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Daugavpils bíður: ferðavísirinn þinn

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Viðburðir í Daugavpils

Daugavpils Fortress
Wandering through Nikolai Gate, the site that greets visitors to this 19th-century fortress is imposing and impressive. Showcasing various architectural styles, the complex flaunts a rampart with eight bastions and a moat, while inside a traditional military ‘town’ has been created. Wander through this well-preserved chunk of military history before making a stop at the Mark Rothko Art Centre.
Mark Rothko Art Centre
Military history and art may be an usual pairing but the old arsenal at Daugavpils Fortress provides a minimalist, light-flooded backdrop for the bold collections showcased in this art gallery. Works by Latvian artists range from paintings and graphics to ceramics, textiles and photography.
Daugavpils Lead Shot Factory
Leaving its mark on Latvian military history, this factory is one of the oldest of its kind and its lead casting tower is the sole functioning one in Europe. Visitors can explore its exhibition and ancient machinery, or climb the 37-metre-high tower, where you can look on to Daugavpils, Church Hill and the town's famous fortress.
The Stropi Stage
The stage in Stropi is the cultural-historical complex, situated in a scenic place with interesting relief and is the place for carrying out big folklore events, song festivals and performances. It is significant that on June 15 and 16 in 1940, Latgalian Song Festival took place at Daugavpils Stropi stage, with 8000 participants and 50 000 listeners from all over Latvia and it was the last Latvian Song Festival of independent Latvia. Historically, it closes a cycle of nine-Latvian common Song Festival bend and the independent Latvian song festival tradition – on June 14, at night, the border incidents took already place, all of a sudden the participation of the President Ulmanis in Song Festival was postponed and the people could only listen to the radio his congratulatory speech. When the choirs went away, Soviet troops flowed to Latvian territory. No matter how tragic it may sound, we should remember that Latvian songs have always been associated with its land and the fate of the nation.
Daugavpils Bat Centre
Daugavpils Fortress is a place where the second largest in the Baltic States hibernating bat colony inhabits. The fortress walls with a high humidity, as well as a special microclimate in the fortifications create favorable conditions for dwelling. Exposition of the Daugavpils Bat Centre which is located in the lateral room of the Niсholas Gate in Daugavpils Fortress provides an opportunity to explore the way bats live, to see thematic stamp collection, artwork depicting bats, as well as pictures and informative materials that characterise the life of these animals in the Daugavpils Fortress. Apart from that, Daugavpils Bat Centre invites to take part in the day or night tours around the Fortress in order to explore the bats, to find out what they eat, how they hibernate and breed, as well as where they live. Besides, visitors might have a chance to see the bats by their own eyes during the night excursions.
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