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Buffalo Bay
Escape and unwind in secluded Buffalo Bay, a relaxing town with a wide, clean beach. It's the perfect spot for sunbathing, watching wild waves crashing against the rocks and hiking in the marine reserve. Whales and dolphins often visit the bay, so keep your binoculars handy.
Knysna Heads
An imposing pair of black sandstone cliffs, the Knysna Heads are the most famous geological feature of the South African coast. They flank the turbulent channel leading from the Indian Ocean to the Knysna Lagoon and serve up breathtaking views, verdant hiking paths and curious rock pools. You'll love the rugged natural beauty on show.
Knysna Lagoon
The aquamarine waters of this lagoon are the scenic blue heart of the Knysna region, with monumental sandstone cliffs sheltering it from the ocean. Stunning clifftop views and breezy catamaran trips make this an essential visit, while organised boat tours shuttle you across the lagoon to the Featherbed Nature Reserve for a gorgeous hike.
Knysna National Lake Area
They are motorbike friendly. (Jan-2012). Knysna National Lake Area is part of the Garden Route National park and is managed by SANParks. Situated on the banks of a lagoon, the area is rich in marine life and this is where oysters are cultivated. Delicious oyster meals will tantalise the guests taste buds. Accommodation is offered in tree top forest chalets. Campsites are also available only for pitching tents and caravans, motorhomes and roof top tents are not suitable here. They are motorbike friendly. (Update Mar-13).
Pledge Nature Reserve
Right in the middle of Knysna lies this small (10 hectares) Nature Reserve, which consists of natural Fynbos vegetation and many types of birds species. Situated just above the Tourism Bureau's offices.
P.O. Box 3195, Knysna, South Africa, 6570
Knysna Forest
Very well known Forest in Knysna with the oldest and Biggest Tree and elephants roaming
Linsay Castle by Noetzie Beach
Beautiful Castles on the Knysa Noetzie Beach
Featherbed Boat Cruises
Featherbed Boat Cruises
Knysna Waterfront
Knysna Waterfront
Pezula Golf Club
Pezula Golf Club
Knysna the Heads
Knysna the Heads

Smeštajni objekti i hoteli u gradu Knysna

Conrad Pezula Resort & Spa

9,2 Izvanredan

Prosečna ocena 266 recenzija/-e

RSD 16.403

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Under Milkwood Resort

9,1 Izvanredan

Prosečna ocena 442 recenzija/-e

RSD 4.163

Prosečna cena noćenja
The Lofts Boutique Hotel

8,9 Sjajan

Prosečna ocena 141 recenzija/-e

RSD 10.352

Prosečna cena noćenja
Protea Hotel by Marriott Knysna Quays

8,4 Veoma dobar

Prosečna ocena 567 recenzija/-e

RSD 11.148

Prosečna cena noćenja
  • „izvrsna lokacija”
    54 povezane recenzije
  • „predivno osoblje”
    21 povezana recenzija
  • „fantastičan pogled”
    19 povezanih recenzija
aha The Rex Hotel

8,8 Sjajan

Prosečna ocena 466 recenzija/-e

RSD 13.198

Prosečna cena noćenja
  • „izvrsna lokacija”
    98 povezanih recenzija
  • „veoma čisto i uredno”
    73 povezane recenzije
  • „predivno osoblje”
    50 povezanih recenzija
Turbine Hotel & Spa

9 Izvanredan

Prosečna ocena 239 recenzija/-e

RSD 11.610

Prosečna cena noćenja
  • „predivna zgrada”
    78 povezanih recenzija
  • „predivno osoblje”
    25 povezanih recenzija
  • „savršen kvalitet hrane”
    23 povezane recenzije
St. James of Knysna

9,3 Izvanredan

Prosečna ocena 161 recenzija/-e

RSD 8.907

Prosečna cena noćenja
Royal Hotel Knysna

7,3 Dobar

Prosečna ocena 142 recenzija/-e

RSD 6.689

Prosečna cena noćenja
Premier Resort The Moorings, Knysna

8,3 Veoma dobar

Prosečna ocena 47 recenzija/-e

RSD 10.829

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Opišite prirodu na destinaciji Knysna

Knysna, as the rest of the Garden Route is in my mind the most beautiful coastline of my beautiful country South Africa. It is still serene and with all the forests and mountains it offers so much more than just beach. It is great for trail running and walks.

Knysna is pretty laid-back after peak season, so, the timing of your stay will influence the amount of human traffic in and around the town.

Having drinks from our balcony overlooking the lagoon and Knysna Heads...

Brilliant food and very good value for money. Lots of Italian restaurants

Great maps are available from the tourist info on Main Street

Beautiful places to do a picnic or to do some hiking

Most relaxing weekend I had in a long time!

Pair of Fish Eagles

Leisure Boating

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