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Sassi of Matera
Hewn from calcareous rock, Matera’s millennia-old ‘Sassi’ houses are a triumphant collaboration between nature and the human race. Just like their ancestors, modern-day locals still inhabit the ancient dwellings – with some even transformed into hotels and restaurants. Follow one of the designated discovery routes or stop off at Casa Noha to see an insightful film projected straight onto the building’s walls.
Crypt of the Original Sin
A hillside cave that lay mostly undiscovered until the 1960s, the Crypt of the Original Sin is a masterpiece of medieval frescoes. Dating back as far as the 8th century, the artworks feature archangels, apostles and Adam and Eve, amongst other religious iconography. Though the artist’s identity is long lost to history, they’ve since become known as the ‘Painter of the Flowers’.
Matera Cathedral
Casting a watchful eye over Matera’s citizens since the 13th century, this cathedral sits atop Civitas Hill – the city’s highest point. A Romanesque-Apulian style structure, its stone façade may be weatherworn but its interior still blazes with golden embellishment. Let your eyes travel up the marble pillars all the way to the ceiling to fully appreciate the building’s artful adornments.

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Corte San Pietro

9,7 Izcili

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€ 100

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    28 līdzīgas atsauksmes
Hotel San Domenico Al Piano

8,7 Brīnišķīgi

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€ 69

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Il Belvedere

9,6 Izcili

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€ 65

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Sant'Angelo Luxury Resort

9,2 Lieliski

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€ 119

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Basiliani Hotel

9,4 Lieliski

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€ 50

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Sextantio Le Grotte Della Civita

9,5 Izcili

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€ 155

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Locanda Di San Martino Hotel & Thermae Romanae

9,1 Lieliski

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€ 69

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Hotel La Casa Di Lucio

9,2 Lieliski

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€ 94

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Hotel Residence San Giorgio

9,4 Lieliski

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€ 60

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Ieteikumi par uzturēšanos Matērā

The spa and underground cave pool at the Locanda Di San Martino is pure decadence. Floating in the mineral water, lit by this otherworldly blue light was the ultimate in blissed out relaxation and the assorted other amenities set in a series of Roman bath styled rooms were very well-kept and relaxing as well.

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Kas vietā Matēra ļauj izdzīvot vēsturi?

Waking up to the sun coming over the Sassi was one of the most moving and magical sights I have ever seen. It's so easy to really imagine how people lived long ago and this place brings that history to life like no other.

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Ko ir vislabāk fotografēt vietā Matēra?

There are few view points for panoramic photography otherwise the whole sassi is a fantastic photography material.

Travel in the shoulder season of May when the weather is still fine

The landscape is impressive, and the old buildings are fascinating

The procession of Saints Cosimo and Damiano, exploring the Sassi

Oi Mari' restaurant - call ahead and make reservation!

building ,grotte

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Lesser falcon

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