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2 781 objekata na destinaciji Barselona

Dobro došli na destinaciju Barselona

There’s an undeniable ease to life in Barcelona. Its glorious climate and lively beach culture dares you to live your life in the sun. For adventure, head to the Gothic Quarter, with intriguing alleys and artists' haunts from bygone days.

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  • Arhitektura

    122 484 preporuke

  • Razgledanje

    100 048 preporuka

  • Kultura

    92 358 preporuka

  • Hrana

    84 724 preporuke

Glavni grad zemlje Španija


2 525 objekata na destinaciji Madrid

Dobro došli na destinaciju Madrid

There’s an indelible ‘something extra’ to life in Madrid. Start your day in the leafy Retiro Park on your way to a morning at the Prado. Take a late lunch and afternoon siesta, before rising late to join the locals for dinner – never before eight.

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  • Muzeji

    95 408 preporuka

  • Kultura

    76 454 preporuke

  • Šoping

    65 670 preporuka

  • Hrana

    63 952 preporuke


996 objekata na destinaciji Valensija

Dobro došli na destinaciju Valensija

There’s a special energy about Valencia. This sun-drenched city is as juicy as its oranges, and as rich as its paella. Take a walk to the Middle Ages in Old Town’s narrow streets, zoom into the future at the outlandish City of Arts & Sciences, and get the party started in off-beat Ruzafa.

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  • Stari grad

    31 031 preporuka

  • Arhitektura

    26 132 preporuke

  • Plaže

    25 840 preporuka

  • Hrana

    23 777 preporuka

4Ljoret de Mar

603 objekata na destinaciji Ljoret de Mar

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  • Plaže

    10 279 preporuka

  • Noćni život

    7 203 preporuke

  • Šetnje plažom

    6 919 preporuka

  • Šoping

    4 786 preporuka

Najpopularnija mesta Španija

City of Arts & Sciences
A planetarium, an IMAX cinema, an interactive science museum and the Oceanogràfic, the largest aquarium in Europe.
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Bioparc Valencia
Bioparc Valencia
Smeštaj u blizini znamenitosti Bioparc Valencia
Triana Bridge - Isabel II Bridge
Smeštaj u blizini znamenitosti Triana Bridge - Isabel II Bridge
Plaza de Armas
Smeštaj u blizini znamenitosti Plaza de Armas
Isla Mágica
Attraction Park Isla Mágica
Smeštaj u blizini znamenitosti Isla Mágica
Plaza de España
Popularna mesta
Plaza de España
Smeštaj u blizini znamenitosti Plaza de España

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