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The top places to fall in love with Switzerland


261 properties in Zürich

Welcome to Zürich

As the financial capital of Switzerland and headquarters of several large companies including FIFA, there’s a good chance that if you’re in Zurich you’re here on business. But that doesn’t mean this city doesn’t have a playful side.

What travellers love about Zürich

  • Old Town

    15,059 recommendations

  • Lakes

    13,411 recommendations

  • Sightseeing

    11,477 recommendations

  • City walks

    10,436 recommendations


162 properties in Geneva

Welcome to Geneva

Known for its international diplomacy, Geneva is the gateway city to the Swiss Alps and contains many international organisations that lend the lake-side city a cosmopolitan flair. It is filled with the best in cuisine, diverse languages and people, and top 5-star hotels.

What travellers love about Geneva

  • Lakes

    11,513 recommendations

  • Old Town

    8,600 recommendations

  • Scenery

    8,315 recommendations

  • Shopping

    5,756 recommendations


128 properties in Luzern

Welcome to Luzern

For some, this city in the smack-centre of Switzerland seems like a gateway to the ski slopes. For others, it’s a storybook of Swiss history worth sticking around to see. From the annual Carnival in February, to its world-class museums, Luzern is a delight for the culture-seeking wanderer.

What travellers love about Luzern

  • Lakes

    8,785 recommendations

  • Old Town

    8,051 recommendations

  • Scenery

    8,003 recommendations

  • Sightseeing

    6,799 recommendations


135 properties in Basel

Welcome to Basel

At the meeting point of Switzerland, Germany and France, Basel is an eclectic mix of historic and modern, tranquil and vibrant. With Swiss cleanliness and efficiency thrown in for good measure.

What travellers love about Basel

  • Old Town

    7,675 recommendations

  • Museums

    6,181 recommendations

  • Culture

    5,282 recommendations

  • City walks

    4,031 recommendations

Best places to see in Switzerland

Geneva Town Hall
Geneva Town Hall is a living piece of world history. In 1864, it saw the drawing up of the Geneva Convention, a document that established an international standard for the protection of war prisoners. Take a tour along the vaulted arches of the inner courtyard, explore the rooms of the main building, then pull up a seat at the table where human conflict was changed forever.
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Beyeler Foundation
A bastion of 20th-century art. This classy museum is like a who’s-who of classic modernism. Wander its sunlit rooms and you’ll come across Picasso’s twisted Cubist geometry, van Gogh’s impressionist swirls, Mondrian’s right-angled primary colours and Pollock’s streaky squiggles. For what was a private collection, its star quality is truly dazzling.
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FIFA World Football Museum
The beautiful game in all its glory. Run by football’s world governing body, this museum is kitted out with thousands of photos and artefacts. Take a jaunt through soccer history and spot all sorts of curios: from Beninese witch-doctor whistles, to the referee’s notebook from the ill-tempered 1966 World Cup match between England and Argentina. Now that was a busy man!
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Glacier Garden
Get a sense of Switzerland’s natural history without leaving the centre. The Glacier Garden is famous for its giant “kettles”, which are naturally occurring glacial landforms that developed during the Ice Age. They were unearthed in the late nineteenth century during construction work. The Glacier Garden is a stone’s throw from the Lion Monument, so why not see them both?
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Musegg Wall
The Musegg Wall is part of the city’s ancient fortifications. It’s almost a kilometre long, with several gates and towers along the stretch. It’s consistently popular, with locals and tourists alike visiting regularly to admire the city views from here. Some of the towers retain their ancient wooden elevation devices that were used in the walls construction.
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When the Swiss broke away from the Catholic church during the Reformation, this monument was base camp. The Romanesque cathedral, commissioned by Charlemagne, towers tall over the graves of Felix and Regula, the city’s patron saints. Architect junkies will love the inside. Climb the claustrophobic stairway to the tiptop for stilted panoramas and mountain moments.
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What travellers love about Switzerland

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