Відвідайте місто Роттердам: ваш путівник

Few cities felt the effects of WWII more keenly than Rotterdam. Yet, this bootstrapping city turned that blank canvas into a playground for architects and designers. Nowadays, Rotterdam is an edgy and vibrant medley of diverse cultures, harbour life, and innovative architecture.

Чим зайнятися у Роттердамі

Зоопарк "Блайдорп"
This zoo has brought joy to Rotterdammers young and old for over 150 years. Swing by and say hello to the Asiatic lions, African okapis and super cute polar bear cubs. When you’re done with the land animals, check out their aquatic friends. Take an enchanting walk through the clear-glass Oceania tunnel to witness sharks, sea lions, jellyfish and penguins up close.
Blijdorplaan 8
Oude Haven
On a sunny day, this local hangout bustles with energy as residents and tourists alike blend and descend on the waterfront terraces. The area is ideal for strolling or people watching. It’s also perfect for viewing the Het Witte Huis, an Art Nouveau-style high-rise building – Europe’s first – that was inspired by New York City skyscrapers.
Музей Бойманс ван Бенінгена
Boijmans van Beuningen museum offers more than even the most enthusiastic art lover can take in in 1 day! So, put aside a whole day and have a look at the programme beforehand to make sure you catch famous pieces like Dali’s “The Face of War". Be ready when inspiration strikes!
Museum Park 18-20
Пароплав Роттердама
SS Rotterdam is a steam ship
3e Katendrechtse hoofd 25
Спортивно-виставковий комплекс "Ahoy Rotterdam"
Ahoy Rotterdam
Ahoy'-weg 10

Коли поїхати у місто Роттердам

січ. лют. бер. квіт. трав. черв. лип. серп. вер. жовт. лист. груд.
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Відгуки та фото від мандрівників

Дуже добре
Місто дуже сподобалось - сучасна архітектура, багато простору, зручний транспорт. Основною метою подорожі був North Sea Jazz Festival - це взагалі щось неймовірне. Окремо хочу відмітити відсутність будь-якого кримінального чи негативного оточення. Комфортно та безпечно.
12 липня 2016
Дружелюбні люди. Зручна транспортна розв'язка. Великий зоопарк. Оригінальна архітектура. Багато парків і водойм. Багато цікавих музеїв. Легко добратись до Амстердаму.
21 березня 2016

Помешкання і готелі у Роттердамі

Holiday Inn Express Rotterdam - Central Station

8,5 Дуже добре

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Bilderberg Parkhotel Rotterdam

8,3 Дуже добре

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Mainport Design Hotel

9,1 Чудово

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citizenM Rotterdam

9 Чудово

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nhow Rotterdam

8,6 Блискуче

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NH Atlanta Rotterdam Hotel

7,7 Добре

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Rotterdam Marriott Hotel

8,6 Блискуче

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Novotel Rotterdam Brainpark

8,3 Дуже добре

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The Student Hotel Rotterdam

8,4 Дуже добре

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Роттердам: рекомендації мандрівників

Take the metro and head out of town, towards Schiedam perhaps where there is a Jenever Museum (Gin Museum, or even Den Haag, only about 40 mins by metro and then onto Madurodam a short hop by tram(note in Den Haag your ticket is valid for one hour so you will probably end up buying two tickets one out, one back or walk.

Rotterdam is so under-rated, most people choose Amsterdam, which is gorgeous, but Rotterdam has great, contemporary architecture, good shops, an eclectic range of restaurants and is easy to get around, with interesting sights and museums to visit, it's very cultural and friendly too ...

There are quite a few musea in Rotterdam but there is also a smal museum called Chabot He is a native painter from Rotterdam. Yuo can get all the information via google

Did not venture out of the excellent places we found to eat, but would try to find some local out of the wal places if we had more time

Typical modern centre, we live rurally in England so it's always nice to experience city life now and again, but not to often

You can do a lot of walking by avoiding the public centre. Walking to the museum park. Walk to the Erasmus bridge

There are the Blokkers and AH and Seeman type stores, plus other lower end shops that still are worth a look

good variety of food choice at inside market.

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