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The Top Places to Fall in Love With Spain


2,795 properties in Barcelona

Welcome to Barcelona

The lively and colorful city of Barcelona faces the Mediterranean Sea and features the world's top city beaches, including Sant Sebastia, Barceloneta and Somorrostro beaches. There is plenty to see and experience in this city of great architecture: the historic Gothic Quarter, the amazing modernist design of Gaudi's creations and the popular Las Ramblas.

What Travelers Love About Barcelona

  • Architecture

    124,630 recommendations

  • Sightseeing

    102,089 recommendations

  • Culture

    94,244 recommendations

  • Food

    86,365 recommendations

Capital of Spain


2,647 properties in Madrid

Welcome to Madrid

The modern Madrid is one of the greenest cities in Europe and the most popular destination in Spain. Whether you want to experience its legendary nightlife or a flamenco show, this is the place to be.

What Travelers Love About Madrid

  • Museums

    96,505 recommendations

  • Culture

    77,674 recommendations

  • Shopping

    66,712 recommendations

  • Food

    64,966 recommendations


1,110 properties in Seville

Welcome to Seville

Seville is a city that lends itself perfectly to just wandering around and soaking up the atmosphere. And there is plenty of atmosphere to soaked up.

What Travelers Love About Seville

  • Monuments

    44,331 recommendations

  • Tapas

    41,278 recommendations

  • Cathedrals

    40,538 recommendations

  • Culture

    40,486 recommendations


707 properties in Granada

Welcome to Granada

Granada’s a city for dreamers. You’ll see why when you float through the mystical Albayzín district, as glimpses of the Alhambra flash through rooftops. This mediaeval Moorish heartland has fired imaginations for centuries, from Hemingway to Lorca. See if you can resist its dreamy charms!

What Travelers Love About Granada

  • History

    31,508 recommendations

  • Monuments

    31,276 recommendations

  • Culture

    29,357 recommendations

  • Tapas

    28,872 recommendations

Best places to see in Spain

Hospital of the Catholic Monarchs
Isabela and Ferdinand are two of Spanish history’s biggest names. These 15th-century monarchs ordered the construction of this hospital. Like a modern-day spa without the treatments, it was a point of rejuvenation for worn-and-weary pilgrims who’d arrived in the city via the “Way of St. James”. It’s a hotel these days, but maintains its magnificent original door.
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Golden Tower
Beautiful and functional. This 13th-century tower once protected Seville from invasion by river, with a giant chain strung across the Guadalquivir to stop hostile crafts. The chain’s gone now, but the tower remains. It’s quite the beauty. The dodecahedral outline seems to emerge from the ground, with the top tower poking above the petal-like crenulations like a flower in mid-bloom.
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Museum of Pilgrimage
Good things come in small packages. This pint-sized museum is the perfect place to learn about the city’s culture – and its famous sites of Catholic pilgrimage. Its exhibitions cover the gamut of religious artefacts, from golden triptychs to stone deities across eight separate rooms. Housed in the 14th-century “Gothic House”, it’s only a few metres from the cathedral.
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El Tubo
Popular Areas
Fancy a trip to “tapa town”? This area centre-of-the-centre is filled with narrow streets that are lined with tapas bars. Each of the bars specialise in a different type of tapa. On a warm evening, it’s common to drink and graze your way down the street. Pull up a stool and partake in the action – just don’t miss Bodegas Almau, which has been in operation for almost 150 years.
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La Giralda and Seville Cathedral
Mad ambition. In 1401, church authorities decided to build a cathedral on top of a dilapidated mosque. “Let’s build such a big and beautiful church that people will think we’re mad”, they said. The result is the biggest Gothic cathedral in the world - a zany tableau of spiky spires and flying buttresses. Don’t miss the repurposed minaret, La Giralda. It’s a true city icon.
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Puente de Piedra
To every "Zaragozano", this bridge needs no introduction. It links the two halves of the city, and allows pedestrians and cyclists to cross the rushing Ebro River. However, it's mostly known as a plum spot for an evening stroll, where walkers stop to savour the city views. It's common to see canoodling couples surveying the Basilica of Our Lady Pilar here at dusk.
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What travelers love about Spain

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