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Tequila Tour
Tour the birthplace of Guadalajara’s favourite party drink on a trip to the town of Tequila. You’ll roam through the fields where farmers cultivate their agave crops and visit a traditional ‘tequilero’ distillery to sample the very best of this fiery tipple. And once you’re brimming with tequila expertise, there’s even time for a bite to eat!
The Government Palace
‘Palatial’ is exactly the word you’d use to describe this grand government building. Its Baroque exterior is rich in intricate detail, while inside, a series of frescoes by Mexican artist José Clemente Orozco leap from the walls. Despite housing government offices, the palace is open to the public Monday to Friday – and best of all, it’s completely free to visit.
Guachimontones Pyramids Tour
The unusual circular stacks of the Guachimontones Pyramids belong to a pre-hispanic culture, the ‘Teuchitlán tradition’, dating as far back as 400 BC. On a tour you’ll learn all about this long-lost society, their beliefs and their unique architectural style. You’ll also journey through the scenic Jalisco valley and visit nearby Vega Lake, which draws flocks of migratory birds.

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Grand Fiesta Americana Guadalajara Country Club

9 Suurepärane

Keskmine hinne: 274 arvustust

€ 90

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Wyndham Garden Guadalajara Acueducto

7,9 Hea

Keskmine hinne: 427 arvustust

€ 73

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Westin Guadalajara

8,8 Ülihea

Keskmine hinne: 307 arvustust

€ 77

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Fiesta Americana Guadalajara

8,7 Ülihea

Keskmine hinne: 583 arvustust

€ 58

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RIU Plaza Guadalajara

8,9 Ülihea

Keskmine hinne: 1 520 arvustust

€ 69

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Aloft Guadalajara

8,5 Väga hea

Keskmine hinne: 518 arvustust

€ 60

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Hilton Guadalajara

8,4 Väga hea

Keskmine hinne: 369 arvustust

€ 63

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Camino Real Guadalajara

8 Väga hea

Keskmine hinne: 356 arvustust

€ 58

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Victoria Ejecutivo

8,6 Ülihea

Keskmine hinne: 844 arvustust

€ 62

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there are several big green spaces ti visit in Jalisco. parque Los colomos, where you can go for a run, breakfast, ride a horse, or just go for a walk. bosque de la primavera, a giant forest in the middle of the city, people usually go hiking, tracking, walk, ride a bicycle, there are natural thermal waters so you can go for a picnic, as well as a eco-tourism

Many choices with good quality among all types of art and things for your home. Great prices in Tonala and Tlaquepaque along with great areas to walk, nice restaurante and music.

The age of the history as in 1500 and 1600 years. Building in the condition that were built back in the 15th and 16th century.

Downtown area-everywhere you look there is another beautiful example of the ancient architecture that fills this lovely city.

As the Pearl of the West, GDL is a great place to spend a vacation. Mild weather, great food and lots of places to visit!

Their generous nature, and polite attitude

Go at Christmas. There was no one there!

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