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Something fishy’s going on in Albufeira. Must be that fresh seafood on the grill! Sun-seeking foodies twigged the quality of its beachfront grills long ago – not to mention the stunning coastline, secluded seaside spots and fun-filled nightlife that that attracts visitors in their droves.

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Praia do Peneco
Just a few steps from Albufeira’s old town, Praia do Peneco is the perfect seaside stop-off for city trippers. Its fine golden sands and crystal-clear waters have earned coveted ‘Blue Flag’ status, while a lift and ramps make it accessible to all. The rocky passageway running from the town square to the shore gives this beach its nickname of ‘Praia do Túnel’.
Praia de São Rafael
Clean, sheltered waters and soft honey-hued sand make this Blue Flag beach a firm favourite among Albufeira locals. Fringed by golden limestone cliffs, Praia de São Rafael is home to bustling bars and popular waterfront restaurants, while hidden coves and fascinating rock formations provide some welcome peace and quiet.
Praia dos Pescadores
Beaches don’t get much more central than Praia dos Pescadores, which hugs the shore next to Albufeira’s old town. A few painted boats remain as a quaint reminder of how Fisherman’s Beach got its Portuguese name, but nowadays its soft golden sands are lined with loungers and parasols.
Praia da Coelha
Tiny shells stud the soft sands of this sheltered Algarve beach, tucked away on a secluded stretch of coastline west of Albufeira town. For sun-seekers, Praia da Coelha is worth the trip for its crystal clear waters and laid-back vibe, while more active types can clamber around its limestone cliffs, coves and caves.
Praia dos Pescadores de Albufeira
Not long ago, Fisherman’s Beach lived up to its name. Every day at dawn, humble fishing vessels would glide gently onto the sand and rugged fisherman would unload their catch. Today, it’s swapped fishing nets for volleyball nets, and bait for bikinis. Flop onto the sand among the tourist hordes as they fry in the sun. Then tuck into a slap-up seafood dinner on the beachfront.
nakupovalni center Algarve
Shopaholics can never take a real holiday from the urge to splurge. This open-air shopping centre is here to fulfil those retail needs while you’re in the Algarve. Jazz up your night on the Albufeira Strip with some spanking new clobber or shiny diamonds. The high-street brands run the gamut, from Zara to Levi’s to Swarovski. Just make sure you’ve got space in your luggage!
plaža Praia de São Rafael
A hidden gem. This little beach is tucked away behind cliff crags. These ancient, pock-marked strata of limestone create funky formations that encircle the sand. The cliffs are in a state of constant erosion from the lapping waves, which carve ever more indentations and holes. Pack up your towel and sneak down to Sao Rafael, but keep it to yourself or word will get out!
ulica The Strip - Albufeira
Aeons of neon. During the day, the shops on this street dazzle with fluorescent inflatable beach gear. Once night falls, the garish glow of flickering neon announces bar after pumping bar. Fresh-faced revellers glow with beach-fresh sunburn as they swig shots in bars like Reno’s and La Bamba. This strip doesn’t tease so much as shove it in your face. Join the madness.
Nossa Senhora da Orada Hermitage
“The face that launch’d a thousand ships”. Well, maybe not quite that many. Every August, this convent is the scene of a centuries-old ritual. The statue of Our Lady of Orada is carried out of the convent and paraded through the streets, before a fleet of fishing boats chaperone her on a route out to sea. The home-spun pageantry of this flotilla is quite a sight.
marina Albufeira
Welcome to Toytown! The apartment blocks around this marina are painted in nursery-school pastel shades. Even the shape of the windows recalls infant puzzles – one triangle, one square, one circle and so on. It all lends the harbour an air of fantastical nostalgia. Grab an ice cream, dangle your legs off a jetty and stroll down Albufeira Marina’s memory lane.

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Ciric P
Zelo dobro
Lep predel z lepimi plažami in dobro založenimi trgovinami. Se najde vse za zajtr, kosilo večerno. Je tudi več gostiln - mi jih žal nismo koristili smo preveč potovali okrog :).
Ciric P
28. februarja 2017

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Cerro Mar Atlantico & Cerro Mar Garden

8,3 Zelo dobro

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€ 41

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Vidamar Algarve Hotel - Dining Around Half Board

8,6 Sijajno

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€ 81

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Alfagar I Village

8,6 Sijajno

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€ 40

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Balaia Golf Village

8 Zelo dobro

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€ 37

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Muthu Clube Praia da Oura

7 Dobro

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Salgados Dunas Suites

8,6 Sijajno

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€ 105

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Hotel Apartamento Areias Village

8,7 Sijajno

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Vila Gale Cerro Alagoa

8,1 Zelo dobro

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Sao Rafael Atlantico

8,7 Sijajno

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€ 110

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If you want a relaxed lunch on one of the most beautiful beaches in the area make your way to evaristo beach. there is a beach bar and also a more upmarket restaurant. we had a chicken salad and fries and a bottle of white wine in the most beautiful glasses overlooking the beach for about 15 uros. my husband and myself allways pick our perfect moment of the holiday and this was one of ours this year.

Restaurante Olhos D'Agua, Restaurante Duarte, Adega do Ze, O Assador are my top picks right in the village of Olhos d'Agua

Sea,and horse riding. Also digging and building sand castles,tennis football age 8 boys

Long hours of hot sun and blue skies combined with cooling breeze

The strip if your over 40 and go try the square in the old town

Fresh fish, bread, olives and vegetables.

Clean and beautiful view on cliffs...

Lovely seafood at good prices

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