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Ástralía – staðirnir sem fá þig til að falla fyrir landinu


1.978 gististaðir – Sydney

Verið velkomin til: Sydney

On a sunny day, the waters of Sydney Harbour glisten like shards of sapphire, reflecting a certain iconic Opera House that needs no introduction. But the city’s heart and soul lie in the warmth and charm of its communities.

Sydney – það sem ferðalangarnir elska

  • Skoðunarferðir

    35.427 meðmæli

  • Hafnir

    34.151 meðmæli

  • Verslanir

    28.489 meðmæli

  • Matur

    25.885 meðmæli


1.887 gististaðir – Melbourne

Verið velkomin til: Melbourne

Well, some cities have it all. Melbourne effortlessly trumps other world cities for liveability, and it’s easy to see why with its lovely locals, unspoiled beaches and thriving café culture. Unpretentious and welcoming to a fault, Melbourne’s a super-dose of Aussie friendliness.

Melbourne – það sem ferðalangarnir elska

  • Verslanir

    41.567 meðmæli

  • Matur

    37.156 meðmæli

  • Veitingastaðir

    32.348 meðmæli

  • Skemmtanir

    24.192 meðmæli


567 gististaðir – Brisbane

Verið velkomin til: Brisbane

Brisbane’s agreeable climate impels you to enjoy the great outdoors. There’s rock climbing at Kangaroo Point, mountain biking on Mount Coot-tha and koala cuddling at Lone Pine Sanctuary. “Brizzie” even has an inner-city beach! Pack your sunscreen and gear up for fresh-air fun.

Brisbane – það sem ferðalangarnir elska

  • Verslanir

    15.323 meðmæli

  • Veitingastaðir

    12.890 meðmæli

  • Matur

    12.041 meðmæli

  • Slökun

    10.830 meðmæli

4Gold Coast

1.026 gististaðir – Gold Coast

Verið velkomin til: Gold Coast

Sun, surf and sand reign supreme on the Gold Coast. On its myriad beaches, honey-coloured sands melt into clear waters, board fanatics catch killer waves, and beach bums bask in sun-drenched splendour. Slow down, kick back and go with the flow in this Aussie utopia.

Gold Coast – það sem ferðalangarnir elska

  • Strönd

    34.365 meðmæli

  • Slökun

    25.163 meðmæli

  • Skemmtigarðar

    22.601 meðmæli

  • Verslanir

    19.825 meðmæli

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