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Trakai National Park
Trakai National Park embraces ancient monuments and beautiful natural terrain, wrapping around the historic town and the multitude of forests and lakes in its surrounds. Amidst the sights are the Old Town, with its traditional wooden houses built by the Karaite people, and the Trakai Island Castle – a romantic structure seeming to float on the surface of Lake Galvė.
Trakai Castle
Gothic Trakai Castle rises up, like a fairytale figment of your imagination, from the waters of Lake Galvė. The 14th-century stronghold fell to ruin after a brutal defeat at the Battle of Grunwald but has since been restored to its former majesty. It is now home to the Trakai History Museum, hosting exhibitions and re-enactments throughout the year.
Day trip to Vilnius
Lithuania’s capital, Vilnius, is just half an hour’s drive out of Trakai. Established around the 1300s, the city is absolutely packed with historic landmarks, and its Old Town has earned status as a UNESCO World Heritage site. Take a themed city tour to discover Vilnius through the ages, or find out more about the country as a whole at the National Museum of Lithuania.

Hoteller og andre overnattingssteder i Trakai

IDW Esperanza Resort

9,3 Fantastisk

Vurdering basert på 249 gjesteomtaler

NOK 1 255

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8,6 Utmerket

Vurdering basert på 531 gjesteomtaler

NOK 551

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Apvalaus stalo klubas

9 Fantastisk

Vurdering basert på 422 gjesteomtaler

NOK 586

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Rowing Hotel

9,4 Fantastisk

Vurdering basert på 142 gjesteomtaler

NOK 558

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8,6 Utmerket

Vurdering basert på 286 gjesteomtaler

NOK 735

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Trasalis - Trakai resort & SPA

7,1 Bra

Vurdering basert på 521 gjesteomtaler

NOK 418

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7 Bra

Vurdering basert på 82 gjesteomtaler

NOK 439

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Villa Sofia

9,6 Over all forventning

Vurdering basert på 117 gjesteomtaler

NOK 511

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Pilies Sala

8,6 Utmerket

Vurdering basert på 18 gjesteomtaler

NOK 930

Gj.snittspris per booking

Visiting Trakai you should definately try local cusine that differs from Lithuanian national dishes. It's called kibinine - a pie of different fillings that has reached Trakai by people called the Karaites, a Judaic sect and Turkic minority originating in Baghdad, which adheres to the Law of Moses. Their descendants - some 380 families - were brought to Trakai from the Crimea around 1400 to serve as bodyguards. So it's a must have to taste these pies.

There are a lot of waters in Trakai to get fresh fish for dinner, many of restaurants offer you already caught fish, but nothing compares with fish caught by your own. In TonyResort the restaurant will serve the fish for you that is caught in Resort's pound.

As I was visiting Trakai in November, no crowds were being to avoid. There were very few people hanging around seeking for warm place where to hide from autumn winds and rain.

Trakai is definately a place to walk, the most of it's sights should be discovered by foot. Either it's the very centre of Trakai or pine forest pathes. har spurt andre reisende:

Beskriv naturen i Trakai.

Clean air near the forest, and the quiet rest is your guarantee

Karaime and Thatharian food here is awesome

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