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The top places to fall in love with Germany

Capital of Germany


1,119 properties in Berlin

Welcome to Berlin

Home to the iconic Brandenburg Gate and the famous Fernsehturm at Alexanderplatz, Berlin is a renowned global city of culture, commerce and politics. Its eclectic architecture is visual and exciting proof of its fascinating history.

What travellers love about Berlin

  • History

    89,294 recommendations

  • Museums

    79,915 recommendations

  • Sightseeing

    79,894 recommendations

  • Culture

    75,272 recommendations


489 properties in Munich

Welcome to Munich

Renowned for its stunning architecture and the world’s largest fair, Oktoberfest, Munich needs little introduction. Its vibrant cultural scene, great shopping and fantastic museums speak for themselves.

What travellers love about Munich

  • Beer

    41,786 recommendations

  • Sightseeing

    38,495 recommendations

  • Shopping

    34,684 recommendations

  • Museums

    32,698 recommendations


290 properties in Frankfurt/Main

Welcome to Frankfurt/Main

Located near central Germany, Frankfurt is not simply the beating heart of the country. It’s also the lifeblood of the European Union.

What travellers love about Frankfurt/Main

  • Shopping

    17,233 recommendations

  • City trips

    14,076 recommendations

  • Business

    11,983 recommendations

  • City walks

    10,007 recommendations


477 properties in Hamburg

Welcome to Hamburg

With more canals than Amsterdam and Venice combined and over 2300 bridges, Hamburg is an independent city-state with the Europe’s second busiest port and one of Germany's most popular football teams, Hamburg SV.

What travellers love about Hamburg

  • Harbours

    54,871 recommendations

  • Sightseeing

    39,864 recommendations

  • Shopping

    31,981 recommendations

  • Musicals

    30,048 recommendations

Best places to see in Germany

Panometer Leipzig
They say that history is all around us. At this curious attraction, that saying really rings true. The Panometer is an old cylindrical gas silo, with a viewing platform in the middle. The curved inner wall is draped in one enormous, circular image, creating a giant 360-degree panorama of historical scenes, accompanied by sound and light effects. It’s a full-on immersion!
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Conference centres
Have you got a taste for the spectacular? Zoom down to the Porsche-Arena for dramatic thrills and eye-catching spills. This is Stuttgart’s prime arena for music and sports events. Nod your head to your favourite pop acts, gasp at mind-bending circus tricks and cheer on Germany’s top handball and ice hockey players. Check listings and snap up that front-row seat!
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Serious business. This concert hall’s colossal pipe organ bears the inscription: “Res severa verum gaudium” – Latin for “true joy is a serious matter”. This seems particularly apt in an auditorium that was built to replace one consumed by fire-bombings in World War II. Saunter down to hear the Leipzig Gewandhaus Orchestra in all their crisp-acoustic glory.
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Weissenhof Colony Weissenhofsiedlung
Popular areas
One for architecture buffs. This cluster of buildings is a Bauhaus bonanza, built in 1927 as part of an international showcase of modern architecture. Big architectural names like Le Corbusier and Mies van der Rohe left their straight-edged, minimalist mark here. Head down with your camera and sketchpad and admire these classics of design. Bauhaus in da house!
Accommodation near Weissenhof Colony Weissenhofsiedlung
Nuremberg Castle
A torrent of turrets. This sprawling castle complex dates back to the 11th century. Start in the Imperial Palace to dig into Nuremberg’s history as a “free city” of the Holy Roman Empire. Get your camera out for cutesy pics of little-and-large double act the Deep Well and Simwell Tower. Then clamber up the lofty Luginsland Watchtower to capture sweeping vistas of the Old Town.
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Wilhelma Zoo and Botanical Garden
Prattle with primates. This zoo’s superb ape section gives you the chance to come face-to-face with our not-so-distant cousins. Make friends with graceful gorillas and bouncy bonobos as they frolic in specially designed areas. If you’re more into flora than fauna, just wander round the bountiful botanical gardens and gaze upon pretty plant life.
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What travellers love about Germany

Old Town
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