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Kunjungi Fès: Panduan travel Anda

Hal yang bisa dilakukan di Fès

Old Medina of Fès
The Fès old town may be the most touristy area but it’s also where you can discover the most genuine portrayal of this ancient Medieval town. Head through the historic gate of Bab Boujaloud to begin your quest through the bustling market place. Typical goods include everything from dried fruit to handcrafted plates and tables.
Fès Tanneries
For a real feel of Fès fabrics, find a registered guide to walk you through this age-old area of leather production. Shop owners will gladly give you an overview of the traditional process used to create the variety of goods, including dresses and bags. They might expect a sale in return, but best price is guaranteed.
Medersa Bou Inania
Completed in 1357, this extensively restored medersa is more magnificent than most. One of the few religious buildings in Fès open to non-Muslims, the elaborate Bou Inania houses a complete mosque, enchanting marble courtyard and beautifully carved olivewood ceiling. Panoramic views of the city can be enjoyed from the rooftop.

Saat terbaik berkunjung ke Fès

Jan Feb Mar Apr Mei Jun Jul Agt Sep Okt Nov Des
16 ℃ 5 ℃
15 ℃ 5 ℃
19 ℃ 7 ℃
22 ℃ 10 ℃
28 ℃ 13 ℃
31 ℃ 16 ℃
35 ℃ 19 ℃
36 ℃ 20 ℃
30 ℃ 17 ℃
28 ℃ 15 ℃
21 ℃ 10 ℃
18 ℃ 6 ℃
6 %
6 %
7 %
6 %
5 %
2 %
1 %
2 %
4 %
5 %
6 %
6 %

Akomodasi dan hotel di Fès

Palais Faraj Suites & Spa

9.2 Luar biasa

Skor dari 292 ulasan

Rp 3.006.203

Harga rata-rata per malam
Palais Medina & Spa

8.1 Sangat baik

Skor dari 826 ulasan

Rp 1.256.561

Harga rata-rata per malam
  • “staf luar biasa”
    38 ulasan terkait
  • “area kolam renang besar”
    23 ulasan terkait
  • lokasi strategis”
    23 ulasan terkait
Palais Shéhérazade & Spa

8.5 Sangat baik

Skor dari 442 ulasan

Rp 2.306.346

Harga rata-rata per malam
Barceló Fes Medina

7.6 Baik

Skor dari 1,110 ulasan

Rp 1.033.879

Harga rata-rata per malam
Palais De Fès Dar Tazi

9 Luar biasa

Skor dari 415 ulasan

Rp 730.078

Harga rata-rata per malam
Ramada Fes

7.4 Baik

Skor dari 916 ulasan

Rp 858.915

Harga rata-rata per malam
Ibis Fes

7.4 Baik

Skor dari 1,401 ulasan

Rp 524.097

Harga rata-rata per malam
  • lokasi strategis”
    81 ulasan terkait
  • “area kolam renang besar”
    32 ulasan terkait
  • “staf luar biasa”
    25 ulasan terkait
Hotel Splendid

7.2 Baik

Skor dari 470 ulasan

Rp 445.363

Harga rata-rata per malam
Hotel Jnane Sbile

7.7 Baik

Skor dari 150 ulasan

Rp 318.117

Harga rata-rata per malam

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Apa saja yang Anda sukai saat belanja di Fès?

Take a good guide. If you do not plan on buying objects in Fez, explain to the guide before you go that you want to discover the arts, etc but not necessarily buy goods.

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Sebaiknya menjelajah ke mana di kota tua di Fès?

It's the whole deal, really. Just get lost in the tiny streets (which is not difficult) or take one of the colored paths through. Don't forget to visit Café Clock.

Watch out for the false guides!!! And there is nothing for free in Fez, or maybe the entrance is free... But you can leave without buying sth or giving a tip...

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Budaya apa yang berbeda di Fès?

There is nothing like Fez back home. It's the oldest medina in the world, no cars, many cats and a complicated maze where they people who live there get lost!

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Kenapa Anda merekomendasikan Fès untuk makanan?

Anything, really! The rumors have it that camel burger is great (but I'm vegetarian, and Berber Eggs are delicious, too). Buy fruit and nuts on the street!

Ask for 'tours' at the riad to share cultural experiences

Go end of May or early June. Less crowds

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Apa yang menjadikan sejarah di Fès begitu hidup?

Incredibly medieval labyrinth

Berrada Family restaurant

Temukan akomodasi di Fès

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