Obiščite mesto Marakeš: Vaš vodič

The incantations of the “muezzin”, the balmy aromas of spices, the mind-boggling mosaics… Marrakech has all your senses working overtime. From the non-stop hullabaloo of Djemaa El Fna to the technicolour haven of Majorelle Gardens, this is a city that impels you to scratch beneath the surface.

Kaj početi v Marrakešu

Sprehod po četrti Mellah je sprehod po zgodovini Marakeša. V Marakešu je bila to prej židovska četrt, kamor so trgovci prihajali trgovat s soljo in začimbami iz tujine. Danes četrt deluje na podoben način - neverjetno ozke ulice so polne stojnic, ki jih krasijo barvite začimbe, suhi čaji, naravna zdravila in še veliko več.
Tržnica začimb
Nikjer v Marakešu vaši čuti ne bodo tako zadovoljni kot na tržnici z začimbami, kjer se raznolike arome začimb združijo in vas prevzamejo in kjer so različne oblike skled z nakopičenimi začimbami videti kot veliki kupi barvitega prahu. Tja se odpravite tudi, če iščete domača zelišča, saj ponujajo rešitev za vse težave od prehlada do strahu pred zlimi duhovi.
Jemaa el Fna
Na glavnem trgu v Marakešu je norost del zabave. Tja se odpravite zvečer, če želite izkusiti znamenito nočno tržnico, kjer vam iz kombijev postrežejo z lokalnimi delikatesami in kjer mistični čarovniki izvajajo svojo čarovnijo in se trgovci potegujejo za vaše kovance. Tega v Marakešu res ne smete zamuditi. Če se prepustite doživetjem, vas bo tržnica zagotovo očarala.
Mellah Market
Going to the Mellah is a walk down Marrakech’s memory lane. This area is Marrakech’s old Jewish Quarter, where merchants came to trade salt and spices from abroad. Today, the area runs in much the same way – down impossibly narrow alleyways, stalls are lined with piles of colourful spices, dried leaves, natural remedies and more.
Living proof that Marrakech is more than just the ancient medina, the Guéliz district brims with youthful energy. This modern neighbourhood is packed with brand-name stores, vibrant restaurants and buzzing pavement terraces. Shop ‘til you drop alongside local trendsetters, before getting down on the dancefloor in the city’s most fashionable nightspots.
Swaying palms stretch as far as the eye can see in this enchanting Moroccan oasis. Set on the northern fringes of hectic Marrakech, the Palmeraie is a laid-back world of luxurious villas, fragrant gardens and shady spots just made for relaxing. Culture lovers can get a taste of traditional North African life on a camel tour led by local Berber people.
Tanneries in Marrakech
The tanneries are a fascinating, if smelly, trip back in time. You can discover how leather is made and explore the local shops, which are packed with beautiful bags, jackets and shoes. To get the full historical experience, it’s best to go here with a guide – just make sure you negotiate the price beforehand.
Ourika Valley Day Trip
The Ourika Valley unfolds beneath the High Atlas mountain foothills, waiting to be explored. You’ll rise early for a tasty homemade breakfast with an indigenous Berber family before heading out on camelback. Deep within the valley, you’ll discover rushing waterfalls, lush greenery and medieval farming techniques still being practised today. After an invigorating hike, there’s just enough time left for a delicious Moroccan lunch.
Ouzoud Waterfalls
The little village of Ouzoud lies around two and a half hours from Marrakech – with plenty of gorgeous scenery to enjoy en route. A waterfall day trip will see you hiking through olive groves, spotting wild macaque monkeys as you go. Worked up a sweat? Take a cooling dip in the turquoise pool at the foot of the falls, with the water thundering above you.
Ait Ben Haddou and Telouet Kasbahs Day Trip
On your adventure, you’ll cross the High Atlas mountains and wind through breathtaking Tizi-n-Tichka pass, with Berber villages scattered up the mountainside. Stopping first at Telouet – once home to the Glaoui tribe – you’ll marvel at fluted pillars, painted ceilings and coloured glasswork. Then, on to famous Ait Ben Haddou, a UNESCO world heritage site and significant stronghold on the Salt Road trading route.
Atlas Mountains Tour
Trekking into the Atlas Mountains, you’ll explore on foot and on camelback, taking in the incredible views of the Asni and Imlil valleys along the way. The trail passes through Berber villages, where you’ll discover more about the traditional Moroccan way of life, and even find yourself invited in for a delicious dinner!
Essaouira Day Trip
The port town of Essaouira is best explored by simply wandering. Roam past medieval ramparts and keep an eye out for the French and Portuguese influences found amidst its narrow streets. Lunch is served up ocean-fresh by the harbour and a long stretch of pristine beach beckons. You’ll be picked up from your Marrakech accommodation and dropped back off again at the end of the day.
Marrakech Souk
Plunge headfirst into the hectic hustle and bustle of Marrakech Souk. Selling everything from spices to beautiful Moroccan lamps, this labyrinthine market is a riot of sights, sounds and smells. Be prepared for the stallholders’ persistence and get ready to haggle hard for your bargains – it’s all part of the experience. Book a guide in advance to get the best out of your visit!
Bad Doukkala Food Market
A street where locals shop, Rue Bab Doukkala is the perfect place to get an authentic feel for Marrakech without the intense atmosphere of the souks. Along this stretch, butchers, spice sellers and grocers sit alongside bakeries where families take homemade dough to be transformed into hunks of fragrant bread. Wander along and watch as the pattern of daily life unfolds.
Cherifia Market
More of a shopping centre than a street market, Cherifia offers a whole different feel to Marrakech’s other souks. On the ground floor you’ll find a selection of handmade Moroccan wares like woven baskets and traditional pottery, while upstairs a range of modern boutiques fuse local culture with contemporary design.
palača Bahia
The White House, 10 Downing Street… and Bahia Palace. This presidential residence was commissioned by Grand Vizier Si Moussa in the 19th century, bringing together Morocco’s top artisans and interior designers. The result is a palace that brims with detail – intricate geometric mosaics underfoot, sultry stucco overhead. Not a bad place to live with your twenty-eight-strong harem.
Saadian Tombs
In death, we are all equal. But some are more equal than others. Sultan Ahmed al-Mansour built this magnificent mausoleum for his entourage. Children and grand-children are buried in mosaicked tombs in the garden, now prowled by stray cats. The sultan himself ghas the choicest spot – his marble tombs rises out of psychedelic tiled flooring, overlooked by stunning stucco cupolas.
palača El Badi
From sultans to storks. When this palace was built in the 16th century, it was the envy of rulers worldwide. Bursting with carved marble and gold leaf, it lived up to its name of “The Incomparable”. But the ravages of time have left a shell, albeit an eerily magnificent one. The thick, scarlet walls are riddled with crumbling pockmarks, with storks the only modern-day watchmen.
Djemaa El Fna
The eye of the Marrakech storm. From dawn to dusk and beyond, this historic square is a swirling whirlpool of humanity. Snake charmers and fortune tellers, wise men, mad men, magicians, musicians and mystics – all members of the fast-flowing dramatis personae of Djemaa el Fna. Take a deep breath, dive in and see which characters you encounter. One thing it won’t be is boring.
Djemaa El Fna Square
Medersa Ben Youssef
Now this is one cool school. Medersa Ben Youssef is an architectural diamond hidden in the rough of mazy Medina. It’s an Islamic college where pious clever clogs once came to study the Koran. These lucky scholars were able to look up from their manuscripts and see a physical glorification of God, with spellbinding patterns wrought in tiny mosaic tiles and carved cedar wood.
Park Aguedal
Groovy groves. Agdal Gardens is a vast horde of fruit trees boxed into square plots, irrigated by melt-water that flows straight from the Atlas Mountains. Oranges and pomegranates, lemons, figs and apricots – Agdal’s one fruity garden. In the middle of it all sits Dar El-Hana, a colonnaded pavilion beside a once-pristine pool that exudes a tumble-down charm.
botanični vrtovi Majorelle
The colours, the colours! These gardens are a stunningly vivid palette of resplendent rainbow shades. This place is a photographer’s dream ticket – the walls, doors and plant pots are all painted in electric colours, playing off nature’s greenery in kaleidoscope harmony. The maze of bamboo and trickling streams is a real oasis of peace amid the chaos.
Souk of the Medina
Old Town Market, Shops, Small traditional restaurant, Souvenir shops, Artisanal products, cafe roof terraces
Mosque, monument and surrounding gardens

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Zelo dobro
Živahno mesto. Veliko, pa vseeno dovolj pregledno, da v glavnem veš kje si. Možnost ogleda muzeja (ni bogve kaj) in prve šole korana zraven muzeja (zanimivo, vredno ogleda).
28. februarja 2017
Ogromno mesto, neskončno zanimivosti, da bi videl vsaj nekaj, moraš ostati 2 dni.
Marjan P.
4. novembra 2016
glavna tržnica je ogromna in je srce Marakeša. Vsa druga glavne znamenitosti so v bližini in so dosegljiva peš.
7. maja 2017
Lepo eno od štirih cesarskih mest, rdeče mesto polno šarma in orientalne mistike.
27. julija 2016
Marakes je vse, kar Evropa ni! Dobra pozicija za dnevne ali dvodnevne izlete po Maroku.
23. februarja 2016

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The bizarre ritual/game of manoeuvering around crowded souks (covered markets), avoiding the motorbikes, donkey-carts & stray cats, while trying to admire the billion fascinating, colourful items without being dragged into a protracted haggling/argument with every single stallholder! If you have a beard, expect to be called "Ali-Baba" by everyone! Best to just smile in polite incomprehension and pretend you speak nothing but Sumerian to avoid talking to everyone. Be incredibly discrete when taking photos to avoid being 'charged' for the privilege. Enticing smells and curious sights around every corner.

Never look lost! Try not to look too much like a tourist. Say 'non merci' (no thank you) and smile sweetly if approached by a young man with an offer to help you find somewhere or sell you something you don't want!

The open top buses are an excellent and cheap way to see the sights without the hassle of constant haggling over prices.

Did not go to market only vegetable and fish. Best not to speak any language.

Narrow and busy streets with small markets and vendors everywhere.

they are very helpful. polite, respectable and jolly

Food tour, cooking classes

Good food at good prices.


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