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The top places to fall in love with Estonia

Capital of Estonia


748 properties in Tallinn

Welcome to Tallinn

Wander along the narrow cobbled streets of the medieval city of Tallinn and marvel at the fashion forward culture existing comfortably alongside tradition.

What travellers love about Tallinn

  • Old Town

    37,181 recommendations

  • Architecture

    17,527 recommendations

  • Food

    15,837 recommendations

  • City walks

    14,861 recommendations


533 properties in Pärnu

Welcome to Pärnu

Pärnu is packed with culture and architecture and is renowned for being a major health and beach resort town. Pärnu is Estonia’s summer capital, and has become a haven for beach, nature and history lovers.

What travellers love about Pärnu

  • Beaches

    5,175 recommendations

  • Seaside

    5,006 recommendations

  • Sandy beaches

    4,329 recommendations

  • Health spas

    3,707 recommendations


127 properties in Tartu

What travellers love about Tartu

  • Old Town

    3,695 recommendations

  • City walks

    3,155 recommendations

  • Culture

    2,165 recommendations

  • Atmosphere

    2,139 recommendations


36 properties in Narva-Jõesuu

What travellers love about Narva-Jõesuu

  • Clean air

    2,498 recommendations

  • Tranquillity

    2,440 recommendations

  • Nature

    2,437 recommendations

  • Health spas

    2,275 recommendations

Best places to see in Estonia

Song Festival Grounds
Popular areas
A revolution in song. Back in 1869, this square hosted the first Estonian Song Festival – a 5-yearly choral extravaganza that’s still going strong. In the 1980s, thousands gathered here to usher in an independent Estonia by singing traditional songs that were banned under Soviet rule. These days, the Song Festival Grounds also draw big-name pop acts from Elton John to Green Day.
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Toompea Castle
Power and prestige. Toompea Castle stands on a hilltop once occupied by an ancient fortress. Today, it’s famous as a meeting place for the Riigikogu – the Estonian National Parliament. Request a tour of the parliamentary chambers online, or just wander round the Convent Building, the lush gardens or the impressive galleries lined with works by Estonian artists.
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Lennusadam Seaplane Harbour
This maritime museum can’t be missed – literally. This giant concrete sarcophagus is slap-bang in the centre of the harbour, and holds a diverse range of exhibitions. Climb through the hatch of a real 1930s submarine to learn about life under the waves, catch the flight simulator for the British seaplane Short 184, or board the icebreaker steamship known as Suur Tõll.
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Tallinn Zoo
Popular areas
Doctor Doolittle, eat your heart out. The most popular zoo in the Baltic States has an ark’s worth of animals – tropical birds, inquisitive sand cats, a mild-mannered pride of lions, a cartload of chimpanzees, and a company of squawking parrots! Spend a day seeing the 350-plus species of animals, and stop for šašlõkk (grilled meat) at the eateries by the exit.
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TV Tower
On a clear day, you can see Finland. Before the fall of the iron curtain, many people would come here to catch a glimpse of the free world across the icy Gulf of Finland. Catch a lift to the 170-m high observation deck, then see if you can spot Estonia’s Nordic neighbour in the distance – and snap a scenic photo. If you’re feeling adventurous, sign up to abseil down the side!
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Kiek in die Kök and Bastion Tunnels
This tower was one of Tallinn’s historic fortifications. This modern museum offers a play-by-play account of the city’s past, as seen through a military lens. Cannons once peeked out of the tower’s embrasures, and blasted medieval invaders to kingdom come – see one dubbed the “bitter death” on the third floor. Don’t miss the chance to tour the snaking passages below ground.
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What travellers love about Estonia

Old Town
Recommended by 45,364 travellers
City walks
Recommended by 21,182 travellers
Recommended by 20,242 travellers

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