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Sanremo Casino
Sanremo Casino has been the place to be for gambling since 1905. The exterior of the building is majestic, designed by French architect Eugène Ferret in an Art Nouveau style. Inside, you’ll feel like you’ve time travelled to a more glamorous era. With roulette, Blackjack, slots and much more, it’s a fantastic place to try your luck.
Our Lady of the Sea
The Sanctuary of Our Lady of the Sea, commonly known as Madonna della Costa, stands at the top of the Pliocene Hill about 100 metres above the sea. The 15th-century stone church overlooks Pigna, the oldest quarter of San Remo, and is well worth the short hike to explore its beautiful architecture and artwork.
San Remo Old Town
The Old Town of San Remo is called La Pigna, or pine cone, for the way it curls up around the hills. This charming neighbourhood of narrow alleyways and medieval lanes overflows with old churches and local life. Wind your way uphill, passing the green shutters and hanging laundry outside the stone homes, to get lovely views across town and the coast.

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Zelo dobro
Lepo mesto. Sicer necisto, smeti mecejo kar po tleh. Voznja je lar naporna skozi center, ne poznajo znakov, prehitevajo iz vseh strani. Velika guzva v mestu.
21. julija 2017

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Grand Hotel & Des Anglais

7,9 Dobro

Povprečna ocena 3.034 ocene

€ 51

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Hotel De Paris Sanremo

8,8 Sijajno

Povprečna ocena 480 ocene

€ 106

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Lolli Palace Hotel

8,4 Zelo dobro

Povprečna ocena 1.196 ocene

€ 80

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Hotel Sole Mare

8,5 Zelo dobro

Povprečna ocena 914 ocene

€ 51

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Hotel Globo & Suite

8 Zelo dobro

Povprečna ocena 935 ocene

€ 70

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Best Western Hotel Nazionale

8,7 Sijajno

Povprečna ocena 773 ocene

€ 84

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Hotel Villa Sophia

8,6 Sijajno

Povprečna ocena 288 ocene

€ 76

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Hotel Alexander

8,7 Sijajno

Povprečna ocena 740 ocene

€ 50

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Hotel Paradiso

8,4 Zelo dobro

Povprečna ocena 628 ocene

€ 82

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Our stay in Sanremo was relaxing itself in each moment of our being there - when we were walking, having dinner or morning coffee in our marvelous hotel, etc.

It's not so crazy and overcrowded as in Milan but the shops are the same + perfect seaview and pleasant town.

Tranquility, feeling peacefull and total rest.

Yes, with the market on Tuesday morning.


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