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Chiang Mai keeps things chilled, with ornate temples galore. Yet the capital of the mediaeval Lanna kingdom is more than just a meditation metropolis. Bustling street markets brim with bargains, and sweet scents of cooking food entice at every turn. Close your eyes, breathe deep and dive in.

Aktivnosti u Chiang Maiu

Chiang Man Temple
Chiang Mai is home to more than 200 temples and, at over 800 years old, Chiang Man was the one to start it all off. A treasured landmark, within its intricately carved walls sit ancient crystal and marble reliefs of Buddha. A three-tiered roof marks its entrance, while inside there are more treasures to be uncovered, such as gold altars, teakwood pillars and stone elephant carvings.
Phra That Doi Suthep Temple
A striking monument that no temple-seeking trip to Chiang Mai is complete without seeing, is this gold-embossed, sacred site. Surveying the city from its mountain-top setting, Phra That Doi is captivating. Reached by 360 steps guarded by gigantic tiled serpents, you’ll be greeted at the top by shrines, statues and canopies shimmering in the sunlight as worshippers leave offerings by the feet of Buddha.
Phra Singh Temple
A place over 700 monks call home, Phra Singh plays homage to the ‘Lion Buddha’ which has its roots deep in history, and stretching as far away as Sri Lanka. Guarded by some fearsome-looking dragons, the gilded hall and library date back to the 15th century and earlier. Visitors can wander the grounds, passing pavilions and enjoying the unbeatable serenity of the setting.
Suan Dok Temple
Pretty as a picture, Suan Dok translates roughly to ‘field of flowers’. Once a patch of land overflowing with blooms and belonging to royalty, nowadays the site is recognisable by its white ‘chedi’ pagodas – many filled with the ashes of deceased monarchs. Alongside these, the golden silhouette of a Sri Lankan-style chedi peeks above, providing a home to the temple’s Buddha.
Warorot Market
Set at the heart of Chiang Mai’s tiny Chinatown, Warorot Market wins over visitors with its vibrant atmosphere and authentic local feel. Dozens of traditional food and clothing stores are packed into the multi-storey main hall and neighbouring Ton Lamyai building, while stalls selling flowers, clothes and crafts spill over into the surrounding streets.
Wualai Road Saturday Night Market
Saturday evenings see Wualai Road transform from traffic hub to bustling outdoor shopping centre. This up-and-coming market opens late into the night, selling everything from hand-crafted silverware to unique clothes and artisanal souvenirs. Hungry? Pick up a snack to munch as you browse, or sit down at a food stall to sample authentic northern Thai cuisine.
Night Bazaar
Chiang Mai’s famous Night Bazaar is a bargain-hunter’s paradise. Thousands of eager shoppers flock to the Chang Klan Road every evening from 18:00 until late, hoping to pick up anything from souvenirs and clothing to pirated DVDs and replica Rolex watches. Haggling is all part of the process here, so don’t be shy!
Chiang Mai Gate Markets
A tale of two markets. You’ll find a different scene at Chiang Mai Gate depending on your arrival time. Head there bright and early (around 5 am) for a glimpse of locals haggling over goods at sunrise, with monks drifting round in search of alms. At night, it becomes a full-on food fest packed with both locals and tourists.
Ratchadamnoen Road Sunday Night Market
Every Sunday afternoon Ratchadamnoen is closed to cars and overrun with tightly-packed market stalls. The livelihood of many local families, you’ll find handmade carvings, ceramics, jewellery and paintings aplenty. Be sure to barter for your wares – good-natured back and forth is all part of the fun, and traders will happily indulge you.
Kham Tiang Flower Market
While plants are not ideal for cramming into a suitcase, you’ll certainly find yourself making a wishlist for your dream garden at Kham Tiang. Inspiration is everywhere, with flourishing tropical flowers and lush green shrubbery sprouting up in all directions. Wander the endless variety of foliage and pause for a drink in the cafés dotted along the way.
Wat Phra That Doi Suthep
This golden temple sits on the mountainside, surrounded by a sea of foliage. Its gleaming stupa peeps out of the leafy canopy like a gilded finger pointing at the sky. As you climb the long staircase, the metallic sound of prayer bells grows ever louder. At the summit, you are greeted by a paradise of glowing holy statues, sweet incense and stunning panoramas.
Chiang Mai
Noćni bazar Chiang Mai
A bazaar of the bizarre, the orthodox, the tasty and the counterfeit. In the warm glow of countless lanterns, this after-dark market throngs with souvenir shoppers. On offer is a smorgasbord of carved-teak jewellery, miniature silken elephants, knock-off watches, “muay thai” boxing shorts and designer shirts of dubious provenance.

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Prelijep gradić pun povijesti i hramova nezgodno je jedino to što nije predviđeno da se po gradu ljudi kreću pješke pa se turisti snalaze kojekako
27. prosinca 2016.
Prelijepi grad, miran i uredan. Savršena baza za istražiti sjever Tajlanda.
27. srpnja 2016.

Smještaj i hoteli u Chiang Maiu

The Grand Napat

8,7 Sjajan

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Buri Gallery House

8,6 Sjajan

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Banthai Village

8,2 Vrlo dobar

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BB Mantra Boutique and Budget

8,5 Vrlo dobar

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HRK 290

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Centara Khum Phaya Resort & Spa, Centara Boutique Collection

8,7 Sjajan

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Baan Thai Resort

7,7 Dobar

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Villa Sirilanna Hotel

8,7 Sjajan

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Duangtawan Hotel Chiang Mai

7,6 Dobar

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Le Meridien Chiang Mai

8,8 Sjajan

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Preporučeno u Chiang Maiu

Low season is good to avoid the crowds. The weather is fairly good, a bit hotter than in winter but there's refreshing showers every day, which keep all the vegetation lush green and beat the dust down. Even in high season I wouldn't say that there are crowds in Chiang Mai, like you would see on Great China Wall in China. Only in the markets which is typical for any market in the world. je pitao putnike...

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Chiang Mai is a perfect spot for anyone wanting adventure travel. We went to an elephant camp and did some trekking.

Visit one of the temples that are off the beaten track - like Wat Umong for a better spiritual experience.

I think the people are more easygoing than in Bangkok and in Pattaya.

Good diversity and lots of choice.

Take a tour or just hire a driver.

To be in Chiang Mai is relaxing.

Have lots of time and money.

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