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Things to Do in Hermanus

Walker Bay
With pristine beaches of soft white sand and impressive limestone outcrops reaching up around it, Walker Bay is already pretty blessed when it comes to natural spectacle. But look out to sea and you might be lucky enough to experience an even more wonderful sight – southern right whales playing in the waters. Hermanus is one of the best places in the world for whale watching, and seeing these magnificent creatures from a shore as beautiful as Walker Bay makes the experience really unforgettable.
Cliff Path
Want to get up close and personal with some of the most impressive beasts on the planet? The Hermanus cliff path meanders about 7 miles through the town and offers some of the best whale watching in the world. That's not just because of the frequency of whale sightings though – the cliff path has seen whales breaching the waters as little as five yards away from the shore. If you wanted to get any closer, you'd need scuba gear and a PhD in marine biology.
With a name that translates from Afrikaans as "Thundering Cliff," you already know that the natural rocky outcrop known as Dreunkrans is going to be impressive. And true enough, the views out over the ocean are stunning, and being surrounded by the untamed South African landscape is always going to be a memorable experience. But if you go at the right time of year (roughly between July and November) things get even better as whales frolic and breach the waters close to the shore.
Windsor Bay
The coast of Hermanus is considered by the World Wildlife Fund to be one of the best places in the world for whale watching, and Windsor Bay is no exception. Southern right whales are regular visitors to the area, but you won't just see them swimming around! See if you can catch sight of some technical whale behavior – lobtailing is where they slap their tails into the water, and spyhopping is the practice of breaching the waves and looking straight up. Now you know the lingo, go find those whales!
Siever's Point
Located right next to the Fernkloof Nature Reserve, Siever's Point is one of the most popular spots in Hermanus for whale watching. These breathtaking behemoths often come unbelievably close to the shore – a humbling experience thanks to their sheer size and your proximity to these gentle yet awesomely powerful creatures. Siever's Point can get pretty busy though, so it's a good idea to get in early and bring a picnic.
Voëlklip Beach
Slap on some sunscreen and don't forget to bring your swimsuit – Voëlklip has one of the most perfect beaches you could ever hope to laze around on. Lying back and soaking up some of that toasty South African sunshine is never a bad idea, but you probably won't see many whales from that position. Luckily, gentle grassy slopes and higher rocky cliffs offer plenty of vantage points to look out to sea and take in the sight of these majestic creatures frolicking in their natural habitat.
Grotto Beach
Grotto Bay is a pretty romantic name for a beach, and with good reason. Stretching over 10 miles, it's the ideal sunny South African spot, whether you're looking to relax on the sand or take a long walk and enjoy the views of far-off mountain peaks. Either way, make sure you head to higher ground – it's the best way to spot the families of southern right whales that meet up around Hermanus every year. With beautiful surroundings and beautiful creatures to amaze you, it's a vacation memory that is sure to stay with you forever.
Fernkloof Nature Reserve
Fernkloof nature reserve is situated in the Kleinrivier Mountains above Hermanus. The reserve was proclaimed a national heritage to protect coastal and fynbos and the an evergreen forest. For the nature lovers well marked hiking trails and wheelchair friendly paths. In September each year the Hermanus Flower and Eco Fair is held at the reserve. There is no entrance fee to the reserve.

Traveler's Reviews & Photos

A friendly beach town with plenty of activities and locations to visit. The wine farms are incredible - food and wines are a must if you visit this place. also make sure you take a walk to the main town (but dont eat there, rather book a wine farm).
South Africa
July 10, 2017
Hermanus is so convenient everything is close by. The beach and the shops are a working distance.Restuarants and shopping malls are like 5 minutes drive from the accomodation.Such a beautiful town...cant wait to plan my next trip.
South Africa
July 4, 2017
The place was amazing the facilities were exceptional and comfortable. They had fluffy gowns and fluffy towels. This place was exceptional. They offered to arrange activities for you. Everything was perfect
South Africa
July 4, 2017
Lovely beaches and the cliff walk is great for viewing whales! The walk to Grotto Beach is well worth it!
United Kingdom
July 8, 2017
Awesome village! Our favourite. Very clean. Lots to do. Stunning restaurants. Beautiful cliff paths.
South Africa
July 10, 2017

Accommodations and Hotels in Hermanus

The Marine Hermanus

8.8 Excellent

Score from 214 reviews


Average price per night
Whale Coast Hotel

9.1 Wonderful

Score from 656 reviews


Average price per night
  • “very clean”
    107 related reviews
  • “location was great”
    99 related reviews
  • “wonderful staff”
    55 related reviews
Misty Waves Boutique Hotel

9 Wonderful

Score from 417 reviews


Average price per night
  • “wonderful staff”
    99 related reviews
  • “amazing views”
    78 related reviews
  • “location was great”
    60 related reviews
Harbour House Hotel

8.2 Very Good

Score from 496 reviews


Average price per night
  • “location was great”
    58 related reviews
  • “amazing views”
    47 related reviews
  • “wonderful staff”
    39 related reviews
Windsor Hotel Hermanus

7.8 Good

Score from 762 reviews


Average price per night
  • “location was great”
    105 related reviews
  • “amazing views”
    103 related reviews
  • “wonderful staff”
    85 related reviews
Baleens Hotel

8.3 Very Good

Score from 679 reviews


Average price per night
  • “wonderful staff”
    91 related reviews
  • “location was great”
    62 related reviews
  • “beautiful building”
    60 related reviews
Hermanus Apartments

8.7 Excellent

Score from 147 reviews


Average price per night
74 on Marine

9.6 Exceptional

Score from 43 reviews


Average price per night
Kenjockity Self Catering Apartments

9.3 Wonderful

Score from 125 reviews


Average price per night
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Recommended in Hermanus

I was wonderful to be able to sit on the balcony and watch the sunrise. Enjoyed being able to walk from guesthouse into town

A great area to try Pinot Noir. They have the best Chardonnay (outside of Burgundy) and one of the best bubblies in SA.

The Marine Seafood Restaurant. Expensive, but excellent. The atmosphere, service, food all perfect.

Lovely waves, white sandy beaches, small beaches like Langbaai and Kammabaai

Truly beautiful, even without the whales!

Busy during day, quiet at night


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