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The top places to fall in love with Argentina

Capital of Argentina

1Buenos Aires

1,590 properties in Buenos Aires

Welcome to Buenos Aires

Cosmopolitan and trendy, with South American essence and European charm, Buenos Aires represents the living image of tango: elegant yet passionate and nostalgic. Grown around its harbour and vastly populated by immigrants from the Old Continent, it is a faithful image of Argentina’s typical ethnical patchwork.

What travellers love about Buenos Aires

  • Culture

    28,221 recommendations

  • Food

    26,676 recommendations

  • Architecture

    25,054 recommendations

  • Theatre

    22,973 recommendations

2San Carlos de Bariloche

580 properties in San Carlos de Bariloche

Welcome to San Carlos de Bariloche

San Carlos de Bariloche is located on the shores of Nahuel Huapi Lake and surrounded by the magnificent Nahuel Huapi National Park. Perched among 2000-metre high mountains, the town is one of the biggest winter sports resorts in South America. It is the Argentinean capital of artisan chocolate, and mixes Central European influence with native traditions.

What travellers love about San Carlos de Bariloche

  • Scenery

    9,794 recommendations

  • Nature

    8,379 recommendations

  • Lakes

    7,810 recommendations

  • Chocolate

    6,227 recommendations


327 properties in Mendoza

Welcome to Mendoza

It is said that abundance in Mendoza was so great at the beginning of the 20th century, that the Wine Festival was celebrated pouring this elixir in the city’s fountains and street-side irrigation canals. Located at Mount Aconcagua’s footstep, the city is an oasis in the middle of the dry beauty of the central Argentinean Andes.

What travellers love about Mendoza

  • Wine

    8,612 recommendations

  • Scenery

    7,908 recommendations

  • Vineyards

    7,130 recommendations

  • Food

    5,370 recommendations

4Puerto Iguazú

225 properties in Puerto Iguazú

Welcome to Puerto Iguazú

Located 18 km from the Iguazú Falls UNESCO World Heritage Site, Puerto Iguazú is an Argentinean town situated near the Brazilian border, in the Province of Misiones. Its compact city centre is packed with restaurants, cafés and shops, while the area is well-known for its red soil and lush vegetation.

What travellers love about Puerto Iguazú

  • Waterfalls

    8,154 recommendations

  • Nature

    7,897 recommendations

  • Scenery

    6,953 recommendations

  • Nature walks

    6,761 recommendations

Best places to see in Argentina

Plaza de Mayo Square
Ghosts of Argentina’s turbulent history haunt Plaza de Mayo. The pink palace of Casa Rosada is the president’s official residence. It has witnessed some of the country’s most seismic events, including riots, rallies and revolutions. Gaze up at the balconies and picture Eva Perón giving her famous speech to the nation (or Madonna singing ‘Don’t Cry For Me Argentina’).
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Corrientes Avenue
Popular areas
Ever heard of the city that never sleeps? Well this is the street that never sleeps. Even at stupid o’ clock chattering theatre-goers queue in the glow of twinkling venues. By day, see if you can find a hidden gem among the second-hand books or CDs before stopping off for a juicy slab of pizza, BA-style. Just make sure that you keep an eye out for pickpockets!
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9 de Julio Avenue
Never has crossing the street been such an ordeal! In order to negotiate the world’s widest avenue you need to hurry across a full 18 lanes of chaotic traffic. This monster boulevard was built as Buenos Aires’ answer to the Champs Elysées, and while it may not quite have the je ne sais quoi of its Parisian counterpart, it more than makes up for it in sheer jaw-dropping scale.
Accommodation near 9 de Julio Avenue
San Telmo Antique Market
Shopping areas
Go hunting for diamonds in the rough. This flea market is a repository of relics from a faded past. There’s a pleasing order to the stands, where you’ll find hundreds of dolls, gloves, magazines or candelabras stacked together. Sharpen your haggling skills at this one-stop souvenir shop or simply wander and admire humanity’s accumulated trinkets.
Accommodation near San Telmo Antique Market
The Obelisk of Buenos Aires
This is one needle you won’t have trouble finding – mainly because it’s slap-bang in the middle of the city’s main avenue. Pointing to the heavens like a primordial monolith, it’s a rallying point for porteño crowds. Time your visit right and you’ll see masses swarming round the obelisk to sing hymns, wave placards or whoop deliriously at football victories.
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Museum of Latin American Art of Buenos Aires MALBA
Latin America is a complex place with a complex past – so imagine what its modern art looks like. At MALBA, you have the chance to wander through the Latin subconscious, contemplating all aspects of the continent’s post-colonial hangover. There are star turns too: a Frida Kahlo self-portrait and a family scene with Fernando Botero’s unmistakable bulbous figures.
Accommodation near Museum of Latin American Art of Buenos Aires MALBA

What travellers love about Argentina

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