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Navštívte destináciu Washington: váš cestovný sprievodca

Appearances can be deceptive. America’s capital city is known as a repository of A-list monuments, where pen-pushing civil servants rule the roost. Yet, look beyond the straight-laced exterior and you’ll find a city with magnificent museums, quirky bars and a real community spirit.

Čo podniknúť v destinácii Washington

US Holocaust Memorial Museum
Visitors should come prepared for an experience likely to be disturbing and difficult to forget. At the start of the tour, each visitor is given an identity card of a Holocaust victim that matches the visitor's own age and gender. Ordinary reality is skewed through off-center stairways, weird angles and the shadows of other visitors on the glass walkways overhead. An elaborate audio-visual display includes interviews, films and photographs. The Hall of Remembrance provides a calm, empty space at the end of the tour where one can reflect on the experience. The museum discourages children under 11 from attending. Free timed passes are needed to visit the permanent exhibit.
100 Raoul Wallenberg Place South West
Stop press! This media museum is one of the most interactive in the world! It charts the history of journalism through the media coverage of a few choice mega-events in human history. Gaze at a section of the Berlin Wall and a piece of 9/11 wreckage, and get all touchy-feely in the technology section full of touch-screen exhibits. You can even film your own broadcast against a green screen!
555 Pennsylvania Ave., N.W.
The National Mall
This mall has nothing to do with shopping. It’s a long, thin national park dotted with a wealth of museums, memorials and A-list monuments. This strip is the focal point of the city, an energetic place where camera-toting tourists mingle with patriotic locals. Plan your visit ahead of time – there are often outdoor film screenings or concerts to get your foot tapping!
Constitution Avenue
Washington Monument
A real piece of history. This giant obelisk is an indelible part of the iconic images from 1963’s March on Washington. In the famous photos from this human rights demonstration, the marble Monument looms behind the throngs of wide-eyed protesters as they listen to Martin Luther King’s “I Have a Dream” speech. Gaze up at a pillar that’s as big as it is famous.
Directly south of the White House, At 15th St. and Constitution Ave. NW
Lincoln Memorial
“Four score and seven years ago…”. Abraham Lincoln’s 1863 Gettysburg Address is memorised and recited by schoolchildren all over the US. It’s engraved in its entirety inside the Lincoln Memorial, a gleaming Doric temple dedicated to one of the nation’s great figures. The big man himself sits perched on a chair, carved in marble, lost in thought.
23rd St NW, btwn Constitution & Independence Aves, Directly west of the Mall in Potomac Park
Jefferson Memorial
Beneath the marble rotunda, the 19-foot statue of the third U.S. president is surrounded by passages from the Declaration of Independence and other famous Jefferson writings. Open daily except December 25. Free. Park ranger in attendance 8 am - midnight.
Tidal Basin South End
National Gallery of Art
Permanent collection of European and American paintings, sculpture, decorative arts
6th St. & Constitution Ave. NW

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Skutočne výnimočné
Počas pobytu som nestihol vsetko ale skoro to najdôležitejšie som stihol napr. pamätníky,Biely Dom,Capitol.Vskusal som reštauráciu Vapiano a bol som spokojný.Moc som necestoval dopravou iba metrom ale v pohode.Nakoniec asi by som si vybral iný mesiac v roku a zážitok by bol krajší.
23. januára 2016
Veľmi dobré
Páčili si mi hlavne monumenty, pred Washingtonovým a Lincolnovým som mal obzvlášť rešpekt. Je tu aj veľa zaujímavých múzeí, takže ak radi chodíte po múzeách a zaujíma vás trebárs história, umenie, či vesmír a letectvo, určite si prídete na svoje. Všetky múzeá si tu totiž zadarmo!
8. septembra 2016
Skutočne výnimočné
Washington je určite zaujímavá destinácia. Okrem chronicky známych turistických atrakcií ako sú Biely dom, Capitol, múzeá a pamätníky určite stojí za návštevu Georgetown s malebnými uličkami a kaviarničkami.
5. septembra 2016

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Georgetown Suites Harbour

8,2 Veľmi dobré

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€ 94

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Kimpton Mason & Rook Hotel

8,6 Vynikajúce

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The Eldon Luxury Suites

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Churchill Hotel Near Embassy Row

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Kimpton Glover Park Hotel

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The St. Gregory Hotel

8,4 Veľmi dobré

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Courtyard Washington Convention Center

9 Super

Podľa 489 hodnotení

€ 146

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Kimpton Rouge Hotel

8,1 Veľmi dobré

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The Baron Hotel

7 Dobré

Podľa 1 488 hodnotení

€ 65

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Odporúčané v destinácii Washington

Go early. You want to be queueing for the Washington Monument at 7AM, tickets available at 8:30, if you get there any later than 8:30 they'll be gone for the day. You can book in advance, but often it has to be a long way in advance. Also things like Ford Theatre and Holocaust Memorial Museum arrive early and queue, and if you want photos of attractions go early. I got a photo outside the White House of just me at 7:45AM, by 10:00AM it was packed and you couldn't get a good whole body whole house photo without hoards of other people, so go early for memorial photos and tickets.

Some of the best places are hidden, like the little gardens tucked in behind and between the museums. Good food is discovered when walking down side streets, like food trucks, little bakeries or delis, etc. You hear an incredible variety of languages everywhere, as though the entire world wants to come visit DC. The diversity of people on the street is fascinating and beautiful. On foot, you can read all of the plaques, monuments and statues that you would miss while on a bus, bike, or segway.

Lincoln's words were moving. Glad I took this trip because it gave more meaning, of being a member of this country. Getting exposure to the monuments that represent so many struggles and dedication of so many lives was moving. I felt more of an appreciation for what this country has made possible and provided for me and so many. It helped strengthen my loyalty and set a great example of fighting for freedom in faith.

Go to the Smithsonian castle first to get a good overview of all the museums. Hire a city bike (Tenth Street and Constitution nearest to hotel) to get around or get a taxi (taxi drivers brilliant tour guides) to see museums - bus tours expensive.

I don't know whether Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception is in the guidebook. But it is really worth a trip for 2 hours.

Ben's Chilli Bowl on U Street - Excellent food, excellent price!

Learning about all the historic events and personalities

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