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Deep Sea Fishing Tours
Seward offers up plenty of tour companies, waiting to ferry you out for a day’s fishing in the depths of the Alaskan waters. Here, halibut, lingcod, king salmon are all up for grabs. Choose the duration of your trip and the species you’re interested in, and the crews will expertly secure you a fruitful catch.
Resurrection Bay
The waters of Resurrection Bay are home to more than twenty fishing hotspots. Time your trip with the tide to catch rockfish feeding by Caine’s Head, or target the deep drop-off north of Humpy Cove for silver or pink salmon. Try fishing just off Hive Island at a depth of around 200-300 feet if you want to catch some sought-after halibut.
Seward Harbor
Hosting hundreds of charter and tour boats, Seward Harbor is the place to go if you’re looking to take a deep sea fishing trip. After a productive day out in the bay, you can clean your bountiful catch at the fully equipped stations available. You’ll also find hotels, restaurants and grocery shops aplenty for all your onshore needs.

Nastanitve in hoteli v mestu Seward

A Swan Nest Inn

8,5 Zelo dobro

Povprečna ocena 147 ocene

€ 59

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  • “odlično osebje”
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  • “čudovita zgradba”
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Harbor 360 Hotel Seward

8,6 Sijajno

Povprečna ocena 414 ocene

€ 66

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Hotel Seward

7,9 Dobro

Povprečna ocena 442 ocene

€ 63

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Alaskan Wish Lodging

9,3 Odlično

Povprečna ocena 70 ocene

€ 100

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Seward Front Row Townhouse

€ 334

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Seward Front Row Bed and Breakfast

9,3 Odlično

Povprečna ocena 71 ocene

€ 124

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Had the best seafood chowder in my entire life at Ray's! And Apollo's had awesome Halibut Piccata! je popotnike vprašal ...

Povejte kaj več o naravi na destinaciji Seward?

So many opportunities to take a cruise on the bay or a hike through the mountains je popotnike vprašal ...

Povejte nam kaj več o vaši pustolovščini ...

The Kenai Fjords boat tour is wonderful (unless the sea is rough

Pick the time of day that would avoid mosquitos

Wear waterproof boots, cold and rocky je popotnike vprašal ...

Po čem ste si zapomnili morsko hrano v mestu Seward?

Try the halibut BLT at Chinooks!

Excellent fishing out of Seward

Wildlife cruises

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