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The Top Places to Fall in Love With France

Capital of France


5,229 properties in Paris

Welcome to Paris

A symbol of love and the most visited city in the world, beautiful Paris has it all! The romantic cafés of Montparnasse, lively bistros of the Latin Quarter and high-fashion luxury stores of Champs-Élysées are just waiting to be discovered.

What Travelers Love About Paris

  • Museums

    132,308 recommendations

  • Sightseeing

    113,498 recommendations

  • Culture

    106,427 recommendations

  • Architecture

    102,558 recommendations


39 properties in Roissy

What Travelers Love About Roissy

  • Convenient Public Transportation

    5,955 recommendations

  • Tranquillity

    3,447 recommendations

  • Business

    3,173 recommendations

  • Cleanliness

    2,954 recommendations


2,062 properties in Nice

Welcome to Nice

Since Queen Victoria made this her favorite vacation destination in the 19th century, everyone has been heading south to discover what is so nice. Nice doesn't disappoint.

What Travelers Love About Nice

  • Old Town

    20,356 recommendations

  • Beaches

    19,811 recommendations

  • Promenades

    19,068 recommendations

  • Oceanside

    15,210 recommendations


709 properties in Lyon

Welcome to Lyon

Lyon is a gastronomic center with a pretty architectural facade ranging from antiquity to modern day. Place Bellecour is centrally located between the Saône and Rhône Rivers in the 2nd arrondissement and opens out into major shopping streets.

What Travelers Love About Lyon

  • Old Town

    24,182 recommendations

  • Gourmet Food

    18,737 recommendations

  • City Walks

    15,879 recommendations

  • Food

    14,819 recommendations

Best places to see in France

Cours Saleya
Flowers and food, coming right up! If you're lucky, you’ll be visiting for the Nice Carnival in mid-February, when the whole city becomes awash with mimosas during the 'Bataille de Fleurs'. However, a stroll along this long pedestrian street anytime of year is a close second. Oriental lily, lilac and rose perfume the air, while vendors offer gobble-worthy gourmet delights.
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Jardin Royal
Toulousains cherish this hybrid French-English garden. Start at the central Grand Rond fountain, then charter your own path around this quiet garden. Ginkgo and cedar trees sway like a guard of honour that shelters you from the city’s bustle. The garden’s motto could be: Liberty, Equality, Tranquillity. If only Robespierre chose garden shears over the guillotine!
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Phoenix Park
Introducing Phoenix Park - home to black swans, meerkats, iguanas, caimans and a troop of hooting and hollering lemurs that enthral visiting children. This verdant park also contains Europe's largest greenhouse, which could be mistaken for Mother Nature's summer home – African succulents, Madagascan palms, tree ferns and foliage galore. Pack a picnic and bring the family!
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Jacobin Church
This 13th-century church is a Gothic jewel, and its palm tree-esque ceiling is the crowning achievement. Crane your head back to see how a single, slender pillar props up the chapel roof above the altar. Linger on the star-shaped rib vaults that sprout out like branches. What a pity that no one knows who dreamt up this wondrous design.
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The Pompidou Centre (National Museum of Modern Art)
This space-age building is definitely a pomp-a-do, not a pomp-a-don't. Former French President, Georges Pompidou, had this controversial building built in the 1960s. Love it or hate it, it's France's premier modern art gallery. Dali, Munch, Lucian Freud and Roy Lichtenstein have all adorned the walls (and spaces) in the past five years alone.
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Notre Dame de Paris
Victor Hugo's Quasimodo might not be lurking in the shadows, but that doesn't mean you can't! Explore every nook of this enormous cathedral, including the 13th-century organ. Head up the north tower to fully appreciate the impressive masonry, or admire it from outside – the stone gargoyles look like they're about to swoop down and grab your sandwich, so watch out!
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What travelers love about France

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Old Town
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