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Chefchaouene Old Town
The vivid sapphire hue of Chefchaouene’s medina makes it extremely easy to spot. A warren of quaint blue-tinted alleyways wrap around each other, with the contrasting terracotta of the kasbah somewhere in their midst. People can’t seem to agree on the origin of the brilliant paint job, with some claiming it symbolises the heavens and others that it just keeps the mosquitoes at bay.
The Ethnographic Museum
Chefchaouene’s Ethnographic Museum is tucked inside the formidable walls of the city’s ancient kasbah. The museum’s exhibits paint a vivid picture of life in Chefchaouene and wider Morocco through a large and eclectic collection of artworks, pottery, musical instruments and even weapons. You’ll find it open every day between 08:00 and 18:00.
Hiking in Talassemtane National Park
The lush, hilly landscape around Chefchaouene is full of tempting trails, and none more so than the Talassemtane National Park. Hiking routes are clearly marked but you can also hire a guide to help you discover some of the local villages and natural secrets scattered throughout the area. Look out for the ‘God’s Bridge’ rock formation, which spans a chasm below.

Viesnīcas un citas naktsmītnes pilsētā Chefchaouene

Hotel Atlas Asmaa

6,9 Novērtējums

Vērtējums balstīts uz 584 atsauksmēm

€ 45

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Casa Annasr

9 Lieliski

Vērtējums balstīts uz 1 689 atsauksmēm

€ 40

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  • „brīnišķīgs personāls“
    246 līdzīgas atsauksmes
  • „mēs noteikti atgrieztos“
    228 līdzīgas atsauksmes
  • „atrašanās vieta bija lieliska“
    159 līdzīgas atsauksmes
Hotel Parador

7,6 Labi

Vērtējums balstīts uz 327 atsauksmēm

€ 42

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Hotel Alkhalifa

9,2 Lieliski

Vērtējums balstīts uz 553 atsauksmēm

€ 45

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  • „brīnišķīgs personāls“
    77 līdzīgas atsauksmes
  • „atrašanās vieta bija lieliska“
    49 līdzīgas atsauksmes
  • „brīnišķīgs skats“
    48 līdzīgas atsauksmes
Hôtel Koutoubia

8,6 Brīnišķīgi

Vērtējums balstīts uz 317 atsauksmēm

€ 25

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Hotel Molino Garden

8,9 Brīnišķīgi

Vērtējums balstīts uz 652 atsauksmēm

€ 21

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  • „skaista ēka“
    81 līdzīga atsauksme
  • „brīnišķīgs personāls“
    62 līdzīgas atsauksmes
  • „atrašanās vieta bija lieliska“
    41 līdzīga atsauksme
Hotel Casa Miguel

8,2 Ļoti labi

Vērtējums balstīts uz 290 atsauksmēm

€ 33

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Hotel Tarek

8,1 Ļoti labi

Vērtējums balstīts uz 40 atsauksmēm

€ 43

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Hôtel Dar Terrae

8,8 Brīnišķīgi

Vērtējums balstīts uz 120 atsauksmēm

€ 35

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Ieteikumi par uzturēšanos pilsētā Chefchaouene

Learn to say "Salom, Shoukran, how are you, I am from...., I like...., etc." And do not take photos of the authentic Berber dressed woman, it is offensive to them, and they do not agree to be photographed even if paid. We tourists are creating a barrier to the locals by photographing them so much. They already turn away in anticipation of being photographed. Let's set a good standard and not ruin the innocence of Chefchaouen. And do not start bartering, unless you intend to buy. A little bit down in price is good, but after that, give them the finances they need to survive. This is their work and they share the profit with many people.

Seek taxis near bus station! Its better to rent a car to reach Chefchaouen and plan a day to go to Akchor National Park. An incredible and unforgettable hitchiking experience. At the end there is the sensation that this place should be better preserved and local visitors better educated because environmental and social respect is not in their dictionary....

The medina itself is impossible to drive in, you'll have to park outside. If you take the bus, do note the the CTM buses fill up quickly. But a ticket the day before at the Cybercafe just outside the medina. If you don't, you'll be stuck in a very old, smelly and broken bus that will take a few hours longer than the CTM bus, which is what happened to me.

Get a ride to Akchour - from there you can hike a few hours to either the waterfalls or the natural bridge called Pont de Dieu.

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Ko ir vislabāk fotografēt vietā Chefchaouene?

All of Chefchaouene is photo worthy...the stairs, doors, architecture and sunsets.

Can't go wrong, every place we ate served up good food, very authentic.

casa aladin casa hussan

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