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Cheonjiyeon Waterfall
The walk through a pleasant park as you approach the three waterfalls is tantalising as the sound of water crashing down gets louder and louder. The falls are at their most dramatic – and noisy – in the wet season. Try to visit after dark, when the water is lit up to magical effect.
Seogwipo Olle Market
This covered market is mainly for locals, so only Korean is spoken, but it is well worth a visit for the sights and smells of tropical fruit, live seafood and other exotic ingredients. These days there are some stalls selling souvenirs and tempting snacks, too. Some of the friendly vendors even hand out free samples.
Jusangjeolli Cliff
Huge, hexagonal basalt columns were piled along the cliffs here by Mother Nature after a volcano. They are an impressive sight, especially if the sea is rough and waves pound against them. Sturdy wooden walkways let you view – and photograph – them from different angles.
ICC Jeju
International Convention Centre Jeju
224, Jungmungwangwang-ro

Hotely a jiné typy ubytování v destinaci Seogwipo

Jeju Arumdaun Resort

7,1 Dobré

Podle 354 hodnocení

741 Kč

Průměrná cena za noc
Bayhill Pool & Villa

8,7 Skvělé

Podle 73 hodnocení

4 358 Kč

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Lareem Boutique

8 Velmi dobré

Podle 92 hodnocení

1 601 Kč

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Bowhill Hostel & Pension

8,9 Skvělé

Podle 69 hodnocení

2 401 Kč

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Jejueco Suites

8,8 Skvělé

Podle 63 hodnocení

1 970 Kč

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Olleyo Resort

7,2 Dobré

Podle 323 hodnocení

1 361 Kč

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Tisland Resort

8,4 Velmi dobré

Podle 16 hodnocení

2 802 Kč

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Kensington Jeju Hotel

9 Fantastické

Podle 1 230 hodnocení

4 358 Kč

Průměrná cena za noc
  • „skvělý bazén“
    47 souvisejících hodnocení
  • „úžasný personál“
    37 souvisejících hodnocení
  • „vynikající jídlo“
    22 souvisejících hodnocení
The Shilla Jeju

8,9 Skvělé

Podle 1 258 hodnocení

4 475 Kč

Průměrná cena za noc
  • „skvělý bazén“
    45 souvisejících hodnocení
  • „úžasný personál“
    32 souvisejících hodnocení
  • „vynikající jídlo“
    29 souvisejících hodnocení

Stunning and breath-taking! Olle trails give you paths that let you get intimate with your surroundings while giving you a great work out as well. And where else will you get to see a waterfall in the middle of a city? With clean,clear water teaming with life?

Check out the weather beforehand, and if it's snowing, prepare the necessary gear, e.g. Hiking poles, warm clothing, shoe spikes, etc.

Best is to hire a car from AJ Car Rental, need Int. Driving License

Jeju Olle walking route; please google it for detailed information

Clean beach with quite atmosphere

walking along in the beach side

Raw fish and seafood

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