 548 ulasan

Rp 837.339

Harga rata-rata per malam
Hotel Boston

7.9 Baik

Skor dari 666 ulasan

Rp 976.896

Harga rata-rata per malam
  • “lokasi strategis”
    68 ulasan terkait
  • “staf luar biasa”
    33 ulasan terkait
  • “makanan lezat berkualitas”
    17 ulasan terkait
Hi Hotel Bari

8.8 Hebat

Skor dari 664 ulasan

Rp 1.120.329

Harga rata-rata per malam
  • “makanan lezat berkualitas”
    54 ulasan terkait
  • “sangat bersih dan rapi”
    40 ulasan terkait
  • “staf luar biasa”
    37 ulasan terkait

Went to local restaurant, menu in Italian, the waiter offered to bring us a selection of menu items til we were full. 4 of us ate til full and had bottle of good wine and the total bill 30 euros. Excellent atmosphere. Good shopping

Osteria Le Arpie within the Old City offers delicious fresh seafood, "cucina tipica barese." The interior walls of this attractive cave-like space are adorned with antique objects and collaged with cinema photos.

Atmospheric old town. Narrow streets with lots of churches, pavement cafes and little shops. Nice promenade along the sea front.

Lovely man-made safe beach, never any deeper than your chest, clean and with a small restaurant/bar.

Amazing excavated crypt. showing history back to Roman times. Well worth seeing.

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Sebaiknya menjelajah ke mana di kota tua di Bari?

The central place and the beautifull churches as teh old swabian casle.

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Kenapa monumen di Bari layak dikunjungi?

Teatro Petruzelli, Castello Svevo, Pinakothek Bari,

St. Nicolas basilicas

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