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Koe Almaty: Kaupunkioppaasi

Nähtävää ja koettavaa kohteessa Almaty

Medeu Ice Skating Rink
Sitting in the Medeu Valley, a dizzying 1,691 metres above sea-level, this ice skating rink is the highest in the world. A huge stadium with seats for thousands, Medeu plays host to speed skating and bandy tournaments, as well as day-to-day public skating sessions. In summer, the arena morphs into a venue for all kinds of sports, including basketball, hockey and skateboarding.
Zenkov Cathedral
This vibrant cathedral blazes from boldest yellow to brightest blue, deep red to vivid green, dazzling with diamond-patterned domes. It’s a fairytale feast for the senses – and that’s before you’re through the door. Once inside, gold gleams from fresco-adorned walls, altars and chandeliers, while every word is amplified by the cavernous space. More impressive still, the entire wooden structure was built without a single nail.
Kok-Tobe Hill
Sloping above the city at 1,100 metres tall, Kok-Tobe Hill is actually a mountain. At the top you’ll find a popular park with fairground rides, gift shops and even a small zoo – but the views over a miniature Almaty are by far the most spectacular attraction. Take the trail up the mountainside, or hop aboard a cable car for an exciting trip through the skies.
An outdoor speed skating and bandy rink. Medeu sits 1,691 metres above sea level, making it the highest skating rink in the world.
Republic Palace
Venue for concerts, festivals and other cultural events

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Todella hyvä
Metro toimi hyvin. Opasteita kehnonlaisesti. Big Almaty lake oli hieno myös köysirata Koktobelle. Georgialainen ravintola Giginova Sheltokshanin varrella palveli hyvin ja ruoka oli erinomaista. Green basar kannattaa kokea.
4. lokakuuta 2016
Siisti ja viihtyisä kaupunki. Mielenkiintoisia kohteitä ja erittäin ystävällisiä ja avuliaita ihmisiä.
26. huhtikuuta 2017

Majoituspaikkoja ja hotelleja kohteessa Almaty

Samal Resort & SPA

8,9 Loistava

Pistemäärä 240 arvion perusteella

€ 79

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Royal Tulip Almaty Hotel

8,3 Todella hyvä

Pistemäärä 236 arvion perusteella

€ 122

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Rahat Palace Hotel

8,3 Todella hyvä

Pistemäärä 973 arvion perusteella

€ 76

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Rixos Almaty Hotel

8,9 Loistava

Pistemäärä 466 arvion perusteella

€ 152

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The Dostyk Hotel

8,7 Loistava

Pistemäärä 280 arvion perusteella

€ 102

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Uyut Almaty Hotel

8,5 Todella hyvä

Pistemäärä 851 arvion perusteella

€ 50

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  • ”erittäin korkeatasoinen ruoka”
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  • ”mahtava henkilökunta”
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  • ”erittäin puhdas ja siisti”
    34 aiheeseen liittyvää arviota
Kazakhstan Hotel

7,3 Hyvä

Pistemäärä 1 781 arvion perusteella

€ 34

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    44 aiheeseen liittyvää arviota
  • ”erittäin korkeatasoinen ruoka”
    25 aiheeseen liittyvää arviota
  • ”mahtava henkilökunta”
    24 aiheeseen liittyvää arviota
The Ritz-Carlton, Almaty

9,2 Erinomainen

Pistemäärä 227 arvion perusteella

€ 229

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Grand Sapphire Hotel

8,1 Todella hyvä

Pistemäärä 318 arvion perusteella

€ 52

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Make sure you see the Green Bazaar, the Mosque, Arbat, Kok Tobe, put your hand in the hand of the president, and if you like to get your kit off and get wet, try the Aracan Baths, as that is an experience.

If you are into food, then you would already been a willing participant to try anything. Don't be afraid, it isn't as bad as you might expect... except the fermented milk perhaps... kysyi matkailijoilta...

Miksi monet kehuvat kohteen Almaty puistoja?

Parks are big part of the city- while you are enjoying historical and modern site of the city- you can relax between in the peaceful parks- each has specific "taste"

Renting equipment in the city will cost you KZT 2000; in Shymbulak, KZT 5000 - and maybe after facing a lengthy line. Buses number 2 and 12 will take you there.

While you won't be digging, the petroglyphs at Tamgaly are definitely worth the trip... watch out for that road, it is shocking.

People in Almaty are relaxed without being lazy, polite without being obsequious, cool without being proud.

Kannattaa ottaa gondolikyyti Medausta Shymbulakin laskettelukeskukseen ylös vuorille. kysyi matkailijoilta...

Mistä löytyy kohteen Almaty paras kuuma lähde?

Ask Athletic Hostel staff for best advice! ;)

Midweek no people, slopes for ur self.

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