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The top places to fall in love with China


2,543 properties in Shanghai

Welcome to Shanghai

A beacon of 21st-century China, Shanghai is modernising at an electrifying rate. Nowhere is this more evident than the skyscraper-punctuated Pudong commercial district. The most distinct - the Oriental Pearl Tower - has a ball at the top and bottom and offers fabulous city views. A number of towers also twist as they go up – a feat of contemporary engineering.

What travellers love about Shanghai

  • Sightseeing

    13,843 recommendations

  • Shopping

    13,759 recommendations

  • Food

    12,208 recommendations

  • Architecture

    10,805 recommendations

Capital of China


2,285 properties in Beijing

Welcome to Beijing

A world-renowned gem, sprawling Beijing has magnificent monuments and peaceful parks. At its heart is the world’s largest square - Tiananmen, surrounded by important museums and the amazing Forbidden City. This 15th-century, walled complex of palaces neighbours Jingshan Park and Beihai Park with its imperial garden.

What travellers love about Beijing

  • History

    15,711 recommendations

  • Culture

    14,383 recommendations

  • Sightseeing

    13,928 recommendations

  • Food

    9,788 recommendations


1,996 properties in Guangzhou

Welcome to Guangzhou

Historically known as Canton and China’s third largest city, Guangzhou is the birthplace of the most popular type of Chinese cuisine with iconic wonton soup and dim-sum. It boasts an impressive skyline, some of the oldest temples in the country and crowded markets with everything from tea to hi-tech electronics.

What travellers love about Guangzhou

  • Shopping

    8,015 recommendations

  • Business

    7,633 recommendations

  • Food

    6,709 recommendations

  • Shopping for clothes

    4,049 recommendations


1,174 properties in Shenzhen

Welcome to Shenzhen

Shenzhen is considered one of the most successful and prosperous cities in China. It is located in the Guangdong province, along the border with Hong Kong. Although 30 years ago it was a small fishing village, the creation of the first Special Economic Zone transformed the region into a bustling metropolis with almost 15 million people.

What travellers love about Shenzhen

  • Shopping

    3,313 recommendations

  • Food

    2,871 recommendations

  • Business

    2,737 recommendations

  • Shopping for electronics

    2,216 recommendations

Best places to see in China

The People's Square
Popular areas
Be there or be square. Locals, tourists and expats chill out in the open air and venture to the underground mall to part with their cash. Visiting on a Sunday? You might come away with more than just holiday snaps. Blind Date Corner is where parents go in search of eligible matches for their unwed progeny. Check out Shanghai Museum to get the low-down on the ancient dynasties.
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Guangzhou Opera House
“GOH” is a futuristic fusion of granite, glass and steel. Its grotto-like auditorium and starry-lit ceiling create a magical performance space. Catch a show: from a Chinese version of “Cats” to Mozart’s “The Magic Flute”. Then, go behind the curtain – no visit to this mothership of post-modern architecture is complete without a guided tour.
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Summer Palace
There’s a reason why the Chinese regard this as the ‘Garden of Harmony and Tranquility’. Empress Cixi – the power behind Pu Yi, China’s Last Emperor – once floated through the temples, palaces and theatres inside this elaborate complex. Cross the West Causeway for sweeping views from across Kunming Lake, then follow the stone paths for a dose of zen-like bliss.
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Dashilan Street
Popular areas
To the Ancient Chinese, the seven necessities of life were firewood, rice, oil, salt, soy sauce, vinegar and tea … which are all in abundant supply in Dashilan, Beijing’s oldest and most charming ‘hutong’ (traditional alley). Sniff out a bargain in the centuries-old stores. Tickled by pickles? ‘Liu Bi Ju’ has sold every flavour imaginable since the Ming Dynasty!
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Tiananmen Square
Waxwork or the real-deal? Inquiring minds ponder this mysterious quandary passing through the Mausoleum of Chairman Mao, which contains the still-lifelike, decades-old body of the Great Leader. Many people rise early to admire the sunrise, military band and handsome soldiers! At other times, salute the Great Leader’s portrait, or simply stroll across the square.
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Canton Tower
Looking for highs? Hit the summit of this 600-metre-high skyscraper. Its free-fall ride, viewing deck and revolving restaurant are the highest of their kind in the world. The best views are from the observation pods that zip around the perimeter. Dubbed “Little Waist” due its slim structure, the tower truly sparkles in its evening wear – it’s cloaked in colourful LED lights.
Accommodation near Canton Tower

What travellers love about China

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