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The top places to fall in love with Belgium

Capital of Belgium


769 properties in Brussels

Welcome to Brussels

Brussels is well-known as the headquarters of many European institutions and is often called the capital of Europe. However, Belgian waffles, beer and chocolate are just a few of the city’s best-known delicacies that can rival its political reputation.

What travellers love about Brussels

  • Chocolate

    32,800 recommendations

  • Beer

    30,813 recommendations

  • Architecture

    28,241 recommendations

  • Sightseeing

    25,288 recommendations


340 properties in Bruges

Welcome to Bruges

Bruges is a picture perfect medieval city that will charm you with its distinctive, century-old houses, plentiful canals and city walls. The famous 13th-century Belfry offers the opportunity to watch the cobbled market place, the Grote Markt, below while 47 bells call out to the city every 15-minutes. While you’re in the Grote Markt you can take a ride in one of the horse-drawn carriages around the city.

What travellers love about Bruges

  • Architecture

    30,601 recommendations

  • Chocolate

    24,393 recommendations

  • History

    24,237 recommendations

  • Beer

    23,961 recommendations


237 properties in Antwerp

Welcome to Antwerp

As the world’s largest diamond-cutting city, Antwerp (Anvers in French) is naturally affluent. It comes as no surprise then that fashion is also of utmost importance, so the shopping here is excellent. It may not be the cheapest place, but the quality certainly matches the price.

What travellers love about Antwerp

  • Shopping

    16,609 recommendations

  • Food

    10,257 recommendations

  • Old Town

    9,878 recommendations

  • Culture

    9,355 recommendations


196 properties in Ghent

Welcome to Ghent

Located in the Flemish region of Belgium, the beautiful medieval city of Ghent is not only a city of history, but also a romantic place to visit. The city is full of hidden historical, cultural and culinary gems that you can easily discover.

What travellers love about Ghent

  • Old Town

    14,018 recommendations

  • Architecture

    10,680 recommendations

  • Food

    7,653 recommendations

  • City walks

    6,444 recommendations

Best places to see in Belgium

Popular areas
Enter the “Age of Antiques”. Obscure clock collections and baroque birdcages are hallmarks of a hip home, and Sablon’s infamous antique market brings the bargains. Chocolatiers have created confection paradise on these stroll-able streets. Unwrap world-renowned Godiva and Neuhaus here. But don’t shy away from the smaller, home-grown sweets shops – they’re just as good.
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Back in the 13th century, prisoners were kept in the belly of this impressive fortress and subjected to all sorts of unsavoury interrogation methods. To commune with these tortured souls, sign up for a guided tour or take part in a spine-chilling scavenger hunt. Let your inner child (or your actual child) loose in the narrow corridors, imposing towers and winding stairs of this medieval estate.
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Graslei and Korenlei Ghent
Popular areas
Picture this - stately Flemish medieval buildings tucked in a neat row, their reflection swaying on the lapping surface of the Leie river. Meanwhile, spirited groups of friends and googly-eyed couples contribute to the awesome atmosphere of this formerly bustling medieval port. Enjoy the festival vibes during the day or take your sweetie (or bestie) for an after dinner saunter.
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Belfry of Bruges
The clock strikes twelve in Market Square. The sound reverberates off statues and shop windows, attracting the attention of passers-by. The sound’s source is the belfry – one of Bruges’ most iconic sites. Built and rebuilt for eight centuries, it’s a stack of Neo-Gothic spirelets, topped by an octagonal clock tower. Clamber up the staircase to see the city in all its glory.
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Avenue Louise
Shopping areas
Smelling of the latest trends, “Louise” is loved by those with a penchant for posh. With a backdrop born from Art Nouveau architecture, people come here for high-end shoes and boutique shops. From bourgeois to bohemian, nary a style is missed. Who said politics and shopping don’t mix? There’re even a few embassies lining this swanky street.
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Old Fish Market
Neptune, the Roman god of water and sea, presides over the entrance in a fitting tribute to a place once teeming with fishmongers. Flanked by Leie and the Scheide, the gods of Ghent’s rivers, these deities now watch over the hubbub. Frolicking holidaymakers should come here to find the tourist office or a well-cooked filet from one of the many restaurants.
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What travellers love about Belgium

Recommended by 112,400 travellers
Recommended by 88,015 travellers
Old Town
Recommended by 87,492 travellers

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