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Tanger bíður: ferðavísirinn þinn

Viðburðir á staðnum Tangier

Tangier Kasbah
Starting at Bab Haha gate, step inside this old fort and labyrinthine mesh. It has a smattering of stalls and is doused in rich history in the form of old palaces belonging to the former sultans of Morocco. Head up the hill to be treated to views over the Atlantic and Mediterranean seas, or spot the majesty of the Atlas mountains in the distance.
Tangier’s Medina
A web of winding alleyways, Tangier’s Medina is enclosed by walls dating from the 15th century, packing in Andalusian, Moorish and Moroccan amongst its influences. Fanning outwards from Zoco Chico square, the alleyways head up the hill and out – so keep that in mind to avoid getting lost in a maze of streets. The area is eclectic, packed with stalls and just begging to be explored.
Tangier Beach
Sands spill out towards the Strait of Gibraltar from Tangier’s city beach. Malabata and the municipal beaches are both within a short distance of the city’s port, so the seafront is popular and busy. Once the sun goes down and the loungers get packed away, beach-goers can head to one of the many bars and clubs along the promenade.
Forbes Museum of Tangier
Forbes Museum of Tangier was a museum founded by the American publisher of Forbes magazine, Malcolm Forbes, in Tangier, Morocco.
Avenue Hassan II, Tanger, Morocco

Veðurfar á staðnum Tangier

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Gististaðir á staðnum Tangier og nágrenni

Ibis Tanger City Center

7,1 Gott

Einkunn byggð á 1.462 umsögnum

5.298 kr.

Meðalverð á nótt
  • staðsetningin var frábær“
    53 svipaðar umsagnir
  • „dásamlegt starfsfólk“
    43 svipaðar umsagnir
  • „mjög hreint og snyrtilegt“
    18 svipaðar umsagnir
Kenzi Solazur

7,6 Gott

Einkunn byggð á 1.944 umsögnum

9.126 kr.

Meðalverð á nótt
  • staðsetningin var frábær“
    29 svipaðar umsagnir
  • „dásamlegt starfsfólk“
    28 svipaðar umsagnir
  • „virkilega góður matur“
    15 svipaðar umsagnir
El Minzah Hotel

8,4 Mjög gott

Einkunn byggð á 851 umsögnum

10.396 kr.

Meðalverð á nótt
  • „falleg bygging“
    48 svipaðar umsagnir
  • staðsetningin var frábær“
    29 svipaðar umsagnir
  • „dásamlegt starfsfólk“
    28 svipaðar umsagnir
Hotel Farah Tanger

8,1 Mjög gott

Einkunn byggð á 761 umsögnum

12.322 kr.

Meðalverð á nótt
Royal Tulip City Center

8,6 Frábært

Einkunn byggð á 521 umsögnum

12.822 kr.

Meðalverð á nótt
Atlas Rif & Spa

7,3 Gott

Einkunn byggð á 1.086 umsögnum

6.674 kr.

Meðalverð á nótt
Grand Mogador Sea View & Spa

8,4 Mjög gott

Einkunn byggð á 473 umsögnum

11.038 kr.

Meðalverð á nótt
  • „dásamlegt starfsfólk“
    49 svipaðar umsagnir
  • „æðislegt útsýni“
    41 svipuð umsögn
  • „virkilega góður matur“
    24 svipaðar umsagnir
Almohades City Center Tanger

7,1 Gott

Einkunn byggð á 995 umsögnum

7.990 kr.

Meðalverð á nótt
Ramada Encore Tangier

7,8 Gott

Einkunn byggð á 1.733 umsögnum

5.262 kr.

Meðalverð á nótt
  • staðsetningin var frábær“
    38 svipaðar umsagnir
  • „dásamlegt starfsfólk“
    34 svipaðar umsagnir
  • „mjög hreint og snyrtilegt“
    30 svipaðar umsagnir
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Meðmæli fyrir ferðalanga á staðnum Tangier

We stayed in a hotel that was modestly priced and very comfortable. There was plenty of street food, which looked safe and tasty, but we chose to eat at the hotel or in local cafes. Small grocery shops were everywhere.

Observe the families and young people enjoying various activities on the beach and flocking at sunset to the port to eat seafood and watch the old fishing boats come in and out of the port.

We found the people in Tangier much friendlier than we expected, and enjoyed a number of interesting conversation, such as how to make the perfect mint tea,

History, location, physical aspects and multi cultural background

Try smaller restaurants on the side streets

Good sole fish and seafood Spanish dishes

Visit the Socco, medina, old town.

The hostel's terrace

Finna gististað á staðnum Tangier

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