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The Top Places to Fall in Love With Austria

Capital of Austria


1,670 properties in Vienna

Welcome to Vienna

Previously the center of the Hapsburg Empire, Vienna is the current center of Austria’s culture, economics, and politics. Visitors may think they are in a museum as they walk through the historic first district, but Vienna also has a youthful and dynamic side with lots to offer.

What Travelers Love About Vienna

  • Museums

    77,752 recommendations

  • Architecture

    70,792 recommendations

  • Culture

    70,712 recommendations

  • Sightseeing

    67,481 recommendations


239 properties in Salzburg

Welcome to Salzburg

Made famous for its “hills alive with the sound of music”, Salzburg is a very pretty town filled with romantic buildings and squares. If you are not yet aware that Mozart was born here, then you will be as soon as you land at Salzburg W.A. Mozart International Airport.

What Travelers Love About Salzburg

  • Old Town

    25,011 recommendations

  • Sightseeing

    19,979 recommendations

  • History

    17,553 recommendations

  • Culture

    17,337 recommendations


195 properties in Innsbruck

Welcome to Innsbruck

Set against the spectacular backdrop of the Alps, Innsbruck is not only a world-class European ski resort, it was also the seat of Maximilian I’s Holy Roman Empire.

What Travelers Love About Innsbruck

  • Old Town

    12,914 recommendations

  • Mountains

    10,969 recommendations

  • Scenery

    10,289 recommendations

  • City Walks

    5,878 recommendations


149 properties in Graz

Welcome to Graz

Surrounded by lush forests and the Austrian Alps, the picturesque and cosmopolitan city of Graz offers pretty Renaissance courtyards, diverse architecture, a charming and historic old town, along with the winding Mur River which runs through the heart of the city.

What Travelers Love About Graz

  • Old Town

    8,694 recommendations

  • City Trips

    5,926 recommendations

  • Culture

    5,022 recommendations

  • City Walks

    4,777 recommendations

Best places to see in Austria

Mozart's Birthplace
“Hagenauer House”, 9 Getreidegasse. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was born here on January 27th, 1756. This three-level museum includes exhibitions that cover the maestro’s life, times and numerous passions. Learn about his early childhood and married life with Constanze, and see artefacts like the violin and harpsichord upon which he composed some of his early works.
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Rathaus (Town Hall)
Built between 1872 and 1883, the neo-Gothic Rathaus is the seat of Vienna’s municipal administration. The City Information Center offers weekday tours of the State Rooms three times weekly. The square in front hosts year-round events, including the world-famous Christmas Markets, the Music Film Festival in summer, and the extravagant Opening Ceremony of the Life Ball in spring.
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Belvedere Palace
This beautiful complex was Prince Eugene of Savoy's (1663-1736) summer residence and includes an impressive orangery, stables and a park, lovingly landscaped in baroque style. Visitors flock to the world’s largest Klimt collection including "The Kiss," an Art Nouveau masterpiece.
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New Hungerburgbahn
All aboard the Hungerburgbahn! This funicular train is more than your average ski lift. It chugs up and down the mountainside, taking adrenaline-seeking skiers up to Seegrube’s world-class pistes. The funicular passes through four futuristic stations, each with globular curves that create a striking contrast against the jagged mountaintops.
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St. Stephen's Cathedral
The iconic St. Stephen’s was founded in 1137 and finished in 1511. It’s said that Beethoven discovered his deafness when he saw birds fly from the bell tower but couldn’t hear the bells. The Romanesque structure thankfully survived fire damage in WWII and hosts a number of classical concerts and choirs throughout the year. The cathedral is open to the general public.
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Schönbrunn Palace
With 1441 rooms, Schönbrunn Palace was made for sleepovers. Originally intended as a hunting lodge, visitors can revel in the 17th-century luxury of the Habsburg monarchs, to whom the word "opulence" meant very little. The extensive gardens include the fabulous Gloriette (Franz Josef’s breakfast room) and Tiergarten Schonbrunn, the world’s oldest zoo.
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What travelers love about Austria

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