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Kunjungi Dallas: Panduan travel Anda

Hal yang bisa dilakukan di Dallas

Reunion Tower
The best way to announce your arrival in shiny downtown Dallas is to visit this microphone-shaped tower. Built in 1978, Reunion Tower boasts an observation deck and revolving restaurant that overlook the city skyline. Interactive displays help you pick out famous landmarks like Dealey Plaza and the Book Depository.
The Sixth Floor Museum
It’s eerily ironic that something as mundane as a school book depository became synonymous with a sensational act that shocked the world. It was from a sixth-floor window in this red-brick building that President John F. Kennedy was shot and killed in 1963. Now a museum, it presents the life and death of an American icon in an absorbing exhibition of photos and artefacts.
Dallas Museum of Art
This museum displays no shortage of ambition. Its 24,000-piece collection spans the breadth of human civilisation. You can peruse ancient Egyptian limestone carvings, Roman busts and 10th-century sculptures of Hindu deities. Among its paintings you’ll come across everything from the tranquil brushstrokes of Claude Monet, to the tumultuous abstract drippings of Jackson Pollock.
Dallas World Aquarium
Discover a South American rainforest filled with unique plants and animals such as monkeys, colorful toucans, crocodiles, manatees and otters. The aquarium portion features 85,000-gallons of saltwater with marine life from around the world. Rare sea dragons, giant clams and endangered sea turtles are but a few of the intriguing animals on display. An outdoor lagoon-like exhibit features Black-footed penguins. See their website for information on special exhibits.
1801 North Griffin Street
John Fitzgerald Kennedy Memorial
Dallas chose to honor the memory of storybook President Kennedy by erecting this monument. This 30-foot-high, 50-foot-square monument was erected in 1970. The open-air structure in the historic West End, resembles an ancient tomb. It is the first memorial by famed American architect and Kennedy family friend, Philip Johnson. The monument, built with the help of private donations from the citizens of Dallas, is open 24 hours daily and is lighted at night
Commerce and Market St
Mockingbird Station
Known for the excellent restaurants, trendy shopping and the Angelika theatre, as well as the lofts above some of the stores makes Mockingbird Station a more popular upscale social place of the Dallas area.
Dallas World Trade Center
Dallas World Trade Center

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Akomodasi dan hotel di Dallas

Hyatt Regency Dallas

8.8 Hebat

Skor dari 1,298 ulasan

Rp 2.300.771

Harga rata-rata per malam
  • “pemandangan luar biasa”
    49 ulasan terkait
  • “staf luar biasa”
    44 ulasan terkait
  • “lokasi strategis”
    30 ulasan terkait
La Quinta Inn & Suites Dallas Downtown

8.2 Sangat baik

Skor dari 409 ulasan

Rp 1.724.217

Harga rata-rata per malam
  • “lokasi strategis”
    47 ulasan terkait
  • “staf luar biasa”
    29 ulasan terkait
  • “bangunannya indah”
    21 ulasan terkait
Best Western PLUS Dallas Hotel & Conference Center

7.8 Baik

Skor dari 429 ulasan

Rp 1.023.775

Harga rata-rata per malam
  • “sangat bersih dan rapi”
    46 ulasan terkait
  • “staf luar biasa”
    44 ulasan terkait
  • “makanan lezat berkualitas”
    44 ulasan terkait
Sheraton Suites Market Center Dallas

7.9 Baik

Skor dari 688 ulasan

Rp 1.215.052

Harga rata-rata per malam
  • “staf luar biasa”
    51 ulasan terkait
  • “lokasi strategis”
    41 ulasan terkait
  • “sangat bersih dan rapi”
    33 ulasan terkait
The Joule

9.1 Luar biasa

Skor dari 137 ulasan

Rp 2.845.332

Harga rata-rata per malam
Le Meridien Dallas by the Galleria

8.5 Sangat baik

Skor dari 438 ulasan

Rp 1.361.403

Harga rata-rata per malam
  • “staf luar biasa”
    57 ulasan terkait
  • “bangunannya indah”
    37 ulasan terkait
  • “sangat bersih dan rapi”
    37 ulasan terkait
Crowne Plaza Hotel Dallas Downtown

7.2 Baik

Skor dari 1,043 ulasan

Rp 1.434.919

Harga rata-rata per malam
  • “lokasi strategis”
    153 ulasan terkait
  • “staf luar biasa”
    123 ulasan terkait
  • “sangat bersih dan rapi”
    50 ulasan terkait
Best Western Market Center

7.6 Baik

Skor dari 769 ulasan

Rp 983.478

Harga rata-rata per malam
  • “lokasi strategis”
    84 ulasan terkait
  • “staf luar biasa”
    72 ulasan terkait
  • “sangat bersih dan rapi”
    44 ulasan terkait
W Dallas - Victory

8.5 Sangat baik

Skor dari 242 ulasan

Rp 3.038.652

Harga rata-rata per malam

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Di mana tempat makan enak yang tidak menjebak turis?

In-N-Out Burgers was really good. Rain Forest Cafe was also a great place.

We were able to get some great stuff at most of the stores we visited.

Fort Worth museums, Kimbell, Modern Art, Amon Carter

If you love sea water animals, you'll see why.

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Kenapa Anda merekomendasikan Dallas untuk makanan?

Excellent Mexican and Steaks

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Apa yang menjadikan sejarah di Dallas begitu hidup?

Past events

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Kenapa fine dining di Dallas berbeda?



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