Visit Luxembourg: Your Travel Guide

Luxembourg may be a landlocked European minnow, but its capital is a multilingual, multicultural and multifaceted melting pot: from full-flavoured French-tinged cuisine, to the Flemish Renaissance-style Grand Duc Palace and German-Alpine charm of the Grund neighbourhood. Give it a whirl!

Things to Do in Luxembourg

Place D'Armes
A farewell to arms. In 1944, American troops poured onto this little square and signalled the liberation of Luxembourg. Since then, it’s been a place of peace and calm. Browse the bric-à-brac stalls of the flea market at your leisure. Then recline on a cute café terrace and soak up the soothing sounds of string quartets that float from the old-time bandstand.
Place d' Armes, 1136 Luxembourg City
Casino Luxembourg - Contemporary Art Forum
This glitzy ex-casino and social club once drew Europe’s elite. Pianist Franz Liszt tinkled the ivories for the last time here in 1886, and Kaiser Wilhelm made the Neo-Baroque building his base during WWI. Today, its walls are awash with minimalist modern art and slick media installations. Venture inside to check out rotating exhibitions from Luxembourg and beyond.
Forum d’art contemporain, 41, rue Notre-Dame , L-2240 Luxembourg City
Open Monday 11:00-19:00, Wednesday 11:00-19:00, Thursday 11:00-20:00, Friday 11:00-19:00, Saturday-Sunday 11:00-18:00
Adolphe Bridge
The eyes of the world were on Luxembourg in 1903. At the time of its construction, this bridge boasted the biggest stone arch around. Admire its impressive expanse from the quaint, manicured gardens that lie next to the Monument of Remembrance. Then make your way across the bridge to capture picture-postcard views of the Pétrusse Valley and the old city ramparts.
Uewerstad, Lëtzebuerg, Luxembourg City
Chemin de la Corniche
Luxembourg’s city fortifications were once the envy of Europe. This pretty promenade straddles the rocky Bock promontory on which those 17th-century defences were built. Roam the romantic walkway to look upon the rampart ruins that nestle above the River Alzette. Then clamber down the old steps to cutesy Rue Münster, and chow on upscale Italian fare in Michelin-starred Mosconi.
Chemin de la Corniche, Luxembourg City
Fort Thüngen
Art, history, nature. The rebuilt Fort Thüngen lays it on thick. First off, peruse the Musée Dräi Eechelen to swot up on the fort’s origins and the squabbles that lead to its demolition in 1867. In Mudam art museum, pour over everything from Alvar Aalto’s furniture to Marina Abramović’s video installations. Then wrap up the day outdoors with a picnic in Dräi Eechelen Park.
Musée Dräi Eechelen 5, Park Dräi Eechelen, Luxembourg City
Open Monday 10:00-18:00, Wednesday 10:00-20:00, Thursday-Sunday 10:00-18:00
Viaduc Passerelle
Don’t pass up the chance to walk across the Passerelle. Built in 1861, this viaduct linked the new train station with the Old Town. Traverse the bridge to snap tree-top vistas of the Pétrusse Valley, or ramble beneath it on Rue Saint-Quirin and gaze up at the twenty-four arches that span the divide. Then meander alongside the River Alzette and stop for a bite in cosy Bosso Bar.
5 Avenue de la Gare, 1611 Luxembourg City
Philharmonie Luxembourg
This modern concert hall serves up a smorgasbord of diverse sounds. On any given day, it might be filled with the syncopated samples of Stockhausen, the hymns of Haydn or the screeching strings of a Hitchcock film. Then there’s the resident Luxembourg Philharmonic Orchestra that belts out classical work by the likes of Beethoven and Berlioz. Bravo!
1 Place de l'Europe, 1499 Luxembourg City
Check website for details.
Deportation Memorial and Museum
For almost five years, Luxembourg lived under Nazi occupation. This museum is dedicated to all who suffered in WWII. Trace the fate of the thousands of Luxembourgers: from political dissidents and forced military conscripts, to Jewish citizens who were deported to concentration camps. It’s chilling to think that for many, this old train station was their last sight of home.
3a, rue de la Déportation, L-1415 Luxembourg City
Open Tuesday - Friday 09:00 - 11:30 and 14:00 - 16:30
Auchan Shopping Centre
It’s not just hype. This sprawling hypermarket sells everything from home cinemas and household appliances, to toys and treadmills. Ramble the fresh food halls to indulge in local favourites like runny “kachkéis” cheese or exotic delicacies like Argentinian sea bream. In the wine cellar, get top tips from in-house sommeliers and sip from one of 1,000 wines to help you decide.
5, rue Alphonse Weicker, L-2721 Luxembourg City
Open Monday-Thursday 08:00-20:00, Friday 08:00-21:00, Saturday 08:00-20:00
American Military Cemetery
In the winter of 1944-45, nineteen thousand American soldiers lost their lives in the Battle of the Bulge. A quarter of those are buried in this cemetery, but all are honoured for their bravery in what was a key Allied victory. Row upon row of simple white gravestones mark the site like a snow-covered field – a solemn reminder of how much is owed by so many to so few.
50 Val du Scheid, 5230 Luxembourg City
Open Monday-Sunday 09:00-17:00

When to Go to Luxembourg

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57 ℉ 42 ℉
62 ℉ 47 ℉
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43 ℉ 36 ℉

Traveler's Reviews & Photos

Very Good
A small treasure in the heart of Europe. The city is extremely beautiful with dramatic valleys all over the place. Unusually terrible traffic but otherwise a great weekend visit - especially for the great Christmas markets.
December 3, 2017
Picturesque view. Walking tour was just right- no need for a hop on hop off tour.
Chy S
November 19, 2017
Very Good
Luxembourg is a beautiful place and a lesser known travel hub in Europe. If you have the time, visit the Place D'Armes in the city center and enjoy some great seafood and a glass of Cremant or two.
December 3, 2017
Very Good
Only stayed for work but would like to explore the city at weekend when quieter and hotels cheaper.
United Kingdom
November 18, 2017
Review score
City is quite interesting .a bit like a model railway set up with deep valley running through the city and a lot of bridges/ viaducts
United Kingdom
November 27, 2017

Accommodations and Hotels in Luxembourg

Hotel Carlton

8.1 Very Good

Score from 2,149 reviews


Average price per night
  • “wonderful staff”
    190 related reviews
  • “location was great”
    127 related reviews
  • “excellent quality of food”
    67 related reviews
Hotel Vauban

8.3 Very Good

Score from 794 reviews


Average price per night
  • “location was great”
    142 related reviews
  • “wonderful staff”
    73 related reviews
  • “very clean”
    54 related reviews
Hotel Grey

7.7 Good

Score from 1,730 reviews


Average price per night
  • “location was great”
    152 related reviews
  • “wonderful staff”
    113 related reviews
  • “very clean”
    106 related reviews
Coque Hotel

8.1 Very Good

Score from 938 reviews


Average price per night
  • “very clean”
    50 related reviews
  • “location was great”
    43 related reviews
  • “great pool area”
    30 related reviews
Hotel Simoncini

8.7 Excellent

Score from 1,220 reviews


Average price per night
  • “location was great”
    83 related reviews
  • “wonderful staff”
    38 related reviews
  • “very clean”
    37 related reviews
Christophe Colomb

7.8 Good

Score from 1,294 reviews


Average price per night
  • “location was great”
    125 related reviews
  • “wonderful staff”
    91 related reviews
  • “very clean”
    53 related reviews
Hotel Le Royal

9.1 Awesome

Score from 1,165 reviews


Average price per night
  • “location was great”
    67 related reviews
  • “wonderful staff”
    63 related reviews
  • “very clean”
    23 related reviews
Park Inn by Radisson Luxembourg City

8.8 Excellent

Score from 1,497 reviews


Average price per night
  • “location was great”
    189 related reviews
  • “wonderful staff”
    127 related reviews
  • “very clean”
    126 related reviews
Hotel Empire

8.1 Very Good

Score from 1,931 reviews


Average price per night
  • “location was great”
    286 related reviews
  • “excellent quality of food”
    139 related reviews
  • “wonderful staff”
    130 related reviews
Discover Luxembourg

Popular Neighborhoods in Luxembourg

Ville Haute

10 properties

Welcome to high society. This historic district is home to the Grand Duke of Luxembourg himself. Swing by the 16th-century Grand Ducal Palace and snap a pic in front of its ornate Flemish Renaissance-style facade. In gourmet hotspot Le Clairefontaine, dine like royalty on fattened hens and wild hare. Then party with the in-crowd at hip Club Dqlic.


6 properties

By day, leafy Limpertsberg is peopled by professorial types that whizz about the palatial University of Luxembourg. At night, they flock to the Grand Théâtre for modern opera and ballet. Amid all this pomp, be sure to visit Lucien Wercollier’s “Political Prisoner” statue in Notre-Dame Cemetery – it commemorates the lost Luxembourgers of WWII.


5 properties

What a banker! Nothing symbolises this glassed-in corporate quarter more than the “Giant Banker” statue on Avenue JFK. Start here and wander amid sharp-suited go-getters that zip to and from the European Investment Bank. Join financial big-wigs for after-work cocktails in glammy Gloss Bar. Then tuck into tasty truffle at chic, chandeliered Le Sud.

Local Tips for Luxembourg

City Promenade
Alex by Alex

Creative and sociable, Alex loved making new friends on a tour of Luxembourg City.

This official walking tour is a cool way to get to know the city. I was really impressed with our guide, who kept me hooked for the entire four hours with knowledge and trivia – all in two languages! German/French tours leave at 12:00, while German/English tours start at 14:00.

  • Place Guillaume II, Luxembourg
  • Open Monday-Sunday 12:00-14:00
Casemates du Bock
Soléne by Soléne

Luxembourg is an ideal weekend getaway for Brussels-based Soléne, who says she’s a nomad at heart.

Luxembourg was founded in the 10th century with the construction of Bock Fortress. Today the castle lies in ruins, but the 17 km of tunnels beneath it are open to the public. You can wander past Medieval ammunition stores and right to the cliff edge for picture-perfect views of the city.

Pétrusse Park
Jamie by Jamie

A lover of trendy bars and PlayStation sessions, Jamie has lived in 8 different countries so far.

Pétrusse Park has an amazing jogging track which is also ideal for sightseeing. The path winds through the old town, overlooking the city’s cliffs, bridges and the river carving its way through the valley. It’s a really relaxing spot to run or walk – and it doesn't cost a thing!

Vianden Castle
Benji by Benji

Benji is a luxury travel hacker with a passion for all things American.

If you have some free time after exploring Luxembourg City, I’d recommend a visit to Vianden Castle. This 11th-century hilltop fortress is one of the best preserved castles around and has gorgeous countryside views. At only 50 km from the capital, it also makes an easy day trip.

Views of Luxembourg Old Town from Grund
Anna by Anna

Anna speaks 5 languages fluently, so she fits right into multilingual Luxembourg.

I loved exploring the town of Grund, which sits on the Alzette river. An uphill walk of about 15 minutes leads you to several viewpoints perched on the side of the cliff, offering some of the best views of Luxembourg City – the old town looks incredible from up there!

  • Montée du Château, 9408 Vianden, Luxembourg
  • Open every day
Chocolate House
Maïté by Maïté

A chocolate a day keeps the doctor away for Maïté, who samples sweets from each place she visits.

Tucked away in the historic centre of Luxembourg, the famous Chocolate House is a must for all chocoholics! As well as serving over 60 different types of hot chocolate, it also offers a variety of delicious cakes, sweets and pies to choose from.

  • 20, rue du Marché-aux-Herbes, Luxembourg
  • Open Monday-Friday 08:00-20:00, Saturday 09:00-20:00, Sunday 10:00-20:00
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Recommended in Luxembourg

Official language is German, but most people in the shops appear to speak French.

it is a must to walk down into the Grund and explore the small winding streets.

It's really small and everything is in walking distance.

Easy, small town, not too much to see

Tourist-friendly Grand Ducal Palace

Autumn leaves - brilliant

No issues with crowds


Luxembourg Transportation

Air- Luxembourg Airport

The easiest way to reach Luxembourg City from the airport is by bus. The bus station is right outside the terminal, and lines 16 and 29 both reach the centre within 20–25 minutes. Tickets cost EUR 4 from machines at the bus stop. Buses run every 10 minutes from 05:30–23:00 Monday–Friday, every 20 minutes from 05:25–23:05 on Saturdays, and every 30 minutes from 05:59–22:59 on Sundays. Alternatively, taxis charge around EUR 25 for the 10–15 minute drive to the city.


Luxembourg’s railway network has excellent connections with other European countries. The city’s main rail hub is Luxembourg Central Station, which also offers shops, restaurants and ATMs. International ticket prices vary, but journeys within Luxembourg are covered by short-term tickets (EUR 2), valid for 2 hours after validation, and day tickets (EUR 4), valid for unlimited travel for 1 day. Tickets are sold in train stations, some grocery shops and post offices.


Luxembourg City’s bus system is very efficient, with 31 lines running from around 06:00 to 00:00. A 2-hour ticket costs EUR 2, while a 10-ticket card costs EUR 16 – both sold at ticket machines at bus stops. For timetable information, you can text the number or name of any bus stop to 661 104 105. The city also runs Night Rider buses from 18:00–05:00 on Friday and Saturday night. Demand is high for this door-to-door service, so it’s advisable to book in advance.


Cycling is a popular way to get around Luxembourg City. Distances are generally short – if somewhat hilly – and many roads have designated bike lanes. The city’s public bicycle rental service is called vel’oh! – bikes can be picked up and dropped off 24/7 at the 72 vel’oh! stations. You can buy a weekly pass for EUR 1 from any vel’oh! station. The first 30 minutes of any ride are free, and each subsequent hour costs EUR 1, up to a maximum of EUR 5 per 24 hours.


Driving generally isn’t the best way to get around Luxembourg City. It’s much easier to leave your car at the free park-and-ride facilities on the outskirts of the city and use public transport instead. If you do drive, the main rush hours are 08:00–09:00 and 16:00–18:00. Parking is very scarce – look out for “P” signs indicating a car park – and almost always paid, whether fixed fee or metered. Be aware that vehicles parked illegally will be clamped.

Food in Luxembourg

Top Restaurants in Luxembourg

Mid-Range Fare
Mid-Range Fare
  • 8 Place Guillaume II, 1648 Luxembourg City
  • Open Monday-Friday 11:30-14:30 and 18:30-22:30, Saturday-Sunday 11:00-22:30
  • 0035227478125
Cheap Eats
Mid-Range Fare
Cafetin de Buenos Aires
Upscale Dining
La Lorraine
  • 7, Place d'Armes, 1136 Luxembourg City
  • Open Monday-Sunday 11:30-22:30
  • 00352471436
Mid-Range Fare
Star of Asia
  • 19-25, Rue des Capucins, Luxembourg Cit
  • Open Monday 12:00-14:00, Tuesday-Friday 12:00-14:00 and 18:45-23:00, Saturday-Sunday 18:45-23:00
  • 00352 47 12 40
Cheap Eats
Oberweis - Desert place
  • 16, Grand rue, Luxembourg City 1661
  • Monday-Friday 07:15-18:00, Saturday 08-18:00
  • 00352 40 31 40 1
Mid-Range Fare
Mid-Range Fare
Delirio Culinario
Mid-Range Fare
Mid-Range Fare
Yamayu Santatsu
  • 26, Rue Notre-Dame, Luxembourg City 2240
  • Check website
Cheap Eats
Mid-Range Fare
Mid-Range Fare
Al Bacio
Upscale Dining
Mid-Range Fare
Restaurant Waistuff Kniddelkinnek
  • 4, Rue de la Loge, 1949 Luxembourg City
  • Open Monday-Saturday 10:00-14:00 and 18:30-22:30
  • 00352661311335
Upscale Dining
  • Boulevard Royal 25, Luxembourg City 2449
  • Check website for details
  • 0035 27478688
Mid-Range Fare
Mid-Range Fare
Goethe Stuff
Cheap Eats
Bei De Bouwen
Cheap Eats
Glacier Bargello this is an ice cream salon
Upscale Dining
Le Sud
Upscale Dining
  • 21 Rue de la Tour Jacob, Luxembourg City 1831
  • Open Monday-Saturday 10:00-14:00 and 18:00-22:30, Sunday 10:00-16:00
  • 00352 27916112
Cheap Eats
Cheap Eats
  • 61 Rue de Clausen, Luxembourg City 1342
  • Monday-Friday 11:00-01:00, Saturday-Sunday 17:00-01:00
  • 0035226432189
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