Thăm Thành phố Kanchanaburi: Cẩm nang du lịch của bạn

Làm gì ở Thành phố Kanchanaburi

Bridge over the River Kwai
A poignant reminder of a dark chapter in history, the Bridge over the River Kwai is both a majestic and menacing structure. As you cross the bridge by foot or train, you can’t help but think of the thousands of Allied prisoners of war and Asian labourers who toiled away under the harshest conditions to construct this sturdy pass.
Thailand-Burma Railway (Hellfire Pass)
During the construction of the Thailand-Burma Railway in WWII, thousands of Allied prisoners of war and Asian labourers were forced to cut a narrow, 26 metre-deep trench through solid rock. This sad chapter in history is recounted through drawings, tools and photographs at the Hellfire Pass Memorial Museum. You can even walk through the actual trench and along the 500-metre track.
Erawan National Park
Amid the Salop Mountains, deep within Kanchanaburi Province, you'll find a natural wonderland with one of Asia's most scenic waterfalls. Named after a three-headed Hindu elephant figure, the seven-tiered cascade and its adjoining caves form Erawan National Park – a much-trumpeted location for unforgettable treks.
Kanchanaburi War Cemetery
It looks like any well-kept graveyard, but this solemn site commemorates an oft-forgotten chapter of WWII. During the war, Kanchanaburi was the site of labour camps set up to construct the Thailand-Burma Railway. Of the 14,000 Allied prisoners interned, around half lost their lives. This hushed cemetery is their final resting place.

Chỗ nghỉ và khách sạn ở Thành phố Kanchanaburi

Dheva Mantra Resort

8,5 Rất tốt

Được điểm từ 238 đánh giá

VND 2.075.431

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Good Times Resort

9 Tuyệt hảo

Được điểm từ 1.582 đánh giá

VND 864.763

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  • “nhân viên tuyệt vời”
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  • “chất lượng đồ ăn tuyệt hảo”
    100 đánh giá liên quan
Royal River Kwai Resort and Spa

8,6 Tuyệt vời

Được điểm từ 619 đánh giá

VND 1.349.030

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Thai Garden Inn

8,1 Rất tốt

Được điểm từ 266 đánh giá

VND 985.830

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The Vista Pool Villa

8,2 Rất tốt

Được điểm từ 172 đánh giá

VND 968.534

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Pung-Waan Resort & Spa

6,3 Điểm đánh giá

Được điểm từ 72 đánh giá

VND 1.304.062

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Bamboo House Resort

7,9 Tốt

Được điểm từ 74 đánh giá

VND 677.974

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Ruen Maihom Riverside Cottage

8,7 Tuyệt vời

Được điểm từ 47 đánh giá

VND 1.293.685

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Ploy Resort

8,2 Rất tốt

Được điểm từ 79 đánh giá

VND 830.172

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Gợi ý của du khách về Thành phố Kanchanaburi

Must see are the Erawan waterfalls about a 45 min ride from the centre and the hell Fire pass is Soi yok district. Also take the train down the death railway - it's a great ride.

Visiting the WW2 allied prisoners cemetery, the WW2 bridge, the Death Railway (and taking a train ride) and an excursion to Hellfire Pass.

Spent 5 days just looking at the countryside, great to just travel around with out the crowds

Tam Sua Temple (วัดถ้ำเสือ) is highly recommended

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