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The top places to fall in love with Colombia

Capital of Colombia


1,368 properties in Bogotá

Welcome to Bogotá

Bogotá’s back in the saddle. After years of unrest, the Colombian capital has re-emerged as an exciting hot-spot of culture, business – and fun. Soak up the artistic vibe along La Candelaria’s cobbled streets, then wiggle to rumba and salsa in Zona Rosa’s nightclubs. “Bienvenidos” (welcome)!

What travellers love about Bogotá

  • Museums

    13,342 recommendations

  • Culture

    12,766 recommendations

  • Food

    11,767 recommendations

  • Friendly locals

    10,298 recommendations

2Cartagena de Indias

1,612 properties in Cartagena de Indias

Welcome to Cartagena de Indias

Colourful and historic, modern and colonial, local and touristic, Cartagena de Indias represents one of the liveliest Colombian beach resorts. Its character mixes cultures and peoples, including natives, Spanish, African and Arab. Its rich legacy granted its Old Town the recognition as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

What travellers love about Cartagena de Indias

  • Old Town

    20,776 recommendations

  • History

    16,035 recommendations

  • Architecture

    15,138 recommendations

  • Food

    11,892 recommendations


942 properties in Medellín

What travellers love about Medellín

  • Friendly locals

    11,055 recommendations

  • Culture

    7,615 recommendations

  • Food

    7,536 recommendations

  • Shopping

    6,235 recommendations

4San Andrés

669 properties in San Andrés

What travellers love about San Andrés

  • Beaches

    11,766 recommendations

  • Relaxation

    8,207 recommendations

  • Snorkelling

    7,904 recommendations

  • Diving

    6,876 recommendations

Best places to see in Colombia

Botero Museum
There aren’t many artists whose work is instantly recognisable. Fernando Botero is one of them. The Colombian’s trademark bulbous figures are just so him. This museum holds an assortment of Botero’s humorous paintings and sculptures, including a rotund Mona Lisa and various oversize nudes. Aside from Botero’s handiwork, there’s a smattering of Braque, Dalí and Picasso.
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Bolivar Square
This square is prime for people-watching. Just look at the expression on legendary statesman Simón Bolívar’s statue, who has cast an eye over all and sundry from his plinth for over a century. Snap-happy tourists, stony-faced commuters, protesters, pickpockets and buskers – all members of the ever-entertaining dramatis personae of Bolívar Square. Sit back and enjoy the show.
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Look no further for star quality. Take one small step into this planetarium, where the mysteries of the cosmos are unravelled. You’ll get an insight into the giant leaps in space travel, from the first Apollo missions right up to the present day. Interactive exhibits, explanatory videos and fun workshops complete the picture on this educational space odyssey. Blast off!
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Parque de la 93
It can get a little hectic in the city, so this compact park provides urbanites with a welcome dose of greenery and fresh air. Lazing on sun-drenched lawns, kicking back on shaded benches – this is how Bogotá chills in 93. The streets around the park are a hot ticket for eating out – they’re packed with eateries from familiar fast food to funky foreign fare.
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Santa Clara Church
This church’s ceiling is pretty special. Its sweeping arc is studded with gilded flowers and royal-blue leaves, following the concave curvature from entrance to apse. Santa Clara is one of Bogotá’s oldest churches, but it’s now used as a gallery of religious artworks. As you go around, don’t forget to look at the exhibits – it’s all too tempting just to gaze upwards.
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Gold Museum
What is it about gold that captures the human imagination? There’s a sense of cosmic mastery, that you can cradle the glowing sun in your very hands. The Gold Museum tells the story of our gold-fixation through myriad items from Latin America’s palaces, shrines and overgrown temples. Check out ceremonial paraphernalia from funky amulets to half-human, half-beast figurines.
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What travellers love about Colombia

Friendly locals
Recommended by 76,621 travellers
Recommended by 61,217 travellers
Recommended by 61,133 travellers

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