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Houston is a dish best served hot. Like the non-stop A/C, the thrum of the city ranges from suburban drone to big-city bang. Downtown is wall-to-wall Fortune 500, ‘cool dads’ heft laptops and offspring in Hermann Park, while cultured Texans head to Bayou Place for theatre, darlin'.

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Houston Zoo
Picture this: the king of the jungle bounds toward you in all his carnivorous glory. If a 200-kilogram beast with gnashing canines stops your heart, dish out some lettuce for the gentle giraffes to crunch in the African Forest. Goats bleat for attention and otters dart underwater in the Children’s Zoo. Watch sea lions flip into the air during an insightful Meet the Keeper talk.
6200 Hermann Park Dr
Downtown Aquarium
Much more than an oversized fish tank with a few minnows! Houston's Downtown Aquarium is half undersea adventure, half amusement park. Take a journey to the clouds on the Ferris wheel, which glimmers with aquamarine light. After dining in the restaurant surrounded by exotic rays and sawfish, hitch a ride through the shark exhibit on an interactive train.
Toyota centras
Toyota Center pulsates with excitement when the NBA's Houston Rockets take to the court. Meld into the roaring tide of fans dressed in red and white as they cheer their favourite basketball team to victory. If a bunch of grown men lobbing an orange ball through an elevated ring doesn’t tickle your fancy, it's also a regular stop for touring musicians.
George R. Brown Convention Center
The George R. Brown Convention Center is a multipurpose convention and exhibition hall owned and operated by the City of Houston Convention & Entertainment Facilities Department.
1001 Avenida De Las Americas
Memorial Park
Memorial Park, a municipal park in Houston, Texas, is one of the largest urban parks in the United States. Opened in 1924, the park covers approximately 1,466 acres (6 km²).
Theatre District Houston
Home to no fewer than 9 performing arts organizations and the Bayou Place entertainment complex, Houston's Theater District is the 2nd-largest in the US.
Minute Maid Park
Minute Maid Park (formerly Enron Field and Astros Field) is a baseball stadium in Houston, Texas, that opened in 2000 to house the Houston Astros.
Buffalo Bayou Park
Buffalo Bayou Park is the site of major Houston festivals and events, including the city’s Fourth of July Fireworks.
Rice Stadium
The home of the Rice University football team.

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Wyndham Houston Medical Center Hotel and Suites

8,3 Labai geras

Vidutinis vertinimas pagal 1 245 atsiliepimus

€ 98

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SureStay Plus Hotel Houston Medical Center

7,8 Geras

Vidutinis vertinimas pagal 560 atsiliepimus

€ 86

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    13 susijusių atsiliepimų
Hyatt Regency Houston

8,9 Puikus

Vidutinis vertinimas pagal 219 atsiliepimus

€ 126

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The Whitehall Houston

8,6 Puikus

Vidutinis vertinimas pagal 441 atsiliepimus

€ 125

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    58 susiję atsiliepimai
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Embassy Suites Houston - Downtown

9,1 Nuostabus

Vidutinis vertinimas pagal 238 atsiliepimus

€ 142

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Crowne Plaza Hotel Houston Near Reliant/Medical Center

7,6 Geras

Vidutinis vertinimas pagal 482 atsiliepimus

€ 103

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Hotel Derek

8 Labai geras

Vidutinis vertinimas pagal 1 386 atsiliepimus

€ 100

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Ramada Houston Intercontinental Airport South

7,2 Geras

Vidutinis vertinimas pagal 1 375 atsiliepimus

€ 79

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Four Points by Sheraton Houston Greenway Plaza

8 Labai geras

Vidutinis vertinimas pagal 758 atsiliepimus

€ 83

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The best museum in Houston is the Natural history museum. The dinosaur exhibits are superb and are part of an exhibit tracing the history of animals from single cells, through to man. The art museums in Houston are not bad, but not outstanding

**Capital Grille** (steakhouse) is right across from Sorella or Hugo Caliente(mexican food) but other steakhouses in walking distance paklausė keliautojų...

Apibūdinkite ramiausią miesto Hiustonas vietą.

its Willowbrook! so peaceful and yet its surrounded by shopping malls!...aaahhh simply haven!

NASA in Galveston & The aviation museum in Galveston are well worth a visit.

Yes! There is an abundance of boutiques and specialty stores. paklausė keliautojų...

Ką naujo sužinojote apie miesto Hiustonas muziejus?

Small museums like Houston Photo Museum. Nice, no fee!

Natural museum, space museum, galleria

Great selection wide varieties

Great selection, good prices

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